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  1. ibkid

    IB Retreat

    Hmmm, so it isnt just me then. I wish our school went somewhere more "exotic" or on the same grounds as that
  2. uhm, i went to the tv5 site and i DO NOT know where the review for french grammar is.. srry, but can you give me the link that has the review things in it?? Plz & thank you
  3. ibkid

    Canadian Universities

    I think that the standards of US universities are higher than that in Canada. Like, if you compare the most prestigious unis in Canada and the US, the ones in the US are clearly ranked higher up. But I think its just location..US seems like a good country to study in (thats what i think)
  4. Apple's MacBook or MacBook Pro. iv had them both and you can really see the difference (appearance [duhhh...lol], speed, more features, no weird messages that come up and you dont know what to do with them "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.dll has been damaged : FATAL ERROR (00000x08879k)" ahhh, the "genius-ness" of a Mac thats my thoughts, computerwise
  5. ibkid


    HAha, we got to admit though, we can be kinda wierd sometimes People are not used to the "IB culture" , haha
  6. ibkid

    IB Retreat

    YAhh, there are some, but i dont think they are THAT well known around the world some are: Paramount Canada's Wonderland Playland (or PNE) GalaxyLand (West Edmonton Mall) i can only recall those lol
  7. ibkid

    IB Retreat

    LOL, sorry i have no idea where or what busch gardens is... I live in Canada so theres not alot of great amusement parks to go to unlike the US (six flags!!!)
  8. ibkid

    The IB Glossary

    Ohh man, how long did it take you to write and think of all of that haha, it amazes my brain
  9. ibkid

    IB Retreat

    my bad for double posting, but does anybody have their IB Retreat in the beginning of the year? ( some people i know have and some didnt) -mine unfortunately is in May, last week of it too:(
  10. ibkid

    TOK presentation - Area 51

    HAHA, mine was VERY VERY similar to yours Are you doing the "Reason" part of your TOK lesson? If you are, then it would be pretty good, but you would have to include things such as , propositions, inferences, premises, conclusions, etc....
  11. ibkid

    IB Retreat

    Hmmm, so it all depends on the school i think.. But my school only get one camping trip plus field trips and stuff ( I GET TO A THEME PARK TO DO A PHYSICS EXPERIMENT!!!) Sorry for the Caps Lock, I felt like yelling
  12. ibkid

    Which psychology option did you take?

    I havent done it yet, but my teacher gave us the heads up and told us that we are going to do comparative psychology and social psychology
  13. ibkid

    IB Retreat

    I was wondering if anybody else has these in their school. Well, in my school, it takes place during May for first year IB students and we go camping, white water rafting, late night astronomy, etc.... This is my first time going in about a month and I would like to know if anybody else has "celebrated" ( ) this cool day for IB students
  14. ibkid

    Graphing software

    I dont know if anybody has said this or not but i LOVE this graphing program. Its user-friendly, compact, and best of all its FREE!! Graph Program Hope I've helped out
  15. ibkid

    Your Worst Case Scenario

    DUDE, I had the same problem, but i wasn't in IB yet. My friends were supposed to finish a video project in grade 10 on a VERY windy day. Unfortunately, the power went out and had to act it out in front of the class....that event made me realize the "power" of technology hahaha

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