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  1. chang9121990

    IB teachers

    English A1 SL: He's alright...pretty helpful on assighnments and all those, but his class is just boring Mandarin A2 HL: DANNG I HATE HER. she's surprisingly stupid for a Columbia graduate and cannot express herself clearly. also a bxxxx when it comes to grading the whole class hates her... Math HL: she's really nice as a person but she doesn't organize the class very well and doesn't know how to explain harder concepts in an understandable way... we often get tested on materials she didn't cover in class and just skip a whole lot of important things... History SL: love him! really knowledgeable, funny, and actually knows how to teach! sad that he's leaving next year...
  2. chang9121990

    Binding exam papers

    I remember reading some where that if they lose your exam then the official predicted grade your teacher submitted will be used as your final grade. have no idea whether that's true or not though.
  3. chang9121990

    different teachers?

    aiiite thanks everyone, guess I was just worrying too much plus I heard the new teacher is a really lenient grader, good for my GPA...
  4. chang9121990

    different teachers?

    So a new principal came and decided to change everything at my school around.. The IB isn't the only program offered here and we also have a regular American HS diploma track with AP courses and such however, in the past, if an IB class lasts two years, you'll get the same teacher for that two years. but apparently that's TOO HARD to schedule for our new principal. and now he's changing it all around and we might get different teachers for the two years. i mean, for something like english, we have started on our world lit now but will not be done by the end of the semester. so how are we going to work on it with a new teacher who probably has never read our world lit works? is this a common practice around the world, or is our new principal just NOT GETTING IT? any input is appreciated, thanks in advance!
  5. lol ya, the Haese & Harris books seem to be really popular for IB Math... unfortunately, I don't know much about the SL book... but the level of math skills required for SL should be lower than HL, so it probably won't be a problem? the explanations are okay, most of them can be understood if you have a fair knowledge of math however i don't think they do a good job at explaining the more abstract concepts and because I'm not really good at math I still need a teacher to explain them to me. having said that...their example problems are pretty good though. the steps are clear and generally easy to follow as long as you don't rely solely on this book to prepare for the exam, it won't hurt to have one :innocent:
  6. For both Biology HL and AP Biology our school uses the Campbell Biology book. It's quite a popular choice for advanced high school and introductory college biology AFAIK. I don't take HL Bio, but I've found it quite helpful for AP Bio. The pictures are very nice and the captions are pretty clear. The explanationsin the book are also generally thorough and clear. And for both HL & SL English we don't have required textboks... however my teacher makes copies off the IB Study Guide for Language A1 to supply us with extra info on things like WL and IOP We use many textbooks for SL History, main ones are The European Didtatorships 1918-1845 by Stephen J. Lee and Europe 1870-1991 by Terry Morris and Derrick Murphy. I rarely read them, but my classmates have found them helpful... And for economics, the course our school offers is SL, but it's combined with AP Micro + Macro so it covers roughly the same material as HL. We are required to buy the economics course companion, and the teacher gives us Economics from a Global Perspective by Alan Glanville and Economics by Samuelson and Nordhaus For all the IB Mathematics course we use textbooks from Haese & Harris. But I've not found them helpful as the questions are just way too easy (the HL book at least) We've also used Understanding Statistics from Oxford Press (I think) for the Stats portion, and currently using Calculus by Larson, Hosteler, and Edwards and Calculus by Paul A. Foerster This is all I know, but if you want to know about other subjects I can go find out for you...
  7. chang9121990

    How many people in your classes?

    yea my school's pretty big. there are around 2000 students in total (pre-k, k, LS, MS, and HS combined) and about 800 HS students. but the class sizes are pretty small as I've said, 17-18 max afterall they charge quite a bit of tuition...lol
  8. chang9121990

    Last years of syllabus are harder

    As far as I know, the IB writes a bunch of tests when the syllabus is published and just pick random ones each session. So I guess it's just luck? Don't know whether this is true though, lol.
  9. chang9121990


    Is it really a 'new' subject? My school has been offering it for a few years now though?
  10. chang9121990

    How many people in your classes?

    My class has around 35 diploma candidates, and the rest 180 take a combination of AP and IB Certificates... The numbers might look huge but there are many teachers so the number of students in one class is always around 17-18. English A1 HL: 70ish SL: 50ish Chinese A2 HL: 17 SL: 19ish And all the B languages has like 10 for HL, a few more for SL Geography SL: idk...most likely under 25 Economics SL: huge, 80ish Psych HL: 20ish SL: 50ish History HL: 20ish SL: close to 40 Biology HL: 20ish SL: 10ish Chemistry HL: 8-9 no SL Physics HL: 10ish no SL Math Studies: 20-30 Math SL: 20ish Math HL: 4 lol, the class is combined with h. precalc + AP Calc BC, so around 30 people actually take the course but VERY few take the IB exam. Dance HL+SL: 10-15? Theater Arts HL+SL: 10-20? Art HL+SL: 15ish Music HL+SL: 10ish
  11. chang9121990

    Does everyone have to do English HL?

    We're not forced to take HL, but English is the only Language A1 my school has. Other than that we have Chinese A2, Chinese B, French B, Spanish B...all with HL/SL to choose from. Japanese B is also a choice and they'll let you do SL if you're a top student in Jap 4(the highest level offered). The choices are not bad, but for all of the language Bs, we'll need to finish the SL curriculum in one year and take the exam before moving on to HL. This means we'll have to pay TWICE for the exam which is ridiculously expensive at about US$100 per exam (don't forget the US$140 registration fee!). Does anyone's school do this too? I think the school is just trying to rip us off by doing this<_<
  12. chang9121990

    How do you study for tests?

    It's quite helpful to study with a friend or a group of people... You can ask them to test you with more general questions like "explain xxx's policy on xxx and why he did this and that" If you feel you have general picture of what happened and a few relevant facts to support it then you should be fine. I think IB History isn't about memorizing every single date/event like AP History... it's more about getting the general trend and be able to support your ideas with a few relevant events. So memorizing all the details won't help. You need to constantly ask yourself "what is the importance of this event" when studying. And don't just ask the question, EXPLAIN it to yourself. If you find that you're struggling to see why a certain event is important, be sure to ask for help from your classmates or the teacher!
  13. it's either that they aren't very bright / aren't working hard...or that your school is making the exam too hard. Math Studies is really a joke content-wise if you ask me...
  14. chang9121990

    IOP score?

    Well...the unfairness of grading happens at EVERY school. My school has 2 HL teachers... In one class EVERYONE gets an A, some even get A+s while the other teacher give Bs and Cs to most of his students. And a lot of these students who got Bs and Cs in the latter teacher's class performed way better than those who got As in the easy teacher's class last year. But what can you do...sigh. The school doesn't even care when we talk to them about this!

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