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  1. I've had close to 300 hours in sports-related things alone, split into 3 categories. c: Passed. Good luck to next year's examinees.
  2. You get a 1 for writing down your name. You get a 2 for writing down your candidate number and your name.
  3. I can see where you're coming from. It works well and I never would have thought of this.
  4. Band as in part of the school band? If so that doesn't count because that is a school-related activity for grades.
  5. I took it on a similar level, however I also talked about alienation. Take note of the destruction of the Owl Butterflies and their distance from home. In response to Neko_K I thought that the fever had to do with the eventual westernization of the new world and that the drums were signalling its coming. Wasn't a 100% sure with my knowledge of history so I stuck with the poem.
  6. Yeah. Paper 1 I found to be ridiculously easy compared to Paper 2. Im expecting 60/90 on paper 2 give or take 5 marks.
  7. Tomorrow is Paper 2 Psych (studying right now) and Math Paper 1. Good luck all.
  8. UBC states on their website you will hear from them between mid-March to early-May. I myself still haven't heard from them. In fact I was trolled. Said I was accepted. Re-logged to make sure it was true, and... well... it say's I still have to wait. Don't worry. The science department for UBC takes the longest to get responses for. Engineering acceptances appeared about a month ago and the sciences have just started to show their acceptances. Two friends got accepted with mid 30's. Many others are still waiting.
  9. I'd say it is literature. Whether it is well done or not is the question.
  10. This works. I was doing it for some time but it soon died out.
  11. Not when you're talking about the environment in french class. I will survive on ego alone. I am an egomaniac so that what I say will be made true with my hands.
  12. I would highly doubt that seeing that if there were, my mother would force me to learn my native tongue using thus. I'll try to look for online resources to help out, but don't expect too much. Most of it is extremely basic online.
  13. Indeed. I found the Ring comedic ;D NP has googolplexian exams and IAs to complete by the end of the month.
  14. UBC wants IB students. Those aren't the greatest marks, but you will get in. Just keep in mind there are at least 300 other IB students around UBC trying to get accepted and several thousand applying in the district alone. However I have heard of people who failed their diploma or barely achieved a 24, get accepted regardless.
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