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  1. teddy>you

    How do you study for tests?

    I wish I did that..
  2. I go by the catchphrase: DEDEE D-define E-explain D-Diagram E-example E-Evaluate Worked completely fine for me.. BUT..for the short answer questions and part a.) of the long answer question you don't actually need any evaluation.
  3. teddy>you

    Which Biology Options do you take?

    Evolution and human physiology and exercise.. not too bad
  4. teddy>you

    Interview: Who are you?

  5. teddy>you

    History questions

    Hi guys!! I'm looking for some History higher level questions specifically on Hitler.. if anyone has could they please PM them Much appreciated.
  6. teddy>you

    How do you study for tests?

    I can't find like half my history notes Wish I'd organized myself a little better last year..
  7. teddy>you

    EE and marking

    Hey guys!! During my revision I was thinking about EE requirements and the grading system. This question is more directed at those who have graduated IB and had their essays marked. How tough are they? I heard that's it's bloody difficult to get an A in the EE and that a lot of candidates last year did quite badly.. I'm really banking on the extra marks to push my grade up as high as possible but looking back at my extended essay which was historically based I can't keep feeling that it was far too narrative.
  8. teddy>you

    can i get into a good university?

    What is GPA based on? Average grades?
  9. teddy>you

    How much difference is there between SL and HL?

    Not that much difference but you must definitely be prepared for a lot of reading..
  10. teddy>you


    haha Insane...and tired.
  11. teddy>you

    Predicted grades

    lol how do you even get into uni if your predicted system is like that? 80% and a 5..jesus
  12. English Exam: Fiela's Child Of Mice and Men Things fall apart Pride and Prejudice Silas Marner
  13. teddy>you

    Predicted grades

    Anywhere from 36-38..our careers adviser didn't tell us so that we'd work for it and not just assume we'd get the grade lol. I got into Warwick though and they require 36 points so I guess it has to be somewhere around there..
  14. teddy>you

    Your Worst Case Scenario

    haha surprisingly enough I've been able to avoid any major situations like these..
  15. teddy>you

    Rant of the day!

    So so very very tired of studying..

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