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  1. Since many people that I know learn better from powerpoints, I've created a batch of powerpoints that I've found from various places. The majority of them come from http://www.worldofteaching.com. I've zipped them since there are many, but that results in a large filesize. They focus on all aspects of biology but mainly on the genetics portion.
  2. IBMan9000

    Chem Powerpoints H to Z.zip

    42 Powerpoints The first letter of the title is anything from H to Z [Halogens, Ions, Lab test, Limestone, Metals and acids, NMR, nomenclature, oils and fats, organic chem, particles, periodic table, phases, polymers, qualitative analysis, radioactive decay, rates, reactivity, rocks, Rutherford, Static, etc]
  3. IBMan9000

    Chem Powerpoints A-G

    52 Powerpoints, with titles from A to G [Acid base, acid rain, atomic structure, bonding, chromatography, covalent bonds, density, earth materials, electrons, energy levels, formulas, fuel cells, geometric isomerism, groups from the periodic table, etc]
  4. IBMan9000

    Varied notes and worksheets

    Includes balancing equations worksheet, enthalpy change and calorimetry, formulas, Hess's Law, Maxwell Boltzmann, Option B [Diet] study guide, and energetics review problems
  5. IBMan9000

    Loving Your Life?

    Life is annoying, but it could be a lot worse. I'm happy that I'm healthy and that I have a loving family, but I'm looking forward to going to college and gaining some independence. I just have to do this comp sci EE (and I haven't taken a class in comp sci :X ).
  6. IBMan9000

    Rant of the day!

    Could you get into safe mode to atleast get your files back? I also learned the hard way the importance of backups. Now every monday, wednesday, and friday at midnight my computer backs up to three different locations (and I know I'll be up since it's an xkcd day). Anyways for my rant: Ex-girlfriends suck, my router is dying, and summer is ending. Haha, but I guess things could be much worse.
  7. I've never had binueral beats work for me, but some people claim they work. Even if they don't work, the white noise will distract you to the point where you have to focus harder to pay attention. Once you reach this level of focus then the other distractions diminish as well. (This is why some office buildings have speakers that do nothing but produce a soft white noise.) Sitting up straight and trying to read slightly faster than I normally read tend to help. Occasionally stop and think about what you just read so that it sticks. If you cant remember what you just read then you're reading too fast.
  8. IBMan9000

    ToK teachers

    Four in a class!?! That would be extremely akward after a few weeks, especially if the topics were boring and nobody wanted to talk about them. (Like music, I put my head down when they were talking about the artistic qualities of a song with no sound for 4 min and 33 seconds.) On the other hand, with a good TOK teacher that would be an extremely fun class.
  9. IBMan9000

    Who else is giving up summer 2009 to study?

    I'm not going to work too hard, but I do look forward to writing my extended essay since it's about something interesting. To write it, I'll have to brush up on my programming skills because I'm not actually taking comptuer science. I also want to learn how to reverse engineer programs. I say this but I'll probably end up watching scifi and hanging out with friends.
  10. IBMan9000

    Your Worst Subject

    I don't like the languages mostly because of our assortment of teachers. I don't like how they count off for giving your view on the literary work just because it conflicts with their views. I also don't like annotating, group speaking, and writing subjective essays in any subject, the languages manage to combine all three.
  11. IBMan9000

    Rewriting notes onto a computer!

    I have the same problem. We do a test every 4 chapters, but I only get around to typing up two of the chapters' notes per unit, so I only have notes on chapters: 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 10... etc.
  12. I have never heard of the IB learner's profile before this thread, but it is very degrading to non-IB students that go to the same school. At our school, there's some unspoken (and undeserved ) tension between non-IB faculty and the IB faculty for some reason. Whenever a non-IB faculty member gives an announcement they always talk about IB like we're perfect little genius angels. The concept of us being normal to them is completely foreign. I can see how promoting something like the Learner Profile would increase that tension and also put more pressure on the IB kids and the non-IB kids. I guess we should get used to this type of "Learner Profile" thing, I see posters that promote similar gimmicky ways to motivate people in my father's office all the time. The funniest one is a meter that goes up to 10 with a handwritten 11 on the side of it and the needle is pointing to the 11. If anyone gets motivated by a handwritten 11 on a meter I think it's time they reexamine their life.
  13. IBMan9000

    How do you study for tests?

    I try to read condensed outlines or review notes to understand the general themes. Once the general themes and eras are established I can draw conclusions by myself. For example, if you know who the violent groups in the civil rights movement were, and you know when the movement shifted from non-violence to a method of violence, you can deduce a specific date on the multiple choice test. I found a few podcasts that have an overview of history in the united states (what I'm taking now), and since I am an auditory learner they help much more than just looking over old notes. Since the podcasts can be put on my mp3 player, I an also listen to them on the dark bus in the morning. Taking practice tests helps as well.
  14. Also you could talk about their freedom of expression and how it may or may not infringe on other people's right. That could evolve into a conversation on what defines a clear and present danger. I'm not sure about the laws in Brazil, but in America you are allowed to express your opinion publicly until it infringes on the rights of others.
  15. IBMan9000

    ToK teachers

    Our TOK teacher is a burned out hippie with a clean shave and a haircut. He is fun to talk to, and definitely gives another perspective to what we are discussing, but sometimes he's a little too out there with his ideas. I wouldn't like having one of our english teachers for TOK, as most of our english teachers are passionate feminists that hate anything logical in an argument.

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