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  1. CodeRed15

    History IA Part D: What to do/avoid?

    Our teacher recommends doing the analysis and evidence in order. So say your evidence is pear harbour was bombed, then analyze that first. If your next evidence is that the Japanese bombed it, then analyze that evidence next. I know they're poor examples but you get the point. Our teacher actually places our evidence and analysis side by side to see if they're coherent and follow the same order.
  2. If you are from Canada then you are TZ1. TZ1 is North America.
  3. CodeRed15

    Maths SL practice tests exams notes help

    A site I really found helpful was www.ibmaths.com Go there and look under SL free resources. Some nice review notes there.
  4. CodeRed15

    urgent IA help!

    Analysis is one of the most important parts of your IA. I don't think you should start all over again. Instead I think you should come up with an idea that you can use your current research to prove. Something related to Hiroshima and Nagasaki of course but focusing on a different aspect of the bombings instead of looking at their affects on Japan's decision.
  5. CodeRed15

    hist ia summary of evidence format

    Our teacher said to write it in paragraph form too and to make it flow. It's fine although it may like a bit choppy.
  6. CodeRed15

    The closing of Guantanamo Bay

    That is untrue. There's a movie called Road to Guantanamo, It's a documentary about three British citizens who were kept at Gitmo for 5 years and then released without warning or any compensation. If you actually watch the documentary, you'll realize how unjust it is and how badly they are treated. They were not convicted of anything and were found to be innocent.
  7. CodeRed15

    ideological conflict as the cause of cold war

    You should also include the policy of containment which was followed by the United States against the Soviet Union and how the Long Telegram by George Keenan took the COld War in a new path.
  8. You can also try thediddler's suggestion. Go to the store and ask them to order it for you. Takes about 1-2 weeks to come and you don't have to pay any extra money.
  9. CodeRed15

    Boredom Busters

    Hey guys, I was thinking this thread should be a collection of websites to visit when you're bored. I will start off with some and you guys can offer suggestions. i-am-bored - A collection of links to visit when you're bored. Apple movie trailers - Features all the latest trailers of upcoming movies. Cracked.com - A humour blog full of articles and lists.
  10. CodeRed15

    Is VIP really worth it?

    I see where you're coming from IBSQUARED but maybe you could be a little nicer? I mean the mods here are trying there best to make this community helpful and flourish. But other than that thanks for the link although I was already aware of it and hope things get better and you continue to contribute to the forums.
  11. CodeRed15

    Two important, but simple History EE question

    [quote name='dkartoleksono' post='33948' date='Jan 18 2009, 10:43 AM']ah i see... thanks for your reply.. one quick question though, for the historiography, do you need to explain the counter argument as well? eg. in your previous example, i can say that "USA invaded Iraq because of ideological reasons, which include, blah blah blah, however, there is a debate over the intention of USA in invading Iraq because of blah blah blah" or should i just state the counterargument without analyzing it? your help is greatly appreciated, thank you![/quote] Our teacher said that in the essay, you can either use historiography OR a counter - argument. I'm doing my EE on history too. I think you should pick one of the two. Since historiography strengthens your argument, I don't think you would want to add a counter - argument after it.
  12. CodeRed15

    New colour variations to come...

    I think the tone should be like warm colours. So wither red and black or like white and blue.
  13. CodeRed15

    Water landing of a A-320 on the Hudson River

    Yup, seems absurb to me too Aboo. Plane crashing due to birds? wow. ( I smell something fishy ) But if you guys havent already, check out the top videos on Youtube today. At least 70% of them are different footage of the plane and the rescue effort.
  14. Arts isn't necessarily paintings or or artwork. It could also refer to movies, music, documentaries etc. So try thinking of it in a broad sense. But make sure you define your definition of art in the essay so the marker knows what you mean when you say 'art'.
  15. CodeRed15

    Need help on the topic of Perception

    Here's a link I found that deals with TOK and perception. [url="http://blogs.saschina.org/pudongtok/tag/perception/"]http://blogs.saschina.org/pudongtok/tag/perception/[/url] It's a blog maintained by a person but it is still pretty helpful. Good Luck

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