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  1. A compare and contrast essay about Hitler's and Stalin's roads to power. This essay was awarded a 6.
  2. An essay elaborating upon the reasons as to how and why Adolf Hitler officially became a chancellor on January 30th, 1933. This essay was awarded a 5.
  3. An essay describing the extent of the success of the reforms of Alexander II.
  4. A discussion of whether the Bolshevik seizure of power was inevitable. This essay was awarded a 5.
  5. An essay describing why Stalin rather than Trotsky emerged as the leader of the USSR in 1929. This essay was awarded a 5.
  6. An essay discussing whether Russia did have a chance for democracy in 1917. This essay was awarded a 6.
  7. An essay giving arguments for the chance of survival of the Weimar Republic in that Hitler would not gain power.
  8. A discussion of the extent that collectivism was a political success, but an economic failure and a human disaster.
  9. An essay discussing whether Stalin's personality was the most important factor in explaining the Great Purges. This essay was awarded a 6.
  10. A discussion of the extent that the Kaiser was responsible for the outbreak of the First World War.
  11. irene31


    May I ask what options have you chosen that you think you do not know enough? I have chosen Aeneid and Love poetry but I do not know how it is with the other options.
  12. irene31


    I will have Latin SL exam in May 2009. Maybe I could help you?

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