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  1. I don't have the transaction showing at my back end, did you try it from this account?
  2. Hi FractiousArrogance, Sorry to hear the admin hasn't replied to you, I checked my inbox and it wasn't sent to me! woohoo Otherwise, what browser are you using? It might just be one of those things were you've got something jamming the payment portal because your browser needs updating? Try a few and let me know. I'll check from our backend if there's any feedback which might help find the reason. Otherwise yes we accept paypal. Thanks! Elsa
  3. Heylo You're the right candidate for the HL course. Achieving above A and having an interest in math will suffice in being successful in advanced maths courses. I've been looking into why certain people are better than maths, and some tips I read were to do with effort to return ration. Everyone's brain is wired differently, so some people's logical thinking suits the rules and logic that maths is based on. Other people will have to go through the struggle of persevering to solve the problem where the answer won't come to them instantaneously. Your A grade indicates that you have the logic you need for maths, doing well will depend on how much effort you put into it. Your HL subjects are certainly not an overkill, it sounds like your more interested in sciences than not. Goodluck.
  4. The philosophy of it is the answer... it's one of the mathematical concepts which you prove once using an example and then go "proven by mathematical induction"... Please be courteous to those who help you on the forum
  5. The way you're feeling is completely normal. Maybe this might help: I had a complete breakdown before one of my exams for my Master's last year, at the ripe age of 24, after having done the IB, and 2 other degrees. The material and responsibility will only get harder. Just remember that your best option is to have a clear mind because the stress will only deter your learning. Now for your math problem, what is it I might be able to help Oh and if you are in a situation where you haven't finished revising, strategise and know what you do know very very well and you'll still get a good grade by answering those questions 100% right.
  6. Not really like physics, don't think of the term as a classification of the areas of knowledge from TOK. The term is used loosely here. The "science" link behind it is the statistical theory you'd be using. You can read a more extensive description on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_science Some of the terminology will be alien to you!
  7. Hello all, As you may infer I am one of the ancient ones that have finished IB and multiple other higher educational challenges since. My primary current interest is in data science and analytics. It is perhaps a bit too early for you to know about where your careers will take you but it's not a bad idea to discuss a few options which may help you shape your own journey. So what is data science? essentially it's a combination of knowing statistics, how to apply it to real life (commercial, economic, social etc.) problems, and having the computing skills to be able to extract, manipulate, and analyse data. I like to think of it as the combination of being an economist, statistician and IT person. Quite demanding eh? If only someone told me about this before I started Uni! Why am I posting about this? It's an industry that's booming, and it doesn't necessarily require you to be a full time programmer. There are other functions you can operate in (such as being the person who communicates results to clients/ AKA the "consultant"). It's also an area where you can practice a lot of creativity, so if you're at a stage where you think math is all about following a process and getting 1 number, I am shattering your dreams and telling you that in reality that is not true! How do I get all these skills at once? There are some very demanding Bachelor's degrees that will combine the 3 (I believe I heard of one in Lithuania). But employers will invest in you as long as you have the right fundamentals (you're numerical, and have people skills. There is often a trade off between having either or). So what am I trying to say? Well if this is something that may be interesting to you, I hope this thread will help you make an informed decision when choosing your university course. Feel free to ask questions, I am in no way an expert yet as I am at the beginning of my career, but I'm certainly on the right track.
  8. Sometimes learning isn't all about the exam! Enjoy the knowledge you will gain and worry about the exam a little later in the year (or two years )
  9. The discussion around FOMO came about today and I started thinking to when I started developing it (see this for definition). An article I read on Metro (English free newspaper) discussed how social media has enhanced it etc. which I come to agree with, but I definitely also felt like I missed out on things once I started the IB. I was the type who wanted to do all the subjects and the activities, which lead me to spread myself too thin. It has taken me a lot of self control and emotional development to get out of that state of being an extreme multitasker and chronic overachiever. I just like to get involved!! What do you think of the concept? Do you feel like you're missing out when you see your friends on social media having fun somewhere?
  10. Think of what is acknowledged in this context (bare with me it's a long story): This summer I went to about 17-21 interviews (some phone, some live) for various stages of quantitative graduate jobs I was applying to. During some of these interviews I had the advantage of seeing people's reactions to my CV/cover letters (believe it or not, people don't actually read this stuff before coming into an interview! Shocked me...) Now I had a great deal of education on there, and some modules from uni much tougher than others. Did these people know what the modules entailed? Probably not, were they impressed I had done them, YES! Why I know this is because they went on commenting how impressive it was that I did said module, and when I started elaborating about it they looked at me puzzled... The moral of the story is, doing a tough subject is always to your advantage. It will show you're intelligent, but most importantly hard working and dedicated Do it if you want to stand out (More stories on the crazy things I had to do to stand out of the crowd for the jobs I applied to! But that's for another time/day). All the best IBers!!
  11. There is one that is accessible once you've upgraded to VIP. We cannot provide it to everyone unfortunately because that'll kill our data allowance from the server providers We are a free running service in the end so there's only so much we can provide! But the reward is to be reaped once you have contributed to our society! oh .___. But I also think about changing the theme too, since this is a forum Changing which theme?
  12. There is one that is accessible once you've upgraded to VIP. We cannot provide it to everyone unfortunately because that'll kill our data allowance from the server providers We are a free running service in the end so there's only so much we can provide! But the reward is to be reaped once you have contributed to our society!
  13. ~Lc~

    International Economics Notes

    Excellent notes, very well organised and visually appealing Thank you for submitting them JYC!
  14. Don't do it!! Job application ask you for your grades in highschool even 8 years after! Trust me when I say, I'm glad I didn't muck up. Hope that gives you some motivation
  15. Hi there, I don't know if I can help at all, but my Art teacher's daughter attended a university in Florence that was apparently very high profile. Sorry to hear that you're indecisive at this stage, but if it helps most people are and end up doing degrees for the wrong reasons! So take your time figuring things out. Goodluck!
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