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  1. I don't have the transaction showing at my back end, did you try it from this account?
  2. Hi FractiousArrogance, Sorry to hear the admin hasn't replied to you, I checked my inbox and it wasn't sent to me! woohoo Otherwise, what browser are you using? It might just be one of those things were you've got something jamming the payment portal because your browser needs updating? Try a few and let me know. I'll check from our backend if there's any feedback which might help find the reason. Otherwise yes we accept paypal. Thanks! Elsa
  3. Heylo You're the right candidate for the HL course. Achieving above A and having an interest in math will suffice in being successful in advanced maths courses. I've been looking into why certain people are better than maths, and some tips I read were to do with effort to return ration. Everyone's brain is wired differently, so some people's logical thinking suits the rules and logic that maths is based on. Other people will have to go through the struggle of persevering to solve the problem where the answer won't come to them instantaneously. Your A grade indicates that you have the logic you need for maths, doing well will depend on how much effort you put into it. Your HL subjects are certainly not an overkill, it sounds like your more interested in sciences than not. Goodluck.
  4. There is one that is accessible once you've upgraded to VIP. We cannot provide it to everyone unfortunately because that'll kill our data allowance from the server providers We are a free running service in the end so there's only so much we can provide! But the reward is to be reaped once you have contributed to our society! oh .___. But I also think about changing the theme too, since this is a forum Changing which theme?
  5. There is one that is accessible once you've upgraded to VIP. We cannot provide it to everyone unfortunately because that'll kill our data allowance from the server providers We are a free running service in the end so there's only so much we can provide! But the reward is to be reaped once you have contributed to our society!
  6. Excellent notes, very well organised and visually appealing Thank you for submitting them JYC!
  7. I wouldn't use the word seduced, because IB and I never had coitus (using the words of Sheldon Cooper- love the guy). I did have to go through a presentation about it, alongside my classmates, and was absolutely in love with it when I finished. Why? Because I was one of those super keen people (well still am) who wants to be able to learn everything, and try everything. My alternative was to do 4 a-level subjects and have a lot of free time in my schedule. I think 30% of my lazy classmates regretted going into it, because they would have preferred doing 2-4 A-levels subjects and put half the effort in that was needed for IB.
  8. Thank you for bringing an alternative perspective to the forum. We will take the suggestions of a non-IBrelated forum (or more such, a forum for students who dropped out) into consideration and maybe pilot it to see if it has a demand. The way we subcategorise (i.e bring out new forums) is by identifying a demand for them, because we don't want the place to have a lot of subcategories with no one visits. I would like to point out that this thread has gone off topic into a rant about people's opinions on the IB. Open a thread in chat and have a go at each other by all means, but I will have to delete any posts further on that topic in this thread. Otherwise, I think you've made the whole of the IBS community curious as to why you've dropped out (including me) so please break the cliff hanger and tell us already (again not in this thread).
  9. Just a heads up for your guys going to uni, don't be that person who takes your ipad to lectures and takes a photo of the power point. They're available online anyway *annoying students*
  10. Best thing to do is look at the marking sheet. When I was in IB we had to compare at least 2. To avoid turning it into a histoy essay, try thinking about the subject as a 3rd person rather than discussing the subject itself. So don't discuss historical facts but focus on how the facts are collected, presented, percieved etc.
  11. I like the idea you have about discussing the wording, but instead of approaching it from the angle of what disregarded means, I would suggest you define the term how you want to represent it in your essay and go from there. Otherwise, to use specific terminology about your argument in the first paragraph, what you are talking about is acceptance of knowledge as a result of conventional thought. "Convention" being the body which approves it. Another thing which follows within these lines of argument are the relativity of truth, which you van visit through the WOK of language. Something along the lines of truth exists in the language we present it in, but that is relative to what we conventionally associate the"truth" in words etc. In the paragraph of the natural sciences, you are discussing the falsification of scientific theory. I would also suggest including the scientific method as a tool of knowing in this AOK. sounds like your on the right track overall though! I bet your essay will make for an interesting read
  12. I would agree to it being violating human rights if the review was not allowed where new evidence was presented. I don't think it is a violation of a human right for a person who's taking power into their hands to decide whether another person can live or not (for example), or lead a country in injustice (I'd put Mubarak and Al-Assad in jail for life). I haven't read the article yet, but I'd be interested to know the cases they are using to back up this motion. EDIT: after reading the article: "The judges awarded Vinter €40,000 (£34,500) for his legal costs." brilliant!
  13. You mean with Republicans having a personal vendetta against Obama, and voting against him despite the rationality of the bill he's trying to pass (the specific reference to the background check on gun sales). I had a think about it after making that post and I think one way to go about filtering the good/bad benefit seeker is to have a minimum years of work before being able to claim. So in Cyprus for example, you have to have worked at least 2 years and contributed a certain amount to social security before you can claim unemployment benefits and when you do it's only allowed for 6 months then you're on your own until you work for at least 6 more months. There still is a way around it by bumming around on jobs just to claim I suppose. The mere fact that health care costs so much in the US bewilders and upsets me.
  14. It does, I don't think I sided with either. I'm quite attentive with the political arguments on the benefit leeching community that exists in the UK and I find it both ridiculous how much these people take advantage of the system, and how nice it is that the society maintains itself by supporting people in need. I don't know if it was purposeful, but politically there has been a lot of review of the benefits system in the UK by the Tory government. They slashed a lot of child benefits the past few months and are looking to make things harder yet on people taking advantage of the system. It seems as though the book coincides these discussions in a commutative way looking at all perspectives in the good, bad and evil of the system. I do doubt that she meant for it to happen, but let's hope it makes people better aware to make better decisions.
  15. That's a very good point actually, although the only know I liked from the beginning was Andrew. I finished the book last night, and I understand why there has been criticism of it because it comes from J.K. Rowling. I don't think I would have read it if it wasn't written by her to be honest. I don't know how I feel about Kyrstal and Robbie's death... I didn't feel sympathy or a connection to either of them but it does make me want to foster a child to avoid it happening to someone in the future.