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  1. Haha, cute comic. However, that sort of stereotypes ubuntu users as developers, since I thought only developers used bugzilla... average consumers like us don't really understand or care to submit software bugs (unless you count the people who click "send to microsoft" when they get an error...) I tried Ubuntu, but I'm totally lost with command line installation. I tried to install a Quicksilver equivalent for Ubuntu, but I ended up not being able to find the terminal to type a command line... by the time I did, I forgot what command line to type. It was very difficult for a noob like me. Unfortunately, the grub loader is also not one of my preferences, so it took a while for me to uninstall ubuntu fully. I had to use a Windows XP recovery console (in Chinese because I don't have an english disk, even though I use an English OS). Linux is for the smart people that are willing to learn a new language in order to use it (prove me wrong, but Ubuntu feels very disconnected with me). Many companies need to have a dedicated team at doing what Apple is doing best: seducing users. Sure, monopolies don't need to worry about anything. However, a lot of companies need very attractive (literally) computers for users to feel "loving". How many times do you hear people say "I love my Mac" as opposed to "I love my Dell Laptop". Simply put, Dell laptops look as ugly as all the rest of the laptops that run Windows, which also happens to not look very pretty. The disturbing part is, most people only know the very simple (and outdated) arguments of operating system wars. People who don't like Macs have very simple reasons: "It's for gay people" "It has only 1 mouse button" "It can't play games" "There are no software". Likewise, people who hate Windows are also stuck with those very simplistic and outdated arguments such as "It crashes all the time" "You get lots of blue screens" "There are viruses and spyware" "You get obscure errors like something.dll" and "I love my Mac". These flawed arguments are probably from 2004. Very rarely do you have a person who happens to use both operating systems to constructively give their opinions on the computers. Many people have very outdated memories of the last time they used a Windows or Mac OS computer, and these do not reflect technology - something that can only be understood when one follows it weekly, daily, or even hourly.
  2. There is also the problem of a person who is not able to safely protect him or herself. If I had a gun, I would worry about it being used against me, because I know that I am not very strong nor do I have much agility. The moment I pull I will immediately attempt to shoot and kill, because other than that there will be no way I can survive. I don't think that the criminal that tried to mug me deserved to die, but unfortunately I will not have the ability to surely shoot for injury only. Guns will allow us the ability to defend ourselves, but may also be pulled out at the wrong time. Do you remember the last time you had an argument with someone, and that you were so angry you were about to violently hurt them? Without a gun, a punch in the face is all that it will take to break the tension, but pointing a gun at someone's head because they are just overreacting would be a devastating experience. Not everyone who kills has the full intention of doing so. Guns install fear. Yes the criminal is afraid of shooting someone because knows he's going to be attacked. However, fear and punishment should not be the way society works. We should not use more weapons to retain the status quo, we should disarm and remove as many weapons as possible. Sooner or later, when everyone has a gun, the criminal will have a more powerful weapon. It's like a cold war. A good point made is that we shouldn't try to protect against each other, we should try to protect against a government gone wrong. This is why systems should be created. We should not use barbaric methods to retain a democracy or a fair government. We should educate the people, and limit the government by splitting up the power but also retaining some sort of global direction that everyone will follow. The price we pay? Progress will be hindered. If the government has no unity, and everyone has the power to disagree, who's going to lead the country? It all comes down to trust and mutual benevolence. However, if you find that utopia, be sure to call me. Meanwhile, lets focus on not shoot each other.
  3. Dooga

    Funny IB Video

    Hey guys, sorry to hijack this thread, but this video is pretty bad... They make it seem like "ZOMG!!!! AMAZING!!!!". Most of us will probably think "yeah right"
  4. Dooga

    Error Bars

    If you know the uncertainties, the error bars just mean that you make a point at the largest and smallest value possible within the uncertainties, and then connect those two points. Sounds confusing? Try drawing it. For example, if you have 4.5 grams of something, and the uncertainty is +/- 0.5 grams, then you would make a point at 5.0 and a point at 4.0. Simply connect those points in one line, and you have the uncertainty bars for that specific point. Remember to make the ends of the bar obvious with little dashes (I instead of l). Sorry I really suck at explaining something graphical with text. Here's an image I stole: [img]http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/3271/img3po1.gif[/img] Original image: [url="http://musr.physics.ubc.ca/~jess/hr/skept/Meas/node2.html"]http://musr.physics.ubc.ca/~jess/hr/skept/Meas/node2.html[/url]
  5. Dooga

    Your Worst Case Scenario

    Self explanatory: Here is a detailed raw footage of the situation: More: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=367CD4FE5C845C93 Sucky day. Better not happen during IB exams.
  6. They change the mark cutoffs every year, so if this year's exam is too easy, you will need a higher mark to get a 7, etc. Don't worry, it's fair.
  7. Dooga

    Epic Fail!

    And plus, the British ones had these trick questions that are supposed to be answered wrong by most people. The American one isn't very accurate either, because they can choose to not have people who answered the questions correctly. Either way I think I saw this video 2 years ago
  8. Hmmm well some universities like Math HL, like waterloo, if you want to enter their maths department.
  9. Dooga

    Interview 7: ~Lc~

    I vote for having Cam answer all Elsa's questions. Deal or no deal?
  10. Know the material very very well, and boost your confidence. Try putting yourself in that stress position more often, instead of avoiding it. For example, as practice, give yourself mocks with practice questions or exams, and time yourself like the IB would do so. Actually set an alarm clock, and put it in front of you or above you. Make a promise to yourself that you will not stop doing the test or cheat, even if you don't know what to do. It will emulate exam conditions and as you get used to it, you'll find that exams are nothing but doing practice questions at home.
  11. Dooga

    One year project?

    Just wait and find out! That's what makes life fun, isn't it?
  12. Dooga

    Funny GIF for WWII

  13. Dooga

    University Acceptances

    Haha, wow that's a lot of applications you did.
  14. I'm pretty sure the external deadline is March 15th... ours was due on March 3rd. Woot mine is going to some random village in New Zealand... how fun.
  15. Dooga

    University Acceptances

    LOL! I got a conditional acceptance in SFU and I don't even know when that happened... I just logged in a couple of days ago and saw this green checkmark... I suspect that they just have a computer program that admits you based on your marks... They have ridiculous entrance scholarships.... $5000 for only 34+ predicted...

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