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  1. With anywhere you go in any school, nothing prepares you for real life as it comes, than actual life itself. However, in boarding schools, the kid is often sheltered and somewhat isolated from interaction with others outside of the school. However in normal school you have interaction with kids outside of the school, so you know how to socially interact with different people. Also normal school children are open to see the world through different viewpoints, granted there are different viewpoints in boarding schools, but to be honest most of the kids in the boarding schools have a similar fiscal situation so chances are the viewpoints deviate to far. In normal schools there are a more eclectic races and mindsets that you are disposed to in normal schools. Let's put it this way, Boarding school children seem to have a naïveté about life, an attitude of insouciance that is a common trait shared by those who attend boarding school. The fact it, they are sheltered, they have little parental interaction, and guidance from anyone for that matter. Of course anyone in the world attending normal school has some part of their "vision" blocked, however those in boarding schools have a skewed perception of the world limited to what they have seen and the opinions of the like-minded individuals in the school.
  2. bolan14

    IB Girls and Guys

    Thanks for speaking your mind. I guess its because I tend to be really conservative, but I've succumb to sex before marraige, and I've gone drinking and partying. It just wasn't my scene, well the sex could continue, and I only say that because I am monogomous with one girl who I plan to be with for a long time. I don't have to explain the fact that ethics and morality are relative to everyone, and since I have my preconcieved notions one how people should act, then I do sort of look down on others who aren't as "decent." So in this case, yes, I am on my own high horse, and I believe you can do whatever you want. However, I do ask that for those who wish to be the party animals, f*** buddies, or whatever, that you be considerate of whoever it is your affecting. I've made that mistake and I still regret it. And Panserbone, I also have to mention, the United States regardless of being the home of the "free", we as a population are still generally conservative. That may be tapering of with the younger generation but conservatism is still prevelent. I am a freudian, and I believe kids go through some psychosexual stages, and we need to explore them, however in good boundaries. I guess that as for me, I still want a virgin as my partner, as crazy and unrealistic as it sounds, and irrational.
  3. I believe the term is "road head," as far as everything else goes....moderation is key. A line should be drawn, when something goes beyond the threshold of someones tolerance thats trespassing dangerous grounds. Its important to be open to your partner or others' fantasys as long as they stay within the realm of posibility and do not transverse past the frontier someone is willing to go. So to a certain extent, yes sexual perversion should be assimilated into society but with more discretion and for older individuals, there is no reason for a 13 year old to be well versed in sexual perversions. Nonetheless i do believe that being knowledgeable is better than being confronted and being in the dark, that is, it is better to know than not know at all. Again the previoius statement is told in moderation, there is no need to teach a 5 year old the wonderful art of anal sex etc. Well that is unless you are Freud. I wonder if sexual perversions are derived from fixations in sexual phases...?
  4. bolan14


    I am half Cuban, and half Iranian, full American living in Miami Florida one of the most ostentatious, diverse, and great cities in the world. My girlfriend (also an IBer) is half German, and half Iranian (i know arranged marraige like my friends joke, but it isnt lol) My moms favorite joke is that I am part of the C.I.A. or Cuban Iranian and American. For those not from the US and familiar with the CIA, it is the Central Intelligence Agency, a government organization commited to national defense.
  5. bolan14

    IB Girls and Guys

    I don't know how IB is internationally, that is how IBers behave overseas or in other places. I go to an IB school in Miami, Florida, and I'm sure much like everywhere else in the world there are crazy party go-ers and dumb girls who fall for the indecent guys. It's like you respect someone for their intelligence, getting high marks w.e, but then you find out what he/she does whether it is smoke or drink on the weekends. Is it just me or is there any decent people left on this earth. Morality and ethics walk straight out the door, and a vacuum is made for cheating, frivilous partying, gratuitous sex, recreational drug and alchohol use. Not to be a prick because I am probably a hypocrit because I may be part of some of these things. But it just seems it became so hard to find decent people, a girl who will save herself for someone who is worth it, and a guy who will understand the meaning of sex as not something completely recreational. I shouldn't be one to talk because ive fallen victim to alot of the things im condemning, but I guess i just hope the general population that will be the leaders of tomorrow will be smarter than me. Any way post your thought or frustrations, send me to hell if you feel the need to tell me that it is a persons right to do what they please, or buttress my opinion. I personally think that decency in todays kids have left but somehow we can find a medium where we can party and then reach 7's on IB exams.
  6. I'm going to have to second that notion. Independence is critical, the foundation of self-sufficiency is extremely important. However to a certain extent, guidence is needed, there needs to be a voice of reason to stop the independent mind from straying too far. Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran prior to the 1979 revolution had believed that revolution and a government for the people wasn't possible, he believed that the general population at the time (illiterate) could not make decisions for themselves, so he saw himself fit. Ultimately, he may have been right because after the 1979 revolution the nation has been in a rut, no better or no worse than it was under a secular monarchy. What I am trying to say is that boarding school should be a great opportunity for those who have the mental capacity and maturity to make use of their independence. However it can be detrimental to the individual because kids in boarding schools tend to be sheltered, they are independent but there independent reality is only a skewed version of how life is. This gives birth to the "pansies that Drew Row had stated. Dont take for granted the role of parents in your life, often times I know myself that they can be unfair and unrational but they do care, and there is a point where defiance hurts you more than it hurts your parents. I lesson I may have learnt the hard way.
  7. bolan14

    Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth

    That was quite supercilious what you said if you ask me. Your disdain for American school systems, however dismal, is very condescending. If you really think about what you just said, just for a second. If I take an Algebra, or Calculus class, I can probably go the whole year just fine doing the cut and packaged material that the teacher provides. Send me to a higher level and if I have never understood the proofs or the reason for doing something, there is no connection being made. I personally believe that the system is teaching the students plasticity, the right to view something holistically, really does make a difference on the thought process of an individual. Being narrow minded never got anyone anywhere, but I must conceed that yes our eduction is horrible in the states, partially why I enjoy IB so much despite the cut throat conditions. And don't forget the best of the best universities in the world are found primarily in none other than the United States.
  8. bolan14

    Global Warming

    Like with anything moderation is key, we are heading towards a point where it is believed that the temperature will drop therefor decreasing global warming, however, in my opinion things need to get done fast. I say moderation because for the past 250 years we havn't lived with any form of moderation, so now we have to make up for it. Besides, the whole green movement is probably helping the facillitation of the economy to stabilize. It practically become more of a fashion statement than a belief or a scientifically proven construct. Bottom line is that it is best to find some way to avoid any sort of catastrophic event, in any form be it a future war for water or space colonization (probably not realistic). Global warming should be a real concern in fact I suggest putting a cap on carbon credits and having big companies pay for using extra. Probably better investement in public transportation or a reexamination of the concept of a car, setting a limit to how low MPG can be.
  9. bolan14

    ANOREXIA: Socially or Psychologically Induced?

    It all goes back to nature vs. nuture, do we all have an inate force pushing and pulling our behavior or is our behavior determined by learning? Personally, I believe that there is an intrinsic desire to better oneself to appear more desirable to others even if it is self-destructive. Evolutionarily, it is extremely important to be attractive, whether to obtain object of desire, etc. It is proven empirically that more attractive people are treated much better than others who are less attractive. However, to possibly a greater extent, the portrayal of the "skinny" and "model-like" woman in the media over that last 5 decades, (I say this conservatively, because there are many measures now that have attenuated the mass-media's damage) have definitely caused the general population of girls to have anorexia or bulemia nervosa. These are serious MENTAL disorders, and it is more common that traditionally thought. My own girlfriend had bulemia, althought the onset was only 5 months or so, she still suffers today (no it wasn't because of me). The assimilation of verbal abuse, visual inadequacies viewed by females when they see an advertisement or film, has done its damage to skew the portrait of a woman. But the more open communitive society we hav today, and the new social protocals we abide by leave its mark as well, I mean its easy to tell someone there fat through a text or facebook, etc. So my personal opinion is that these eating disorders are more socially induced than they are psychological or physiological.
  10. yea thats a good question, u can phrase it diff if u want 2, lyk "why do males tend to be more aggressive than females" and then go on to explain the bx (behaviour) usin the assignd perspective n prefferably a study to go along w/ it. Ur IB friend in Miami FL, hell yea M I A's where its at lol

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