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  1. IBStuck

    This or That!

    fail for nat asking a question! job you love making little money or a job you hate making tons of money?
  2. IBStuck

    Ban the person above you

    banned for claiming the funny looking emoticon isn't one.
  3. IBStuck

    Interview the person below you

    yes iu stole a sip of a slurpy the other day. lol. but that is it. i am not allowed to eat or drink certain things at my work, and a slurpee is one of them. is it slurpy or slurpy? coz i ahve seen it both ways.
  4. IBStuck


    the big name will only help you get your first job. i don't go to a really prestigieous university but my school is the best businees school in the state that i live in here in the US. it isn't hard to balance SATs and IB; just takes good time management skills. go to a school that you like. that is the really reason that i went to my uni. i could see myself going where i was going, and i do well coz i love it there. if it is the program you want then go for that school. if you do get your masters, go to a school that you like that has the program you want. something you schould try for is a really good intership in the field that you want to work. i have an internship right now with a really prominant international company, and i think that this internship will help me so much more whne i graduate than my college degrees will.
  5. IBStuck

    Ban the person above you

    banned for not having your own emoticon.
  6. IBStuck

    This or That!

    embarresment... i could have been doing something fun and it just went horrible... but at least i was having fun at first. run over by a train or stabbed in the back?
  7. IBStuck

    Interview the person below you

    guitar hero. best video game of all time?
  8. IBStuck

    Double Major?

    So I am a year into my university, and I am currently taking a semester off for an intership. Well I am working on a very specific Marketing degree and I am almost done with my minor in Spanish. but i was wondering what you all though about picking up a second major in International Business Managment. I would prolly graduate a semester to a year later than I had planned because to get the degree it is an extra 12 hours (1 semester) and I have to spend at least one semester abroad, but I still take classes while I am abroad. So do you all think it is a good idea or what are your thoughts in general?
  9. i did my EE in english A1 and i spent three weeks reseaching my topic and then a week or a week and a half writting and rewritting it. but from what i know i took a long time to research mine.
  10. HL Theme: Jewellery Overall grade: 4
  11. HL Theme: Jewellery Overall grade: 4
  12. IBStuck


    Math SL The basics and the more complicated things that you need to be able to do with vectors!
  13. IBStuck

    Interview the person below you

    me diesing quickly.... sorry nothing too exciting. dream job?
  14. IBStuck

    Ban the person above you

    banned for banning someone for being knowledgable.
  15. IBStuck

    Interview the person below you

    caffine. favorite toy when you were a kid?

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