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  1. Thank you so much! It was already driving me crazy... I was reading "thread" everywhere and still couldn't figure out what it was!! lol I did know what a post was, but thanks anyway! =D
  2. Karasu

    World Lit. Books

    I did Wrld Lit 1 on Faust and Crime and Punishment. If you think Crime and Punishment's bad, I agree with you, but let me tell you... Faust is 100x worse. I have to check on the number of pages Faust has, but I'm pretty sure it's longer, too. That's what you get when your teacher is a nerd =(
  3. Karasu

    Language B Orals

    We have formal oral presentations on something we choose that is related to the theme she gave us, and in the end she's going to pick the best grade.
  4. Karasu

    Orals NOT SENT YET...

    My oral exams were in March, and I know they were sent to IB in mid-April or so... You could try to talk to her again and see if there's any way she can still send your oral attached to a formal note asking IB to still consider your exam, saying it's her fault, etc. In any case, just try to be happy that they didn't accidentaly delete or lose your oral... That'd be definitely worse!
  5. Karasu

    IOP score?

    Luckily we have only one teacher for English A1. I never understand the way he grades papers, though, as they vary all the time. It's ironic though because I know for sure that he would have asked you to make your title shorter. The first option is too broad, but I think the second option would be just perfect. The third one, he's say something like "you have to have a title on the header and a thesis in your essay, not both on the header and in the essay".
  6. At my school we have HL/SL options for all languages, but not for all classes. I can only take Business & Management SL, for example. Luckily we're not obligated to take HL in any of our classes. I half-understand why your school would do that, but I think it's bad if you don't have an option because I'm guessing you'd have to spend all of your HL classes in Humanities, and wouldn't be able to take any HL science course, for example. I know it's death, but some colleges require it or give college credit for it depending on what you want to study...
  7. The Misanthrope - Moliere Death of a Salesman - Arthur Miller Major Barbara - Bernard Shaw Long Day's Journey into Night - Eugene O'Neill Lots of Death of a Salesman around... that's interesting. And lots of people lost or "hating" Heart of Darkness... hehe I know how you feel, it is a horrible work. However, I always found lots of things to write about. Just let your imagination free. If you get weird ideas, they probably DO make sense in the context, because it IS a weird story =P
  8. One website I use a lot is http://www.verb2verbe.com/francais/default.aspx However, the best review would really be browsing around http://www.tv5.fr/TV5Site/programmes/accueil_continent.php and seeing what they have to offer. =) French B course starts in Junior year, as far as I know... I'm doing French B HL and that's were it started for me. I don't know if there is an option for doing it all in 1 year, but I highly doubt it. There is a French B SL student in my class, and she also completed the 2-year course. I also took French classes before I started French in IB, and it's completely different. You won't be learning French all over again... You'll be applying what you learned to real-life situations, French works, etc. If it's Spanish or French, you won't be starting from the beginning. At least that's how it's taught at my school.
  9. Some years ago I remember some people got together and started collecting soda cans (Pepsi, Coca-Cola, etc) from the school community. They sent it to an NGO that uses cans to make wheelchairs, and got service hours. My favorite CAS activity is certainly dancing! However, we have a "movie club" at our school where we study film techniques, watch movies, compare+contrast, and try to create our own clips. It's also a nice way to get CAS hours, I think =) I struggled with service a lot... for that, I'd say try to get in contact with a local NGO and volunteer on something you think you might enjoy. I wasn't really looking forward to service because my option was kinda narrowed down to working with orphan kids and I don't really enjoy all the kid screaming-and-running, but I actually learned something from it. Clue: my IB CAS coordinator said it's better if you don't use one single activity for all 50 hours of action, for example.
  10. Ok. I know this is a VERY stupid question, but bear with me b/c I've never been a part of any forum or left comments, concerns, etc. before I joined IB Survival. I have files I'd like to contribute, but "To submit files, please make a new thread in the Contribute to IBSurvival subforum, with your username in the thread title. Please only make one thread per usename and attach all the files you'd like to contribute to posts in that thread." What in the world is a thread? I know what the word means, but not forum-wise. I didn't find anything in the FAQ section. If it is in the FAQ though, I apologize beforehand. Thank you!
  11. Karasu

    Canadian Universities

    I applied to UBC and U of T... it was pretty easy getting scholarship at UBC cuz of good grades, but U of T's a bit stingy. It's possible, but less chances. Hope that helps =)
  12. Karasu

    What does your username mean?

    Karasu = crow in Japanese. I'm not really fond of crows, I just liked the way it sounded =) I thought it was just the Portuguese... but then, Port. is derived from Latin, so it makes perfect sense =P
  13. Karasu

    Interview: Who are you?

    1. What is your real name? Rebeca 2. Where are you from? Brazil 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? Deus' IB syllabi postings in TSR 4. What made you register on IB Survival? Just 2 min ago (figuratively) I was reading everyone's posts in the TSR forum, and thought "wow, these people are awesome!" 5. When did you (approximately) register here? Just about now... hehe Apr 23rd, 2008 - somewhere near 9:30pm local time. 6. What is your favourite IB subject? French B HL 7. When are you graduating? June 2008 8. What are your plans for university? I'm going to Univ. of British Columbia - Vancouver campus. Anybody going there too? =) 9. What are your free-time hobbies? Sleeping at staring at the ceiling 10. If you could change one thing on IB Survival, what would it be? I'll leave this question for later, when I learn more about the community =) Ps. I lived in FL for 2 yrs when I was a kid, and am going to BC for college. If I find any more coincidences with this, I think I'm gonna freak out

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