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  1. Emkay

    Question about a source for my HI?

    Ooh. I finally understand what she meant by 120 years. I was staring at it like... o_o. I didn't connect the dates and only thought she meant the interview was 120 years old. The book was published in 1984 then the interview was when the guy was 81 years old in 1937... that makes more sense. Thank you!
  2. My topic is on slavery and the Civil War. One of my primary sources is an interview. But this interview was conducted in 1984 with a former black slave... and I found it in a book. Is this fine to use with the proper citations? I have no idea why my teacher commented on the draft to recheck this source stating it would have been 120 years old... when really the interview is 26? Maybe its just a misunderstanding on her part? I wanted to make sure anyway, thank you.
  3. Emkay

    Choosing to NOT take IB Exams

    At my school even if one fails to get the IB Dipolma, they still get the school diploma that everyone gets that says they graduated. However, I don't think you can NOT take the IB Exams. I'm not sure though.
  4. Emkay

    Advice on my EE Topic?

    Okay, so I've pretty much picked my topic. I decided to stick to the tragic hero thing with a different character - Snape. I didn't know how to word which 'similarities' I was comparing into a question for Macbeth/Harry Potter. I'm pretty confident I can write much about Snape being a tragic hero. My research question is "Can Severus Snape of the Harry Potter series be classified a Shakespearean tragic hero?" ... and now my final question is if the wording is okay? I think that's pretty specific enough :]. I'm actually a little excited to write it now, haha. I guess that's a good thing.
  5. Emkay

    Advice on my EE Topic?

    I'm thinking of comparing Macbeth and Voldemort as similar characters instead. They have a lot of similarities such as their ambition, greed, the prophecies, how they tried/attempted to eliminate threats to their power/life among other things. That's specific enough right? Or I can write about the how the stories are parallel, but would this be too general? I don't really think so since I know people have done a lot of parallel comparisons for EEs. I feel Voldemort can be considered a tragic hero because he fits many of the 'traits'.. more of the the summed of version I learn in class though. He's from a noble family, male, has a tragic flaw - ambition/greed. Also the fact that Harry was marked as his opponent (trying to kill baby Harry) was the result of his actions after learning about the prophecy (supernatural aspect). The story of Merelope and Tom Riddle (love potion thing).. ended up with Voldemort being born to a mother who didn't care for him.. and ended up at a orphanage eventually. Dumbledore must see something redeeming in him, so he's not completely evil (Dumbledore calling him Tom). However, I'm starting to feel a bit intimidated about continuing with this topic and really like the idea of comparing Macbeth and Voldemort as similar characters instead/how the two stories are parallel.
  6. Emkay

    Advice on my EE Topic?

    Okay, so I'm finally going to maybe start my EE (I know bad ). I was pretty set on comparing Macbeth and Voldemort as a tragic heroes. I know Voldemort is a villian but will that complicate things? I mean I think he fits under the guidelines for a 'tragic hero' and Macbeth wasn't exactly a good guy either. I'm not quite sure either how to make it more specific. I was also thinking if it was possible to just write the whole thing on arguing why Voldemort can be considered a tragic hero. I'm getting nervous about my topic since one of the teachers started talking about how you can't state any of your opinion in it and need hardcore evidence, but I'm pretty sure I can use the tragic hero guidelines as an argument (right?). Ahh.
  7. I know that Math Studies isn't good enough for some universities especially outside the U.S. How would a university that does not accept deal with students who took Math Studies applying to their school? I mean do they simply flat out reject them or is there a way to compensate by taking a summer course or so on? I stayed a week in University of Toronto and decided I might end up applying there. However I took Math Studies and feel like I shouldn't even bother trying ;/. It's not like I knew better... IB is relatively new to Jersey City and my school (the only IB school here and only on its 2nd year).
  8. So I'm doing my WL2 paper on the Great Gatsby and the The Stranger (or The Outsider). My topic is comparing the use of weather in the two books, but my teacher says I need to make it more specific but I don't know how? Thank you[;.
  9. Emkay

    Changing my display name?

    ... was wondering if I could get mine changed to Emkay ?
  10. Emkay

    Group work - yay or nay?

    I can deal with being a group but I dislike it overall. It is too much effort trying to communicate with others and it can get SO irritating even with close friends. The only time I'd like to be in a group is anything to with speaking to an audience then the support feel is good but other than that nooo.
  11. Emkay

    Childhood TV Shows

    I miss old school gameboys! I use to play those for hoursssss. Those phases with Pokemon, Yugioh, Digimon cost me money. Did anyone remember Beyblade?! I remember buying all those Yugioh decks and beybladessss.. everyone in my school had them
  12. Emkay

    The Music Thread

    I listen to all types of music, even music I can't understand! Pop, hip hop, rap, soul, r&b, techno (house, electronica), experimental, punk, heavy metal, dance...Oh boy. I listen to classical music here and there. I use to listen to cpop, jpop, jrock, kpop alot, but not as often but I still like it (I grew out of the phase but still can appreciate it). I love to listen to French music and Spanish even though I can't understand. I usually like more faster paced songs. Sometimes I can be picky about the songs, there are just songs/types of songs I don't like specifically. I can't seem to like rap that's all about 'going hard, life's hard, I'm a g' in the slowest beat ever. I get annoyed. Same for slow jams etc Upbeat, catchy, face paced songs get me motivated to do my homework. I get so pumped up. 3OH!3 . I listen to: Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Ciara, T-Bizzy, Neyo, DJ Italian Sensation, 3OH!3, Brokencyde, Skillet, Smile, Beethoven, boA, Namie Amuro, K-Maro, Kayne West, Don Omar...
  13. Emkay

    Single gender classes

    I go to an all girls' school, and I think girls are typically more focused in school in a single gendered class. Girls are catty but they know how to deal with each other. Girls can go make those stupid jokes and laugh about things and say opinions that they normal wouldn't feel right around boys. I can roll into bed and roll out of it, put my uniform and I'd be okay to go the way I looked - girls don't need to focus on looking good blahblahblah. Most of us have guy friends out of school to hang with after school/weekends anyway. I do agree that co-ed will bring a variety to the table... I did go to a co-ed elementary school, and that our careers end up requiring to interact with boys anyway... (except my freshman english teacher who went to an all girls elementary, high school, and college... and taught in an all girls' school ). Ehh.
  14. My class is reading it now too. I don't think it's that bad, but I just get so irritated with the names and keeping up with the characters. Grr. It's an annoying book. It's like a spanish soap opera, so ehh. Too bad I'm not that interested ;/.
  15. Emkay

    Childhood TV Shows

    Oh dang. I was talking about this with my friends during Chemistry class... (totally not paying attention). Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers fersuree! Oh man, I loved Zoom too! I remember learning some game with foam cups, but I forgot =/. And there's Rocket Power, Rugrats is a classic ;D... uhm Sailor Moon, Hey Arnold, Doug. I still remember the Magic School Bus and Captain Planet... but they weren't my favorite but still!

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