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  1. deedoz

    What does your weekly timetable look like?

    You guys are so lucky!! We have a full schedule with only 2 frees (study halls) per week: We go to school from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm from Sunday until Thursday, and each class is 40 minutes! So this is my weekly schedule: Sunday: 1. Bio IB 2. Bio IB 3. Math IB A 20 minute break 4. Chem IB 5. Study Hall 6. TOK A 30 minute lunch break 7. English IB 8. IS* Monday: 1. Arabic IB 2. Arabic IB 3. Math IB A 20 minute break 4. Math IB 5. Chem IB 6. Chem IB A 30 minute lunch break 7. Study Hall 8. TOK Teusday: 1. Eng IB 2. Eng IB 3. Econ IB A 20 minute break 4. Econ IB 5. Chem IB 6. Chem IB A 30 minute lunch break 7. Arabic IB 8. Arabic IB Wednesday: 1. Math IB 2. Math IB 3. Bio IB A 20 minute break 4. Bio IB 5. IS* 6. TOK A 30 minute lunch break 7. Econ IB 8. Econ IB Thursday: 1. Arabic IB 2. Arabic IB 3. Eng IB A 20 minute break 4. Eng IB 5. Econ IB 6. Econ IB A 30 minute lunch break 7. Bio IB 8. Bio IB *IS is Islamic Studies (it's not IB) but the Ministry of Education forces everyone to take it!!
  2. deedoz

    The Physics Society (Hate club)

    extreme hatred, aye!!!
  3. deedoz

    Arabic vs Bio EE

    I believe so too...but i have to wait until my Arabic teacher replies to my email and says that she is ok with being my advisor PS: yes you do know me....im Dalal...CPP and perviously in school with you!! lol as if you don't know that
  4. deedoz

    Ban the person above you

    Banned because you finished IB
  5. deedoz

    This or That!

    Sony Ericsson Microsofts Windows or Mac?
  6. deedoz

    Interview the person below you

    I don't eat pizza :innocent: what ice-cream flavor do you like?
  7. deedoz

    facebook groups

    there is a group called "IB Survivors"....surviving IB is everyones goal
  8. deedoz

    The Coolest Chemistry EE?

    I wanted to do my EE in Biology but my teacher went to an IB workshop and one of the EE moderators told her that in Biology EE the student can't use any resources or equipment from anywhere out of the school or the student will have a low grade on their EE....soo i think the same applies to all sciences!! I thought i will tell you this because you are planning to use your aunts resources which are not school resources!! This is what my Biology teacher said so im not really sure....soo did anyone else hear of this?!
  9. deedoz

    Arabic vs Bio EE

    Im still in the delimma on which subject to choose for EE since our school is useless i need your opinion on this...im LOST!!! First Arabic: it is more straight forward and easier to write..but personally less interesting than bio and comparing writing an essay english to arabic ill always choose english (since the bio EE would be in eng just in case someone didnt understand) Second Biology: this was my choice untill 2 days ago when my teacher called me and said that she just came back from an IB workshop and talked to an EE moderator there and he told her that EE in bio that relate to diseases will usually not score higher than a D (since the IB curriculum changed) and that any equipment used for doing an experiment should be only in the school anything from outside will cause the score to drop...and our school is still small i doubt we have all the equipment ill need Thanks for any help in advance and any advice will be appreciated
  10. deedoz

    Best class moments

    This is a good memory just because it gave us a reminder to reality Our class is soo much fun and cool because it has people from different countries such as bahrain, lebanon, syria, and eygpt. Soo as part of our arabic class we watched a song (40 minute song actually) called "il'9ameer il3arabi" (translated: the Arab Conscience) it made us cry because we saw the situation we are in, we saw the bloodshed, we saw the Arab situation...and it brought all of us closer together!!
  11. I use the course companians for chem, bio, and econ..they are good because they are basically the objectives (especially with bio and econ)..with chem its either our teacher wants us to learn more than we need or the course companian is not enough info..she writes completely difficult notes and says that the course companian is not sufficient enough..BUT in general i think the course companian is a useful resource to have
  12. i take math SL, we actually have no choice since the school only offers math SL!!
  13. deedoz

    How many people in your classes?

    my school is new and this is the first year they offer IB soo we are a small group..the whole class of 2009 including IB and non-IB students is made up of 20 students!! Soo our classes are small but we have no choices in our classes except between chem and visual arts Chemistry SL: 3 students Visual Arts: 2 students Biology HL: 6 students Math SL: 8 students Arabic A2 HL: 7 students English A1 SL: 10 students Economics HL: 11 students TOK: 4 students (indicating that we have only 4 full IB students)
  14. deedoz

    Group work - yay or nay?

    yeah possibly....the effects of IB
  15. deedoz

    Should I Take IB, yay or nay?

    i think you should take IB since it is a challenge (well thats what people say ) and because it is a good experience and it prepares you for universty or at least gives you an idea of the work load coming ahead!! BUT in the end its your choice and you should see wether or not IB fits you and your future plans

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