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  1. the coolest (and the WEIRDEST!) graphs i remember from econ sl were the quotas, and tariffs and so on...when i first looked at them, my mind was BLOWN AWAY!! they looked kinda confusing to me...but when our teacher actually explained them to us...i was kinda surprised how simple they were...it only takes a good teacher to easily explain ANY concept in econ...and once u understand them, then u're set...gluck with econ!
  2. catchme.kittens

    Quick Math Question

    hmm...interesting...for some reason, it sounds like this question is coming from induction unit (which we just finished! ) so...if P(n) = n^2, and P(n+1) = an^3+bn^2+cn+d therefore, P(n^2+n) = P(n)(n+1) = (n^2)(an^3+bn^2+cn+d) = an^5+bn^4+cn^3+dn^2 if you have the answer then do tell me if this is right or wrong coz i may have violated some rules or not understood the math problem entirely hope this helps!!
  3. catchme.kittens

    Popular Studying Techniques

    haha....i think it is very common for ppl to talk to themselves a lot in IB...i apparently prefer to talk to myself for any subject coz that way i am having a convo with my own brain and i tend to understand the stuff easier... math: practice practice practice once you are done with the understanding so that you actually feel realli confident...other subjects: understnad & then memorize!!!
  4. i also had another idea...you can have a most valuable member list...and to get on top of the list, one has to prove that he is realli helpful by getting certain points...points can be given for USEFUL posts or for the # of times his files have been downloaded...therefore, there would be an incentive for ppl to put up their files and try to become the MVM of the month/year and so on... also, the points sys could later be used for better rewards rather than JUST the MVM...u cud partner up with some other website and the MVM could get a free membership to that website...so that way ur rewards get better and the other site gets a chance to advertise their stuff by giving free membership out...
  5. catchme.kittens

    Optical Illusions - Perception

    i just realized...it would be so cooool if you put some of these optical illusions as ur desktop wallpaper...i tried that on my com and VOILA! there i had my animated background... i put the very first pic in this thread...the rotating wheels
  6. just had a new idea...why not make the arcade section of the ib survival open to other users as well...not just vip this would increase incentive for ppl to join the website and over time, they mite actually start posting msgs on the forums rather than just playing games it wud also give competition for some ppl who wanted to have a decent challenge...*cough cough...cixelsyD*...lol...and help the entire gaming community as well too
  7. catchme.kittens


    economics question after all!! lol...first of all, i am no genius by any means in economics...it just happens to be my favourite subject k...i myself have an idea how everything u mentioned are related with each other...but can't exactly make the links to the stock market exchange rate and interest rate are pretty closely linked together...say for example, if the interest rate in country A goes up, this means that all those investors out there in the rest of the other countries would want to move their money from their banks in their own countries to banks in country A since they would get a higher return on their money right? exchange rate is basically determined by the demand and supply of a currency...so since the intrst rate in country A has gone UP, then ppl would want to move thier money from their banks to country A's banks...BUT in order to do this, they can't just MOVE the money they have, coz country A's bank won't recognize them...so they would have to convert thier money into the currency of country A...this increases the demand for country A's currency and HENCE, the exchange rate of a country would go up. CPI is basically an indicator that measures the price of an average basket of goods that include housing, electricity, food and transportation. so if the CPI in a certain economy INCREASES, that would mean that, in general, cost of living has increased since the same goods in the "basket" are expensive to buy. (This usually happens when the AD (aggregate demand curve) moves to the right in a AD+AS diagram) now say i live in country X...and the price of goods go up...now, me being a consumer, would like to buy goods from OUTSIDE the country rite? assuming that they have remained at the same price, since the CPI has increased in my country, i would now prefer to buy goods from other countries so i can save money...now multiply this thought by millions of ppl who wud think similarly...if everyone would want to buy imported goods, then they country would have to IMPORT more...but if country X was to increase their imports, that would mean they would have to buy more things from other countries, SO THIS WOULD INCREASE THE DEMAND OF THE OTHER CURRENCY and INCREASE THE SUPPLY OF COUNTRY X's CURRENCY...so the exchange rate of Country X would FALL and the exchange rate of the other country would rise (relative to country X). {just as a side note...when we are talking abt demand and supply of currency...it means the demand and supply of a currency on the WORLD market...so if US wants to buy goods from Canada...they would have to buy the Canadian currency on the world market...this would mean that their is more of the US money on the world market...and if you draw a simple Demand and supply diagran...it would show that if the supply of smth increases, assuming everything else stays the same, the value of that thing will decrease} hopefully this helps...and since it's such a long explanation i would be VERY surprised if you actually got this thing the first time...not that you may not be smart...but it's just that economics is like a GIANT circle....EVERYTHING in the world is related to economics so i may have said a little too much of stuff that u dint need to noe...so if you have ne questions, just fire away and i will try to the best of my abilities to help u!
  8. maybe (if possible) give invitation links for members...so that if people come in through a specific member, then it benefit the already present member...this would increase the incentive for people to tell more people abt it...and get more members. (not that i haven't told my friends already though...lol) btw...just out of curiosity, since this is a free site "so far", how do you manage to run it without taking money from neone...from what i know, there is usually a monthly/yearly charge for hosting websites rite?
  9. catchme.kittens

    Where do you live?

    i am born in india...brought up in thailand...and currently in canada in IB...next --> dunno? prlly stay in canada for university...a couple more months (8 to be more accurate) and then i'd know myself too...
  10. catchme.kittens

    How many people in your Maths class?

    same here...we have 24 or so...and some are total jokes while others aren't...but our teacher is really really tolerant for an ib class like us...u see, the teachers in our skool had an impression that ib students are academic, and smart, and well behaved and stuff...but contrary to expectations...we are a very noisy class...not only for maths...any class...and most of our teachers always end up asking us: "Aren't you guys an IB class?" haha...but it's still fun to be part of the IB world...only 7 more months to go...sigh
  11. catchme.kittens

    Parlez-vous le francais?

    bonjour tout le monde! je prends francais le prochain semestre, mais j'aimerais preparer de ce moment! lol...est-ce quel qu'un a les informations pour l'examen oral pour francais? pour example, est-ce que le prof nous donne 10 or 15 minutes pour preparer notre topique (comme l'examen oral pour anglais)? je ne suis pas tres bien en francais parce que j'oublie beaucoup de choses pendant les vacances d'ete (comment est-ce qu'on ajouter les accents sur les lettres? ), donc, si possible, corrige mon response s'il vous plait parce que j'ai besoin d'ameliorer en francais! (merci caitlin pour commencer cette thread...c'est tres utile!!)
  12. catchme.kittens

    Most exciting IB class

    i think TOK class rocks as well...in our class our teacher spends most of the time showing us the most randomest of videos in which we are suppose to learn the ways of knowing or areas of knowledge...and then we always have discussions in our class...that is the best part abt tok...plus i learnt a lot in TOK so far than in any other course...it changed my perspective of the world...kinda weird but cool!
  13. catchme.kittens

    AP Equivalence

    hey, well i was applying to some canadian universities where they give you a transfer credit if you have taken AP in some special courses...so i was wondering how is AP compared to IB in general...like i read the equivalence of A Levels to IB but wanted to know about AP.. for example...if you do Math HL, could you easily pass Calculus AB and BC in AP...or econ sl compared to microeconomics and macroecon in AP? smth along those lines... any suggestion is appreciated!..thnx!
  14. catchme.kittens

    IB Pen Spinning

    wow...the movie was so cool!! all i can do is a single spin on my thumb...does anyone know the proper way to do what the guy in the movie was doing? (awesome stuff)!
  15. catchme.kittens

    Missing thesis for extended essay

    thanx to gmail...it's capacity is so big that i hardly ever delete my mails...and i have a lot of my own work sent to myself as backups like lab reports, IOP, and especially extended essay...i don't want to even know the feeling of losing that... talking abt Obasan...we had to read that book in pre-ib...and no offence to anyone, but it wasn't the most intereseting book in my life...we are reading Hamlet rite now and i think that is much better...honestly, one of the things i find hardest to believe is writing an EE for English...doesn't it get very tough after a certain word limit....i noe it's hard to finish the world lit papers, let alone an EE!...lol

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