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  1. hazemm

    offer dilemna

    Im having trouble choosing my firm and insurance. the offers i received are as followed: UCL for civil engineering and the offer entails me getting a 36 with a 4 in english Nottingham University for Mechanical engineering and they are asking for a 34 with a 6 in Math SL and 4 in English and my last uni, which I am kind of considering is Warwick for systems engineering and they want the same thing as Nottigham. I really have no idea which one to choose, the only thing that I can think of is that I didnt do as amazing as i thought i'd do in math so i could potentially get a 5, but I did amazing in all the rest. I really have no idea to choose and i keep getting mixed signals from everyone. Some ppl say UCL is bad at engineering, and some say that its good. Also, im leaning towards UCL and nottingham because im more interested in Civil and mechanical. Right now im thinking of putting UCL as my Firm and Notts and my insurance. If you can give me some guidance on this decision it would be appreciated also does anybody know if its possible to change courses once in the university?
  2. No, its true, universities have certain quotas which they must fill for international students. Its not just a rationalization
  3. hazemm

    UCL Applicants

    I submitted my application in early December and I got a reply at the beginning of February. They tend to take a long time.
  4. hazemm

    - Fishing Rods Type 2

    well I think i got it, it was very close to the power of 8, i just didnt consider the orgin. Also, in general, when discussing the implication of guides you should consider the orgin, and if your using regression to back up any of the function you found algebraically because it models the true nature of the situation, otherwise your model will not be useful when extending it to other values eg. adding guides.
  5. hazemm

    - Fishing Rods Type 2

    Hey guys, I'm at the last part of the task where it asks you to use your quadratic model to fit the new data regarding Marks 300 cm fishing rod. Guide number (from tip) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Distance from the tip (cm) 10 22 34 48 64 81 102 124 how can I change my function in order to make it fit the data better, so that I can explain how I did it. Cheers, Hazem
  6. hazemm

    - Fishing Rods Type 2

    I already found a quadratic function and cubic function, but there is a seperate question, which asks to find a polynomial, which passes through all the points. My math teacher says that a cubic and quadratic function do not as the R-squared value isn't one. Also, i think y=0 when x=0 because if there was a guide at the tip, lets number it zero, then its distance would be zero cm from the tip.
  7. hazemm

    - Fishing Rods Type 2

    Hey, I was the given the following points, . Guide number (from tip) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Distance from the tip (cm) 10 23 38 55 75 96 120 149 part of the task asks me to find a polynomial function, which passes through each point. I was thinking of using a polynomial function to the power of 8, this way when I use matrices in order to find the equation I take all points into account, which will give me the most accurate model. Is this right? or is there another polynomial which models the data better. Oh yea, before I forget, does anyone know what the function of guides are on a fishing rod. How does it affect the rod. Thanks
  8. hazemm

    EE physics criteria

    hey, does anybody know where I can find the subject specific criteria for writing an EE in physics? cheers
  9. hazemm

    scope and limits

    does anybody know the scope and limits of the general equation to find the tangent to a curve at the point(xo,yo) the equation is the following: y-yo=dy/dx(x-xo)
  10. The IA for math SL is really interesting. im currently in the middle of doing mine, and i feel like im Einstein or something hahahaha. but yea, math hl gives you an edge over other people if your applying to competitive course.
  11. well, i started testing a few days ago, the result are pretty good. i also recorded the resultant sound wave and used this computer program to analyze the wave and compare them, which will give me alot to take about when i begin writing the bulk of the essay. thanks for your help
  12. hazemm

    What is Math HL like?

    physics HL is a fairly hard class aswell. I wouldnt recommend you take both unless you enjoy both Maths and physics and are ready to put alot of work into both classes. Personally, i think physics is a more useful course, but thats because I enjoy the subject more than maths. do your research before you choose
  13. hazemm

    Math SL IA type1: parametric curves

    yea its right. you used chain rule right? thanks again man
  14. math sl's syllabus is something like 60% of math HL. We cover the same topics, but Hl go into depth. If your apply for business i dont think it really matters if u take math studies or math sl, but if ur applyin for econ it does. Also, if u think your resonably talented and enjoy mathematics you shouldn't take math studies in my opinion. the math covered in it is very elementary, while in SL you cover more interesting topic like calculus, vectors, and functions.
  15. hazemm

    Math SL IA type1: parametric curves

    would u happen to know how to differentiate y=±√(1-x ²) because i think im doing it wrong. thanks again bro

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