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  1. yazzie

    AFRICA...is calling...

    I think a very important issue in trying to help Africa is trying to find long term solutions; solutions that can strengthen the Africans and help them become more independent. It's like that saying about giving a poor man a fisher will feed him for a day but teaching him how to fish will feed him for the rest of his life. So basically I think its more important for us to help them by building schools, businesses, improving the infrastructure and other such things that will last a long time and will help the Africans much more. And unfortunately the economic problems going on right now are taking an even worse toll on Africa and hindering the efforts of helping cure the disease and poverty in Africa, because now that people do not have money whose going to give donations and aid Africa?
  2. yazzie

    Are I-B Students Elitist?

    I think its like that in most schools, as it is only natural as you spend more time with your fellow IB mates so obviosuly you'll be together more than you'll be with the non-IB students. its just normal that we'll be with our class mates than with people who aren't in our class... but i dont think it makes us elitist, others might think so but then sometimes IB students do think they are better than the others or smarter in a sense...
  3. yazzie

    ib higher art question

    When I started IB i hadn't taken art for 2 years and it was a bit of a problem in the beginning but you kind of get the hang of it. Well for us it was different because our teacher did not require us to draw and have detailed art works, she wanted us to have more creative and expressive artworks, accodring to her that is what IB want. So i guess it won't really be a problem, dont worry =)
  4. yazzie

    Photography and Computer Art

    I think it is better if you show a variety of different techniques and mediums. You can focus on one thing more than the others but what my teacher told me is that they want to see you try different and more extreme things.
  5. yazzie

    What's your theme?

    My theme is "The person behind the mask" =D
  6. yazzie

    I need advice, please! Visual Arts

    I don't think so, according to my teacher what they want to see is modern art, and modern art is rarely concerned with detailed and articulate pieces of art. I think its more about the ideas you have and how creatively you are able to portray with different materials and mediums and all. Of course technique is important but i think what they want to see is that you tried and you have imporved and it shows in your workbook and everything. Hope this helps! =)
  7. yazzie

    Quick Question?

    Ok so I've started writing my Extended Esay, which is titled "Language as a means of control in 1984" in English, and I realized that i forgot to ask whether or not i should like write a quick summary about the book, or should I just write my Extended Essay assuming the person whose going to read it knows what about the book and what im talking about and everything? I still can't believe I forgot to ask that! so if anyone can help that would be great! Thank you! =)
  8. yazzie

    Single gender classes

    well what i've heard is that girls tend to work better in a class of only girls where as guys tend to work better in co-ed classrooms. But once you go out there in the real world it isnt split up so i think its important to know how to deal in both environments.
  9. yazzie

    Start again?

    i wish i could do that with all my subjects lol. i mean if i knew then what i knew now i might not even have needed to take IB let alone have to word so damn hard lol =D
  10. yazzie

    Help with my Extended Essay

    from what i read around gere and heard and stuff is that it doesnt matter what subject you do it in as long as its an IB subject and your willing to do it in that subject, of course i would suggest having a teacher who will be your advisor, who should also teach that subject even if your not taking it, it would help, but if not at least settle for a teacher who can help somehow! =D
  11. yazzie

    Extended Essay

    ok so my extended essay is in visual art: and my topic question or whatever is: A comparison between women represented in Middle Eastern art and women represented in Western art. so anyone have any good advice or suggestions? i would be so grateful! =D
  12. the perfect solution: go to sleep =D lol or just not do my homework... =P
  13. yazzie

    The Music Thread

    yeah lol, whats your favorite song of theirs?
  14. yazzie

    Most exciting IB class

    oh the hilarious moments we share in school! one was this one time where a group of seniors went to where the big school overhead microphone is controlled and closed all the doors and put on music and everyone started to get up and dance, of course they got into trouble but it was funny =P another time was when our teacher didnt show up and we decided to escort ourselves out to the park and enjoy ourselves, of course once again we got in trouble but it was worth it =P we really did have fun =P oh and this one time we had a sub teacher and we made her life miserable! lol i think she retired after that! she would tell us to read something and we would translate it into any other language and continue to read as if it was totally normal... it was pretty funny =P lol and finally this one time in biology we caught our teacher ordering Starbucks so we begged her to order for us too and it was pretty cool we all got frapicchinos in class, and then we had to hide them before we left =( sadly i didnt get to finish mine =P
  15. yazzie

    The Music Thread

    yeah i would agree instrumental music is the best thing to listen to while studying cuz everything else distracts me and i find myself singing along instead of studying =P has anyone here heard of Outlandish? they have really good songs with meaning to them not the typical lost in love type of thing....

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