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  1. hk213

    bio exam

    one simple question.... I've been relying solely on my bio syllabus for studying and I thought there are so many other things that i've learned which aren't listed in the syllabus. So is it okay to just look at the syllabus and study ONLY the criteria that are listed?
  2. hk213

    stoichiometry lab

    Ok. So for my lab i used a given quantity of iron to react with excess copper(II) sulfate,which produces COPPER AND IRON SULFATE. For this lab, we are supposed to determine the percentage yield of copper and i got slightly over the theoretical yield Theoretical: 1.7g Cu Actual : 1.72g Cu How is this possible, i mean it isn't possible to produce more than the amount of reactants. It would make sense if the actual yield was less than the theoretical yield............. So i really need an explanation for this. And for this lab, what kind of things would be considered as limitations&errors??? (I used the decanting process to get the copper and dried it off for a day.)
  3. well i got my IA mark for bio today after my teacher submitted all the labs i did. So what would 44/48 be?????????? I really need a 7...................
  4. hk213

    font size for IA

    Hmm, as i was revising my lab, i was wondering if the font and the size mattered in Bio or Chem labs. Well, my lab isn't in the standard font fomat known as "times new roman" but i'm sure there won't be any trouble to read. I just got really scared because i thought i might get marks off for not being "formal"
  5. how did you do the proving part>????
  6. hk213

    My G4p Project got destroyed....

    yea our teachers mentioned that they usually submit picture proofs but journals area less used way of doing it
  7. hk213

    My G4p Project got destroyed....

    go bribe loken.//
  8. ok bascially this has an equilateral triangle ABC and is drawn and each segment divides the sidin the raio of 1:2 creating another equilateral triangl inside the big triangle.. Has anyone done this portfolio????? Plz give suggestions on how to approach this...
  9. hk213

    Dropping Out?

    just out of curiosity, the unis will not be able to look at your translated marks since IB results are in late contrast to the uni applications deadline in march. So bascially, don't they just look at your predicted marks and decided, not the translated????
  10. ok here is the question: The curve with equation y=ax^2+bx+c passes through the points P(2,6) and Q(3,16), and has a gradient of 7 at the point P. find the values of the constants a,b, and c. can anyone plz help me solve this question??? also it will be really appreiciated if all the steps are shown in the calculations. Thanks!!
  11. hk213

    Math help

    WEll this one inovlves studying the model of tennis. there are 3 parts to it but you have to use infinite geometric sequence to find the answer to part III after that, finding the odds is really easy.
  12. Thanks a lot you are so good
  13. i got that far 19000000000000000000000years ago....
  14. okay, i posted something like this a few weeks ago and this time, i actually finished the experiment. The lab had to do with the effect of sustrate concentration(hydrogen peroxide) on enzyme activity. In my case, the substrate was h2o2 and the enzyme was fresh liver which was blended. -> you can see the enzyme activity by testing the amount of oxygen produced. Here is the problem though... i predicted that the amount of oxygen produced will increase as the substrate concentration increase, but it turned out that the highest amount of oxygen was produced when the substrate concentration(h2o2) was around 7.5%. My concentrations were 30% , 15%, 7.5%, 3% and 0% Can anyone explain why this happened???? p.s) i conducted this 3 times for each concentration
  15. wow..... this investigation that i received today is due in 1 1/2 weeks from now and yet i don't have any clues on how to even start this thing. The investigation is about analyzing the relationship between certain probability distributions and the first part of it asks you to build a model. So its about two players playing Tennis and they play for 10 points- and one person wins about twice as many points as the other person. OK HERE COMES THE PART WHICH I'M COMPLETELY LOST. The instruction tells you to find an appropriate model for the distribution of X, the number of points won by the player who wins twice as many points. So what do you think about this??? what would be an appropriate model fro the distribution??? are there any limitations in terms of its validity???

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