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  1. B&M

    hey guys.. can someone please help me with the critical path anlysis?
  2. B&M

    Hey.. Can anyone give examples And solve the financial questions Please! I don't know ARR and payback Pleasee.. And even how to construct a decision tree for this case! Please.. Need help! I score super marks in non_financial part My section B goes fab! But my grade deteriorates due To section A and how to approach a financial question...!
  3. B&M

    Hey thanx a ton..! How was your paper..!? What were the non-financial questions too..?? Could you please guide me for the same!! I really need guidance for the financial notes "sources of finance" For this case! I always score good marks in non_financial question! But the ration analysis and the PnL sheet I just screw it up :'(
  4. B&M

    ? Define Marketing Objectives. Marketing objectives goals that the business tries to achieve through marketing. In the case of Reach their objectives are to expand regionally and to increase their consumer base through the sale of PECS cards and the provision of affordable therapy services. Other objectives include to increase market share, revenue and competitiveness. ? Describe potential pricing strategies that Reach Out could use to break into the PECs cards market? (4) Penetration Pricing, Psychological Pricing, Loss leader, Discounts and sales: Penetration Pricing: It is a useful pricing strategy; Reach Out could use in order to gain a foothold in the PECs Cards market. Penetration Pricing puts the price of a product at a low level in order to encourage consumer to pay. Low priced PECs Cards will encourage Autism hit families to buy them. Discounts and Sales: It is also a valuable pricing strategy that can be used by an enterprise. Discounts and Sales often mean a reduction in the standard price for particular groups of consumer. Reach Out can extend the Discounts and Sales strategy to include all possible consumers in its target market. This will also aid families with Autism in buying PECs Cards. ? Examine the advantages and disadvantages of firms like Reach Out to operate as a single brand in their market? Advantages: Messages can be communicated more easily and accurately to Reach Out’s consumers in its target market. This can help establish the firm’s brand image and the goodwill it requires from potential customers to expand. Therefore, this can have the effect of raising sales in the future. A single brand might also have the effect of increasing the brand’s quality image. This can give the impression of a more prestigious charity organization amongst its customers. This can augment/increase the levels of donations given to Reach Out. Single, unified brands also allow Reach Out to better differentiate its services from other charitable organization and gives it a unique selling point that which would increase sales.
  5. B&M

    Hey guys Someone please help me..!! I am very tensed about my paper.. Especially I really need a 7 in BM... Someone please guide me.. Sorry for the trouble! Thank you
  6. B&M

    hello people my exams are coming near I really need help in financial analysis especially for this case study..!!! Can someone let me know regarding the same...
  7. B&M

    hello guys may i know the financially based questions which could be asked. thanking you
  8. Hey all I am uploading the Case Study for Paper 1 We have to prepare ourselves on this thoroughly Even if you could suggest the questions which are likely to appear. PAPER 1 - case study 2011.pdf
  9. IA

    hey people I am new on this forum. I would be highly obliged if you all could help me out with my portfolio task-2 I mainly need help how to form graphs and the k,l and m parameter. thanking you all in advance. my deadline is 3rd January. anyone online ?? if anyone could help me as soon as possible! i would be highly obliged. i desperately need help because i am clueless as well as i am bad in maths IA i got a 6 in my terminals thought this task is very hard for me.. how should i begin?? :-(