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  1. Say to your friend "My nose is made of cheese. Disprove me." Then promptly ignore every single attempt at refutation.
  2. Keel's illustrated the flaws of empirical knowledge. Plato's definition is an easy one to use, but far from infallible. I would favour the Socratic dialectic form of knowledge, as it is independent of empiricism. This would limit Knowledge more or less to Logic and Mathematics. Having said that, I'm sure one can find exceptions. Even Socrates wasn't perfect. If you don't need a definition for practical purposes and are just wondering about personal philosophies though, I would argue that "Knowledge" in its vernacular definition doesn't really exist, and the only veritable piece of fact one can hold is of the existence of one's own mind.
  3. Your friend's trying to have a good chuckle. In reality, he/she isn't even discussing logic, but rather semantics. The word "animals" is used in the adjective form, not the noun. Therefore, the ability of "Cats" and "Dogs" to share a single similar quality does not make them identical entities, and the rest of the statement does not logically follow. To illustrate the fallacy, simply replace the word "animals" in that phrase with the word "red." If your friend insists that this is deductive logic though, then he/she still has not presented a valid argument; see Sandwich's response =P
  4. Not having history might make some first year Poli Sci courses a little difficult, but it's one of those subjects that can easily be studied on one's own anyways. I haven't taken IB Economics, but you might even consider replacing it for History, if the IB curriculum is on the shallower side in terms of macroeconomics.
  5. That's really after you get the grades though >_> ECs become the deciding factor once you're down to a pool of applicants that are all +93%. There's no point in "botch"ing up Year 1. If you haven't been setting yourself for ECs beginning in Grade 7/8 (age 13/14) then you're going to be shooting blanks against unis like Harvard with their 6.9% acceptance rate.
  6. There really aren't any course selection "templates" for most programs, not in the sense that one must take courses X Y and Z in order to succeed. My only recommendation would be to contemplate substituting German for History, but if you plan to focus on European diplomacy then you still might be better served with the language.
  7. Got some great names in there ^^ My "favourite"s in terms of music change pretty often. -Animal Collective -Beach House -Beirut -Grizzly Bear -The Knife -Neon Indian -Panda Bear -Peaking Lights -Sleep ∞ Over -Toro y Moi And just discovered WU LYF earlier today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QWxviSD79c
  8. Passing out's just plain dangerous. Barfing's probably the way to go, even if it's embarrassing. Chances are you won't be the only one that night anyways. To be honest though, I've been there, and for me personally it's just more fun to not go that far in the first place.
  9. Something like that. What do you think? Does 8-3-11 sound like a promo ARG for a film? Just a "regular" ARG? Or something else?
  10. Haha, I wish For some reason I couldn't seem to make both IB and avid gaming work. I actually knew about ARGs from The Dark Knight, and I saw the term pop up a few times on the forums that Desy linked. I'm probably closer to you HGBellamy; I'm pretty sure we talked about IB Film in a previous thread a while back.
  11. Most likely. Half of the stunts turn out to be really funny! Somebody who was so desperate to be catwoman went around wearing the suit, got surgery and stuff and the role went to Halle Berry! I feel sorry for the woman, though Considering the eviscerating reviews that box-office bomb got, I would save your sympathies for Halle Berry.
  12. Desy, you underestimate how old my phone is ;p Theories aside, it still looks to me like an ARG, although I don't know if they're always this vague. But the mystery element, the real-world recruitment of both players and admin, and the constructed cipher/language screams game to me.
  13. Travelling ^-^ Which for now I still hold of higher importance than 8-3-11
  14. I feel like there's too much effort to just be trolling, though it is the internet. I'm sure you saw all through that in your few seconds on the site though. Most likely it's an ARG.
  15. You should send an email to the gmail address that the unifiction person found with his/her WHOIS search and ask. Btw, now you've got me interested in this, and I likely won't have internet access on the 3rd. =(
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