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  1. Pola

    IB in Germany.

    Hi guys, Just adding to this thread as I want to apply for medicine in Germany myself. I got 36 points which gives me a "Durchschnittsnote" of a 2,0, according to their (unfair in my opinion...) translation of our IB marks. Seems like it's not good enough to get in to medicine (eg. at Charite - min. 1,6 / 1,7 in the past years (http://www.charite.de/fileadmin/user_upload/portal/studium/bewerbung/C210-D_Ergebnisse_im_AdH_1.0.pdf) Is there anyone who could possibly advise how improving the IB Diploma grade works, after having passed the exams (in 2012)? If I did one or two additional subjects now, having completed the IB already, would that "add up" to my 36 points? Say, 36+ 6, so 42...? Theoretically, with this "IB-Gesamtpunktzahl" that would give me the average Durchschnittsnote N of exactly 1,0....which would be PERFECT. Can this be true? Has anyone had any experiences with taking additional exams after their "official" ones? I would be so grateful for any help! Just for the info... "Die offizielle Formel für die Übertragung der IB-Punktzahlen in das deutsche Notensystem lautet: mit N = Durchschnittsnote, P = IB-Gesamtpunktzahl, Pmax = 42 Punkte (IB-Gesamtpunktzahl ohne Zusatzpunkte), Pmin = 24 Punkte (kleinstmögliche IB-Gesamtpunktzahl zum Bestehen) und N = 1,0 (für 42 < P < 45)." Thanks, Pola
  2. Hey guys:) I'm writing my Maths Studies Internal Assessment and I was wondering whether all the tables, charts, or graphs should be included in the word count.. Anyone knows?
  3. Pola

    What is the point of TOK?

    I was wondering - can you fail TOK and still pass the whole IB??? Anyone knows?
  4. Pola

    Interview the person below you

    No. What impresses you most?
  5. Pola


    I have a question to you guys, regarding plagiarism.. I'm Polish and I have used a few Polish books for my Extended Essay, in psych... I was wondering if it would be plagiarism when I translate one or two sentences exactly how they are written in Polish to English? :/ I footnote everything, of course...

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