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  3. banned because now im wishing for oreo cheesecake
  4. banned because i'd rather have cheesecake
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  6. whats wrong if im from Zimbabwe? lol banned because now you have made me hungry as well
  7. banned for having an awesome name
  8. Hey there! Okay your question doesn't sound very business-y (if you get what I mean?) Why not change it around? Instead of saying "Now that Company XYZ changed the factory location, how would be affected their financial capital?" Maybe say "How would Company XYZ's financial capital be affected by the change of location" (?) Like how adhamhussein said, you need to think of something your Sister's company is going through and try to solve that problem. If they're thinking of moving? Then great! You have a good topic. But you shouldn't forget that the company will go through other problems as well if they decide to more. Maybe you could look into that as well. Don't forget your topic shouldn't be too narrow that you won't be able to reach 1500 words and that your topic isn't too broad that you can't properly cover all the topics in your 1500 word essay. A SWOT would be good...but also don't forget all the Financial analysis that needs to be done as well. A survey of the different areas would be good to figure out which area would have had the more customers and consumers (as this is the main source of finance). Good Luck! P.S. Since you say you're not so good in business ----> If your strongest topic is Finance? By all means go for it. But if you have a topic you are much stronger in and understand better, try to look into that for your essay. (just a lil friendly advice)
  9. I would say the recent score would be the one that would appear in your diploma or certificate. I'm not entirely sure about this, but it may be best if you clear your concerns with your supervisor.
  10. Hi, thanks for your help, that really helped. For the art, do you think that it will be better to look at traditional korean artworks and get my ideas from them? No Problem Glad I could help. Don't just focus on one aspect of Korean Art. Look at traditional, but look at modern as well. Keep in mind the techniques the artists used and from there you can really experiment with them in your IWB (IB loooooves experimentation, as much as they love culture). Maybe you could up liking a technique from the traditional art, but somehow translate it into a modern artwork or vice versa. Here's a little tip that helped me. Try to find inspiration from little things and expand that into a studio piece. For example, a blade of grass or the reflection of coloured glass on a wall or even the texture of bricks, could inspire you to do instillation pieces or sculptures. Good Luck!
  11. Hi there! Okay so it's not important to have a theme, but its better to have one so your work is linked so each other somehow. Since you're trying to incorporate your culture (being Korean but living in Australia) Why don't you make a mix of both? Take a look at an artist called Yinka Shonibare. He should give you a few ideas. I'd say make a garment. It would be the best way to incorporate fashion and culture in one piece. For example, you could make a traditional Korean dress (with a modern twist of course since its fashion we're talking about) but use aboriginal materials. Now for Art, i suggest you look at a couple of Korean artists and brainstorm studio pieces from there. Remember: You have to plan everything in your IWB first before you make the piece. It also helps you make the piece quicker as you'll know what you'll be doing already. I do have some advice to you though. Since you started the IB late, it would make more sense to take HL Visual Arts at SL since HL is very time-consuming and not as easy as it looks. You need a minimum of 18 pieces...you need to remember this. Think hard about it, there may still be some time to change another subject to HL and Visual Arts to SL. If you choose to remain with HL, you'll need to work hard and quick to catch up. Good Luck!
  12. Hi there! No, that's definitely not part of the IB Visual Arts exams :/ So it really is your teachers preference...you're supposed to research the history yourself and comment on it in your IWB. Your teacher is weird and unusually cruel for making you guys take this exam :/ All I can say is...GOOD LUCK for those exams
  13. You really should rely on your primary research heavily rather than on secondary data. I think you may need to speak to your teacher and/or supervisor on this one mate. You need to talk to him/her about this secondary data. For some reason I feel as if you shouldn't really rely on other peoples data because it may be biased and to the examiner it might seem as if you were lazy to come up with your own data :/ But that's just my opinion.
  14. Dude, do you ever try Google?! Sometimes you should try that out you know (it's known to help 99.99999% of the time) Also, have you looked through the threads in the TOK forum? Read through this thread please if you haven't yet---> http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/290-introduction-to-tok-bits-of-tok-wisdom-advice/ It will give you a good idea about TOK. I found this from using Google: (from theoryofknowledgestudent.com) "A knowledge issue is a question concerning knowledge where there are at least two plausible alternatives. They can include real life situations, “I am driving in my car when I arrive at a toll booth. There are two booths. One has a long queue of traffic, the other booth is empty. Should I join the queue or go to the empty booth? How do I know?” KI’s can also be more abstract, “How can we know if all our actions are freely chosen?” Or, “How is the knowledge we have in maths and science related to our own cultural paradigm?” Here are examples of KI’s from various areas of knowledge. In art, “How do we know what constitutes good art?” or in ethics, “Can we use reason to justified making judgements about another culture’s ethics?” or, “When making judgements about what’s right and wrong, should we rely more on reason or emotion?” KI’s are also relevant to ways of knowing. In language, “Is it justified to claim that our thoughts are determined by our language?” or, “In one or two areas of knowledge, how far does our language describe the world or express our feelings about it?” Considering perception, “How far is our knowledge of the world limited by our sense perception?” Or considering reason, “Is reason the most reliable route to knowledge in the natural sciences and the human sciences?”" The US school shootings is a good one to do, but you're gonna have to really think about the KI's concerning that because right now, all I can think of are the ethical issues. What other current issue were you thinking of looking at?
  15. I see you're from Singapore...don't you write O'Levels? You're supposed to know how to write one for those exams. However, we can still help if you're lost A commentary is more or less an analysis of the text (either a poem, extract from a novel/play, or short story). Check out this forum ---> http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/9486-tips-for-writing-a1-essays-paper-1-paper-2-and-wl1/ It should give you enough to know how to write one. Also, have you tried Google? You should. It has lots of helpful and useful tips. BUT, since i'm in a good mood today..I found you a link. http://academicslavery.blogspot.com/2010/08/how-to-write-commentary.html It's just to get you started Good Luck!
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