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  1. CellarDoor

    November 2009

    So, who will be taking the November 2009 session of the exams?
  2. CellarDoor


    The IB "strongly reccommends" that the designs be done under exam conditions, so as to avoid copying and similar experiments amongst students from the same group. However, how do you do it at your schools? For chemistry, my teacher allows us to research around the topic and even write out our design, but we have to write the real thing out during class time without any access to notes. I was wondering if any of you are given the topic only on the day or if anyone is allowed to do it at home?
  3. I read the book in Portuguese which is, of course, a lot more similar to the original than an English translation, linguistically and culturally. I have to say that this is my favourite book. It surpassed in quality and greatness any othe book I have ever read, and the beauty of it makes me shiver. But I understand this book isn't for everyone. Some people like Harry Potters and whatever keeps them turning pages without having to think about what happened so long ago in the story. But to all of you who might not be mature enough as a reader to take this one right now, I suggest you do so in the future. Just don't die without having read this.
  4. CellarDoor

    To those who have read House of the Spirits

    I read this in portuguese, but isn't it quite obvious? The entire book is about the significance of supernatural events. Tink about the points of view of the narrators? That's an essa you can write A LOT about.
  5. CellarDoor

    IA Type 2 - Viral Illness One

    Think about it. How is the drug entering the body?
  6. CellarDoor

    IA Type 2 - Viral Illness One

    You can write this entire portfolio without using calculus once. Try looking for another graph which can also model the situation, maybe using another base...
  7. CellarDoor

    Portfolio Type 1 -- Parabola Investigation

    Guys, This is the easiest Type 1 portfolio there is this year. It is not as complicated as it seems. All you have to do is play around with the numbers you have, try to relate to other things you know about quadratics... and if you get something that is not true to your conjecture (such as D=0), then it probably is not right. You have to gid deeper into the problem, live it, or else, Maths HL may not be for you.
  8. CellarDoor

    Telling Lies

    This topic arose during my ToK lesson today an let's say it lit up quite a fire. It left me intrigued concerning mainly the ethics behind this question. Immanuel Kant has written that lying is always wrong, even if a lie would bring out the best consequences. At first, I didn't agree, but then it occured to me that the second half of the sentence was pure speculation: you can not know the 'otherwise' effects. I can think of many examples where lying might be useful and where it is in our daily lives, such as Santa Claus, a doctor teeling a patient he has a chance to live when he has a very slim chance, placeboes, white lies... I'd like to hear some more opinions!
  9. CellarDoor

    First person

    Hey guys, may I write using first person on my EE? My supervisor told me to explain how I became motivated and decided to study the topic in my abstract, and I cannot think of any possible way of writing that without using "me" or "I". It currently reads: "The motivation for this study came to me during a visit to an exhibition on da Vinci. (...) I then resolved to study the effects of (...)" etc. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  10. How would you tackle the following prescribed ToK title? "When should we trust our senses to give us truth?" I'm quite stuck with what examples should be used. I'm a scientific kind of person and can only think of examples in the areas of chemistry and physics. Which other examples could I use? Presently, I believe that our senses will always give us truth, but I am also having trouble in finding counter-claims. I'm not sure how to start the essay and I'm also afraid I will end up answering whether we should use our senses, instead of when. How can I avoid this slip? I would appreciate any help. Thanks
  11. CellarDoor

    ToK teachers

    I like my ToK teacher. She is a history teacher, so she has a very broad and mostly unbiased view on the topics. The only problem is that she is quite old, so the class is usually a havoc.
  12. Some areas of CAS are really confusing. In my school, planning hours count towards CAS, which is why if you're involved in a play you automatically earn a zillion hours from rehearsals, which count towards creativity. The actual performance you can choose between creativity and service (as long as you aren't being paid for it). Service hours, too. Is service only charity work? Helping out younger students, visiting orphanages and blind homes? If a teacher asks you do prepare a powerpoint so that he can use in his presentation for a class, really it is a favour. In my school this does not count.
  13. CellarDoor

    What qualifies for the C of CAS?

    CAS is not supposed to be for yourself. Who are you benefitting by learning to drive? I htink only yourself, unless you have a specific purpose such as to drive poor people to voting booths. Just an idea. In my school, people were wanting to know whether gym classes were CAS. Depending on how the students answered the CAS teacher his question "Why do you go to Gym" he allowed them or not to count the hours.
  14. I particularly loved my experiences with visiting an orphanage for my service. Even after my hours have completed, I persist on going there every week to teach the children maths and theatre.
  15. CellarDoor

    Math HL Revision

    First of all, you can't get enough problems to revise fully. What I'd reccomend is that you take those really hairy problems, that teachers usually give when the topic is finished and do them again, because they tend to cover all areas of the topic plus logic, which you can't train enough. Good luck!

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