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  1. r a i n b o w stardust

    All matters regarding Diploma vs Certificates

    I am in a similar situation. I would love to just quit now but I'm not sure if that'll look bad to universities. I hated math, am having troubles with english, will definately struggle in french HL, and next year the geography class I was looking forward to got cancelled. In place I have to take ITGS and I have no interest in it. I don't know what to do =S Have you considered re-taking the exam?
  2. r a i n b o w stardust

    Art exam- question about peices

    My teacher didn't explain mark bands so I'm confused about what it has to do with the final mark. But according to last years grade boundaries a 15 is on the low end of a 6. I'd be so happy with that kind of mark!! Thanks for the replies. I have 3 poorly done peices (level 4's) and am going to have 6 more to add hopefully (prob going to get 5's). At this point I can't create any more than that because we're taking pics for our CRBs in two days >_<
  3. r a i n b o w stardust

    Art exam- question about peices

    I'm scared coz I only have half of my peices complete but excited that art will be OVER soon. All my previous peices really suck. But I tried my best on each and every one of them. Should I redo all the older peices and improve them? Or should I leave them as they are to have evidence of development? You can see my development just by reading my IWB but I need to know what will achieve the higher mark.
  4. r a i n b o w stardust

    IWB investigation help!

    Haha, for me it's the reverse. I've nailed down my IWB work to a 7 but my Studio is still at a steady 4 =( For IWB I follow these steps (I'm in SLA): -find inspiration from daily life/dreams/other art related to theme -brainstorm your thoughts on ideas and do some research on the specific topic -look for art/artists that you can incorporate- you have to have your peice connected in some way with other art, whether it is a style, technique, or the way they represented your topic. you should write a mini-critique on artwork you've collected -experiment with the art style/technique/medium you plan to use -plan out the composition on a few pages (look at elements and principles of art to help) -write a reflection on the entire process and on how you plan on improving This ends up taking 15-20 pages per peice for me. Additional tips: Record any frustrations and achievements. This will help show development ^^ Never rip out pages Do research here and there on art styles, your theme in general, art from different cultures, etc. The tips may or may not help you. But my teacher is recently marking my IWB as 7's and this is just what I do.
  5. r a i n b o w stardust

    exam schedules

    They're finally here! >_< http://www.ibo.org/documentlibrary/examinationschedules/documents/MayandNovember2011examinationschedulesEnglish.pdf I dont see too many changes from the 2010 schedule.
  6. r a i n b o w stardust

    How to get a 7 in Art

    Anything could work as a theme but it's important that you are able to find personal inspiration for it so that you can connect your ideas personally. Also you should try to incorporate cultural issues into the peices you do. Might be a bit tricky to come up with ideas but you could do something related to technology or media, etc. and have architecture as a common thread in your pieces. Go for it- as long as you feel you can cover all criteria =) EDIT- "this was helpful, i would really reccomend reflecting and experimenting alot in your workbook, lets face it your IWB can make or break your score. Pieces are just as important but if they are thought provoking and can be backed up it shows how much oyu cared and how much effort was put forth. Also its quality not quantity as well. You make sure you do what you do as best as you can do it" I totally agree with the first bit there but I heard that it's best to have the max number of peices over quality. My sources are probably not reliable though
  7. r a i n b o w stardust

    Visual Arts EE- Some questions

    I can't afford to waste anymore time and my mentor is being a bit slow with helping me. Is a EE on film ok for visual arts? I want to look at how a particular director makes use of a particular art style in his films. I'm not sure if I'll find enough still shots online to put in my EE- because a VA EE requires use of visual references right? If you've done an art EE what was your topic? And... Is it best to pick a topic that is not well known (for me there are NO books but I could base all research on personal opinion and interviews) or a topic that is well known (I don't think it's overdone though)?
  8. r a i n b o w stardust

    Math SL- Can I still get a 7?

    Ok, thank-you for that. And I'll keep my posts together in the future You're right, I think I am behaving too sensitively about this. I've kept thinking I'm the worst at math because of all my results but alot of students in my class are on the same level as me. My teacher is making sl math harder than it should be. I'll try to keep positive and do my best with the rest of the course =)
  9. r a i n b o w stardust

    Math SL- Can I still get a 7?

    Thanks everyone, your words are truly comforting ^^ We finished the first IA within 2-3 months of starting the course. My teacher is insane... and unfortunately we only do 2 IA's so this one does put me at a disadvantage doesn't it? I just figured out that the marks we get on the course get 'boosted up'- the mark boundaries are generous. Like a final mark of 70% would be a level 6 which is in turn a 90%. Awesome news for me!! We only do 1 per type =( Are you certain of this? Do they really average the scores? I thought each IA was marked out of 20, both marks added, and that gives you your final IA mark..... =/ Say I literally failed the first one, I can still achieve that level 7? My teacher told me to aim for a 6 D;
  10. r a i n b o w stardust

    Math SL- Can I still get a 7?

    So I think I've failed my first IA, do I still have a chance of getting a level 7 in this course? Can anyone explain what I'll need in my next IA and exam to get a 6/7?
  11. r a i n b o w stardust

    DP Class of May 2011

    Not too many of us here. -Present =)
  12. r a i n b o w stardust

    [VA] "hardworking" & "talent" - which one is more important?

    I'm one of the most talented in my art class but I recently realized I was lacking personal thought in my work. I always had a feeling it just wasn't right but it never occured to me I was actually lacking something. To me art was just taking a pencil (or whatever) and creating. No thought process. But you must must must have personal inspiration. Create the art for yourself, draw your inspiration from your life, make art that is meaningful to you and expresses what you want to say to the world. Sorry but I just had to add that in since you're asking what's important for art. Most of us work hard anyways and it is definately important to in any course but art requires more than just that. You need to work hard, have personal inspiration, and be creative. I assume you're talking about drawing skills as talent. That's honestly just an asset. And even if you think you don't have any talent there are so many art forms to explore- photography, wire sculptures, abstract... Exploring and finding what works best for you is part of this course, it counts as personal development (I think). If you realize maybe pastel doesn't work for you (because of drawing skills maybe) then go with something else. Time is limited and you won't be able to develop any new skills so soon anyways. But the examiner will want to see your development so make sure it is evident through your sketchbook and works. Just my opinions and as I'm in the middle of my course it might not be completely helpful.
  13. r a i n b o w stardust

    Fastest and easiest art medias to work with?

    I tend to enjoy the research aspect much more and I'd rather spend more time on that. On top of that, I don't have much time until my exams this April (or is it May?) and I still haven't got a single peice I'd like to include in my final exam. If I want to get efficient work done I'll have to consider using the easiest mediums/medias to work with. Things like clay and paints would probably be too time consuming. Just some opinions would be nice...
  14. r a i n b o w stardust


    I have no time either. I'm failing math and feel like I can't get anywhere with any of my subjects. Math portfolio is due soon too. FML.
  15. r a i n b o w stardust


    No problem. That depends on whether you chose HL option A or B. According to the syllabus you should have 12-18 for option A and 8-12 for option B.

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