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  1. Simple answer, don't. Just don't do anything that stupid.
  2. Walking Lamborghini or Aston martin?
  3. LOST - "Australia is as close as you can get to hell without getting burned" - Christian Shepard.
  4. 1. VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY TRUE!!!!! 2. This is true for large colleges (as in large population) but for smaller colleges, it NOT true at all 3. How did bush get into Yale???
  5. ^^ I wonder what school is that... Personally, I would have burned those books/folders
  6. I loved that VIP subforum.... Also, the math HL notes by aboo was fantastic, along side with deus's psych notes, which I used last year. This IB crap is finally over...
  7. For sequences and series, they asked a question about lagrange something... We never learned that in class. So, I copied that formula off the data booklet and "emphasized" that is the lagrange formula... I think I can probably muster up a 5 after my failure from paper 2
  8. I never understood those redox and organic crap... sn1, sn2, nucleophic... they are all plain BS to me... For paper 3, I did option A and D.... for us, paper 3 started at 10AM. I crammed environmental chemistry the night before, and next morning, I got up at 7:30 to cram Medicine/Drugs... (our teacher never talk about those in class... we get handouts to read and stuff...) and I think I did OK on paper 3...
  9. TZ1 for me. paper 2 was insane.... Since this is the first time IB did the calc/non-calc parts, would it be a sign that there will be a larger mark boundaries??? In my class, half of the morons thought paper 2 was easier than paper one.... the other half of the class, including me, cussed the **** out of them...
  10. Paper 1 was alright... paper 2 on that other hand..... hummm i dunno... no comment on paper 2 from me YET....
  11. HL: I did the prose passage Voyage to Venus by C.S. Lewis. I found the poem to be highly confusing. I read it once, and i was like, **** that **** For prose, i talked about the characterisation of the protagonist. The way he is running toward the cottage was like he is running AWAY from something. Also, motif of madness and horror..... so, for me, 1 paper down, 9 more to go...
  12. I would never buy dell!!!!!......!!!!!! The reason is that their computers are hardly customizable. The Demension E310 I bought a years ago taught me this lesson. That computer doesn't even have a PCI Express x16 slot. Currently, I'm running on Acer Aspire M1610. I bought it during thanksgiving for like 200 bucks and I love it. In terms of OS, I am dual booting Vista Ultimate and Ubuntu 7.10. My ubuntu experience hasn't been so great as I'm having trouble getting internet working on Ubuntu desktop. Vista is great! so people need to stop bashing it.
  13. if you have relationships or connections, talk to your teachers into changing your grades
  14. does anyone here have the password or is Mr. Nick planning to have the entire site to himself?

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