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  1. Is anyone else who just finished IB in may (and got results today) going to university in Australia in 2010? Just wondering how the 2010 IB to UAC converter and wondering about applying to dorm accomidation
  2. could anyone tell me the main themes in death of a salesman. I checked sparknotes already but the only one they show which actually seems to have some significance is the American dream, do you know any others that you could support with relevant evidence? thanks
  3. hi guys just a question on the paper 2 exam for english HL. I have just been looking over some past paper questions (in preparation for the final IB exams 2009). Our class studied drama for the exams, but i noticed that there are "general questions on literature" which no one (at least in my school) has ever said a word about. Maybe its just paranoia coming into the final exams but I was wandering if there is any disadvantage to answering these questions? Do the examiners look at it negatively, could someone please tell me a bit about them because I really haven't got a clue Thanks
  4. luk3tm

    normal distribution

    for the final maths SL exam (in just over 1 week or watever) do we have to memorize the 68.3-95.4-99.7 rule or can we just know it as the 68-95-99.7 rule, how much accuracy do we need to know this to cuz its not in the data booklet thanks
  5. luk3tm

    question on logarithms

    just been doing some revision for the final exams and wondering about these questions on logarithms solve for x: log4 x^3 + log2 x^(1/2) =8 (the answer in the back of the book is apparently 16 but im not sure why) similar question: log 16 x^5=log64 125 -log 4 X^(1/2) note that the numbers closest to the log should be in subscript its maths SL btw if you need to know
  6. luk3tm

    physics paper 1 question

    is the data booklet allowed for paper 1 becuz im pretty sure calculator is not
  7. luk3tm

    Study leave

    how long study leave do guys get for the may 2009 exams when does it start?
  8. luk3tm

    [SL]Mathematics Help

    I have merged all the topics with questions on MATH SL into this.-Maha Hi im doing math SL and recently we have covered the second derivitaive in finding stationary points after already being able to do the same thing without the second derivative More specifically, we found whether the points where maximum or minimum or points of inflection by plugging in numbers (ie if both sides are negative then it is an inflection, if one side is positive and the next negative then it is a maximum) After this we learnt that if the second derivative < 0 then the point is a maximum and >0 it is a minimum. I was just wondering, what is the point in learning this if we can just the first method without the second derivative to find maximums, minimums and points of inflection it just seems like a bit of a waste of time.... can anyone explain? Is it just to check or something?
  9. because my book is from 2004 and just wanted to know the main things i have to ommit or learn from somewhere else... So anyone know the main differences? looking over the sylabus there does not seem to be many
  10. I'm going to australia for university and i was just wondering how IB Math SL compares with HSC mathematics. I know that it is at least harder than general HSC (formely, 2 unit) and probably just as hard as math extension 1 (3 unit). I have looked at the sylabus of all three courses and the main differences i could see is that 2 unit math does not to binomials and some of the statistics that we do. Is there any other differences? Does anyone else know the if Math SL is harder than extension 1 mathematics?
  11. luk3tm

    Study Methods?

    I generally focus on my Internal Assessments and only do stuff that helps my understanding if I have way to much work. In this case, there will always be sometimes where you might have to go the late night. Otherwise, I try to minimize the time i spend procrastinating by giving myself a goal to work towards then rewarding myself for achieving it. Try to think about everything that you do in your average day and think where you waste time and try to minimize this as much as possible.
  12. luk3tm

    Countdown to May 2009 Exams

    What is school based sylabuses?
  13. luk3tm

    A1 self-taught

    Is A1-self taught the same the exam as just A1? For example, if I took self-taught German and German A1 in a school where it was offered would the exam be the same and, moreover, would it be graded the same?
  14. luk3tm

    IA: Are Quantitative Results a must?

    ummm well as uve already carried out the experiment it cant be design...It could be assesed under data collection and processing as well as conclusion and evaluation..
  15. luk3tm

    French SL or HL

    Depends on your ability in french. Take some sort of external exam like IGCSEs to get some sort of gauge on how good you are. Personally, I am doing French B SL and find that challenging enough but I know lots of people that take French B HL but they have some sort of french background

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