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  1. cokesandcokes

    Russian Revolution Terms

  2. cokesandcokes

    German Ludendorff Offensive

  3. cokesandcokes

    McGill Arts & Science Program

    Hmmm quick question. A friend of mine was waitlisted and confirmed his name on the waiting list. Anyone have an idea when they'll get back to him? If he doesn't get in he'll go to another uni that's already accepted him, but he wants to know how long he'll have to wait before they give him an answer (he hopes it'll be before the deadline for replying to the other uni passes). I, on the other hand, still have a big fat DECISION PENDING on my application status page Why's it taking so long ahhh
  4. cokesandcokes


    Hmm...like Ashika, our IB coordinator ran everything (ToK Essay, EE, WLs) through turnitin.com before mailing the stuff to IB. As far as I know IB doesn't receive soft copies of your work, so if the IB catches you plagiarizing then I assume it's because the examiner was suspicious and decided to check.
  5. cokesandcokes

    Tech help? - Word 2007

    If you can actually see the Word 2007 icon anywhere, try right-clicking and clicking on Run as administrator...it worked when I had the same problem with Photoshop..if not, I'll dig around some more..
  6. cokesandcokes


  7. cokesandcokes


    Interesting. I'm just curious to read these 'sexist' ahadith so if it's in your capacity, I'd appreciate it if you refer me to them
  8. cokesandcokes

    Bio Study Guide or Course Companion

    I went ahead and bought both this past summer. The course companion is helpful in that it gives data-based questions, which I would not be able to access elsewhere. Otherwise, the study guide would be your best choice; it summarizes everything you need to know in about a page or so haha.
  9. cokesandcokes

    history ia on free speech or early hippie movement

    [url="http://lib.berkeley.edu/MRC/pacificafsm.html"]UC Berkeley Social Activism Sound Recording Project: FSM[/url] [url="http://www.fsm-a.org/"]Free Speech Movement Archives[/url] [url="http://bancroft.berkeley.edu/FSM/"]UC Berkeley FSM Digital Archive[/url] [url="http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/mariosaviosproulhallsitin.htm"]Sproul Hall: Mario Savio Speech, Sit-in[/url] Hope this helps, if you haven't already found these..
  10. cokesandcokes

    Watching Movies for CAS

    My English teacher offered to discuss and critique V for Vendetta with us for creativity hours, and my CAS coordinator approved. I'm not sure, however, that just watching the movie should/will count. I know this isn't exactly a suggestion, but I thought I'd give you a heads up...
  11. cokesandcokes


    We've to have at least four different activities under each category, but there are no combo requirements. But everyone I know who has to combine two or more elements of CAS usually does that as part of a school-organized project because they make it easy for them to meet the requirements.
  12. cokesandcokes

    Math SL or Studies

    My IBC would NOT let me take Studies because I'd taken precalculus in 10th grade (note: I must say I bombed the class but she went, "psssht, must've been a big misunderstanding." Yeah, I misunderstood my way into failure ) Some universities recognize Studies, but others don't. I'm planning on a polsci major and, like you, thought that SL would be useless; I decided against it because a) I thought I might regret it and b) MY IBC WOULDN'T LET ME. I keep thinking: what if the only difference between me and someone else is that s/he took math SL? But that shouldn't make a difference with majors like IR/polsci, so I guess it shouldn't hinder your chances of acceptance.
  13. cokesandcokes

    Does tutoring classmates count as service?

    Have you asked him? If he doesn't approve then I'm afraid you can't count those hours. I don't see why he wouldn't though...
  14. cokesandcokes

    Does tutoring classmates count as service?

    Again, depends on your coordinator. Mine would accept it as long as a) it's 30 mins or more and b) you are supervised.

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