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  1. doin´ it now... got points 1 and 2 done.. missin 3 and 4....
  2. kikoko

    math EE

    well... i ve been thinking about my math EE and I feel somewhat like an idiot, cause, i dunno how to explain it,.... its easy to do and hard to do at the same time, so i was wondering how viable is it its more focused on the possibility of the flattening the surface of a sphere without any distortions...
  3. kikoko

    Enthalpy Change

    Could anyone explain the formula for enthalpy change, because my chemistry teacher has us really confused, we even noticed that shes just understanding what she is explaining when she does the explaining, but I got some info from the net so I just wanted to know if someone could check it for me Enthalpy change= enthalpy of products - enthalpy of reactants the enthalpy energies are supposed to be negative or positive? And is there any relation here with the enthalpy diagrams? thanks
  4. Hmm... according to my CAS teacher,everything is CAS, he even accepted when you take music classes, language classes, gym classes, because somewhere I read says that if you learn a new skill or something like that, it is CAS... though... I dont know how to drive yet.....

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