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  1. i recommend study guides because they are usually in dot points and the diagrams are very clear.. however if you want detailed examples try course companions as they give lots of examples that relates to real life. However course companions do not help you study in the last minute becuz their format is kind of annoying
  2. there are already specimen papers 2009 that you can buy in the IBO website though..
  3. Hi! does anyone have the same option as mine on Physics HL. I have a quiz tomorrow and still don't have a clue on some of the stuff there.. I heard its a new option so it would really be great if anyone could provide me with some example questions or even notes on this stuff... Thx in advanced
  4. Hi! im also doing my essay on this topic. try http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qi...18214431AAKnZA9 Im thinking of the structure that makes a pile of bricks a house or the "cement". Are there any good examples of how "structure" helps support an accumulation of facts into science.. thx in advanced
  5. hply crapp 7! niceee... im having my exams in 3 dayssss T_T omg and its on the same day as chemistry T_T I dont recommend using past papers to study although they do give a lot of idea on how the IB evaluates your understanding. But don't rely fully on them.
  6. maths IA isn't an essay, even i write in bullet points and still get very high marks. I dont think any introduction is needed because they already know what we're doing because there's already the guiding questions n stuff. But its not incorrect to write an introduction. good luck =]
  7. the main reason they wont show the predicted grades according to my IB coordinator is because if we know a certain subject we "think" deserves more points, we will beg the teacher of the subject by bragging and doing any other possible way to convince teachers to change them. This makes the PG inaccurate somehow
  8. public is usually cheaper and has a huge student body
  9. on my chem EE days... every single school day now... once a week? depends... physics lab/bio lab/chem lab?
  10. M-A-N-I-P-U-L-A-T-E besides there's this thing assessed called "manipulative skills"
  11. what's the topic for your group 4? is it about "green" again --"
  12. Our topic was going green and i guess it was easier than "green schools". ~_~ schools? srsly.. For our topic, "green" can literally mean "green" and thats why i chose a topic on chlorophyll at this point i dont really have any good ideas. Probably plant green plants in your school so your school will look green ~_~
  13. wait.. isnt the IA a group thingi? and im also taking double science but they said the topic does NOT have to have ALL the subjects correlating with it.
  14. babakren

    Physics Options

    my school forces me to do the options i'm least interested in T_T :medical physics & optics I really wanted relativity and particle physics since its way more interesting than the ones chosen by the school
  15. i dont think Math HL is required but of course it helps.. i always thought HL were only for credits. i dunno

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