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  1. Lan

    Anti-Procrastination Methods

    get up and just do it!!
  2. i think the happy people are intelligent
  3. Lan

    Favorite Sports

    judo or kick boxing or any other martial arts. tennis and bowling as well.
  4. it would definitely be the turning point of U.S history
  5. Lan

    Interview the person below you

    by saying respectfully STOP!! when is happiest time in your life?
  6. good luck on you guys!! shoot for the stars!!
  7. Lan

    No social life = IB diploma?

    couldn't you go to another ib school in shanghai?
  8. Lan

    Public - Private school

    public is fine as well.
  9. Lan

    How do you study for tests?

    do you like books or tv show? i do !! so usually, i would look over the notes and try to link it as if it were a story and i'm the storyteller. ( actually, history is a story. well, a boring one) i've done that, and it is actually worked on me. terms and facts are easier to understand and remember. hope that helps!
  10. Lan

    TOK, class or no?

    excuse me? first of all, it is rude of you being judgmental and stereotypical towards the Americans. i lived in Us and i Know for sure that they do offer Tok. just because your school doesn't offer Tok does not mean that any other us school don't
  11. Lan

    CAS completed?

    i'm a little ashamed right now. i haven't started any, believe it or not. i'm gonna work on it over the summer!! and good for you for all those who had progressed on their CAS overtime
  12. Lan

    How does your school apply IB?

    i thought the requirements for Ib is all the same across the globe, isn't that so?
  13. Lan

    Interview the person below you

    tip of a waterfall, seeing the water drops. somehow, i just have a thing for water. do you like and believe in fairy tales?
  14. Lan

    History Paper 1

    same here. my teacher, he is crazy by the way, told us to read a textbook about Canada (600 pgs and up) and write a summary about the ups and down ( conflicts) of Canada. okay, first, i'm taking the history of the Americas next year, and i truly don't see the point of understanding the history of Canada would help me in that course in any way. second, he told me to mail it to him by mid July. so i was wondering , is he really that bored over the summer that he is just dying to have some works to do? come on!! i'm going on a vocation for a month( to ny) and i'm to camp next week for a whole week!! he is insane, and i'm going to have him for the rest of my high school year. ~sigh~

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