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  1. yodude888

    University Offers 2009

    Predicted grades Mathematics HL - 7 Economics HL - 7 Geography HL - 7 English A1 SL - 7 French A2 SL - 6-7 Physics SL - 7 EE/TOK - 2-3 Total: 43-45 UK University of Cambridge (King's College) - Mathematics London School of Economics and Political Science - Mathematics and Economics University College London - Mathematics with Economics University of Warwick - MORSE (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics) St. Andrews - Economics-Mathematics US: Was planning on applying, but not so sure anymore SAT: 780 Critical Reading, 780 Math, 690 Writing + SATII French 800, MathsIIc 780 Comments: Amazing how skewed all of these predicted grades have been compared to the world average. All 43+?
  2. yodude888

    Official IB May 2008 Results Thread

    Well done to everyone! Can't believe I'll be in your situation in a year from now!
  3. yodude888

    One .gif to make you wonder

    Makes me feel like saying "suck on that, religious people" for some reason... but I won't... its too rude and offensive
  4. yodude888

    ToK teachers

    We always have teachers or external lecturers coming in to talk about the different AoK that they specialise in.
  5. Hey! If you're not 100% sure which course you want to take, but want a good uni, I'd recommened a Scottish uni such as St. Andrews or Edinburgh. The quality of the courses there are amazing (especially St. Andrews) and you get to do a wider variety of courses there in your first year or 2 years, refining to your bachelor's degree later on, allowing for more flexibility which you won't get elsewhere in Europe.
  6. yodude888

    Portfolio Type 1 -- Parabola Investigation

    Use autograph to draw the graphs, then just copy paste the graph into Word.
  7. Just worked my way through 3 and 4. Do it geometrically... one area minus another, one volume minus another. That is the easiest way to work the answer algebraically. OR for 4b) you can use the inverse function and repeat 4a) but with the integral of x^(1/n)
  8. yodude888

    How to Study for Physics? Textbooks, Resources and Tips?

    There's a really good SL Physics book, it's the Heinemann one by Chris Hamper and Keith Ord. I'm not aware if there's a similar HL book or not.
  9. yodude888

    Is it worth taking four HLs?

    There are usually 3HL and 3SL for a reason! People (like me) struggle enough just with that... there's no point taking on a 4th HL. Unis generally only expect 3 anyway
  10. yodude888

    Math Extended Essay need help

    Definitely pick another topic. Try deciding what math you're going to use, and then, based on that, pick your title!
  11. yodude888

    Universities in the EU

    It's my understanding that the Universities don't get to see ANY of your semester or term grades, and ONLY your predicted grades (along with PS, recommendations etc.) TOEFL and IELTS are only for students who do not have english as a mother-tongue... which I believe is covered by having a 4+ in English A1 or English A2 (please corret me if I'm wrong.)
  12. yodude888

    What does your username mean?

    My username is based on my first email address which I created when I was 10: the "yo,dude" part was due to the fact that I was wearing boxers with bart simpson exclaiming that very greeting whilst making my account. The 888 is my lucky number... bit of the Chinese legacy from my years in Singapore, I guess. I still use the same basic username simply because I'm too lazy to have to think of and remember a new one!
  13. yodude888

    Interview the person below you

    Assuming we're talking about the Bruges in Belgium and not some small hicktown in the USA named after it, then yes! Have you ever smoked a cigar?
  14. yodude888

    Anti-Procrastination Methods

    My friend made me change her facebook and MSN passwords for her, and initially pleaded me not to tell her what i'd changed them to. Now she calls me and screams at me to "stop being such a prick" and just tell her I'm not giving in... now if only I had the determination to do the same thing!
  15. yodude888

    Downloads and Help...

    Hey, one comment: delete this topic! Now you've just given the whole *50 post to VIPdom* away. It might be a good idea to have a conversation like this hidden from all of us non-VIP members, or all of the planned incentives which are based on a lack of transparency disappear. You may want to have a system of tracking and warning those who get to 50 posts and then suddenly stop posting, whilst still downloading anything they can get their hands on.

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