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  1. cullenh

    Extended Essay

    I'm doing my extended essay on the Rwandan genocide.. specifically Romeo Dallaire + the United Nation's involvement in the genocide. I investigate if the UN did enough to help end the genocide (or prevent it in the first place).
  2. cullenh

    Recommend Music

  3. cullenh

    Favorite Music

  4. cullenh

    Favorite Music

    Chromeo is amazing.. check him out.
  5. cullenh

    Recommend Music

    Chromeo is the best thing that ever happened
  6. cullenh

    What activities/sports do you play?

    I read books and swim and run and do homework
  7. cullenh

    IB Banquet

    IB Banquet.. I wish we had one at my school. Sounds like fun.
  8. cullenh

    How Much TV do you watch per day/ week

    I can't remember the last time I watched TV on an actual TV but I watch it online all the time.
  9. cullenh


    Football or Soccer? They're very difference things.
  10. cullenh

    What Should You Be Doing Right Now?

    English Comparitive Esssay, TOK essay, Extended Essay and Historical Investigation Instead.. Facebook
  11. cullenh

    IB girls/women

    Ahah.. that pretty much sums up an IB girl.. what else do you think they're going to talk about? IB takes up their life.
  12. cullenh

    Your Worst Subject

    Chemistry.. my teacher hates me
  13. cullenh

    What do you do Friday nights?

  14. cullenh

    I need IB friends!

    desperate much?
  15. cullenh

    Name Your IB School


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