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  1. hanif

    business..candidate may 09

    hmm, we will have the casestudy beforehand,,but then i was told by my teacher that the format is a bit different..time given is longer..but im not sure in details...anyway, about ia..it is different from previous year right..?
  2. oh.really..thanks fr the explanation ....=) next time i'll save it in compatible format then...
  3. hmm..i tried it in the subforum just as said..i managed to upload the pdf version....and not the word (2007 format).. anyway,thanks..=)
  4. hanif


    oh sure..i'll mail it to you soon..if its not exactly what wanted,then tell me ok..
  5. hanif

    Amount Of Hours

    hmmm, are we supposed to make it like evenly distributed between those c,a,s... or it is just enough if we manage to complete the hours regardless the distribution..?.
  6. hanif


    Oh..i guessi have the one in word format that you needed... however,when i tried to upload..i got this..: "Error Upload failed. You are not permitted to upload this type of file" erm,do you knw the reason why..?
  7. hanif

    Interview the person below you

    oh yes.i do have one... what is the most enjoyable thing in your school..?
  8. hi everyone.. erm....im trying to upload notes in microsoft words format..but unable to do so..i've already read the FAQ section and i guess from what i understand, we dont need to change it into pdf format first before uploading... am i right..?or its not about the format..?
  9. hanif

    Public - Private school

    hmm.. here in my country, usually students who are doing IB in public school are scholars..which the government choose based on high school perfomance.. but in private college, usually they take anyone who has the money to pay the educational fee....so there's a big difference in term of students perfomance betwwen private and public school.....(but we are deprived of facilities here in public school)...
  10. hanif

    The Music Thread

    ooh..i love coldplay....and music does help me in not letting me fall asleep quite soon while studying..
  11. hanif

    Should I Take IB, yay or nay?

    take it.!!.. my seniors that are already in university said that its worth taking..=)
  12. hanif

    No social life = IB diploma?

    oh...hmm...fr me,im quite picky on what hw shall i do n th others,i basically wont do it or just read othr people works... so,it will reduce my workload,...hmm..basically,its all about prioritizing...i dun really believe in doing all the hw given will help u...its better to choose one who u believe will help,,n spend ur remaining time fr somethng else...that u njoy doing n yet still beneficial..
  13. hanif

    Which IA do you hate the most?

    haha..somehow agree with you..yup...lab report...the common reason i stay up late at night...heh..but we usually borrow others work and alter it a bit..(when cant finish it at last minute..)..=)
  14. hanif

    Why IB?

    ooh..hmm...because i heard that it will change you to be someone better,and will help you a lot when you are in university afterwards,due to the assignments and the IB culture itself..
  15. hanif

    Interview the person below you

    oohh..no summer break...as im from tropical climate country......T.T... but we do have similar break which is called semester break...bt only 3 weeks...geez... what will you do when/if you need to submit your ee the next week but havent find any topic yet...?

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