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  1. mj526


    I didn't know asking was the same thing as begging...
  2. mj526

    Unseen Commentary

    I was actually talking to my sister about that today, and I think that for the most part, it's better to stick with what you KNOW is correct than just taking a chance. I personally would not want to take a chance with my IB grade. For example, if it comes down to going with the prose that you're sure you understand completely, and a poem that you're somewhat sure but may be taking a risk, I'd go with the prose. If you still want to take a risk, I'd do what is correct and then add a few unique aspects here and there, that way you get best of both worlds and have a chance of getting a few bonus points for taking a chance. Hope that helps!
  3. mj526

    McGill Arts & Science Program

    Oh my gosh i have that decision pending on mine too! It DOES look way bigger than everything else, even though it's the same font, doesn't it? I'm super nervous about it. The only Canadian school I've heard from is Waterloo (which I got in), but McGill is torturing us apparently...
  4. mj526

    McGill Arts & Science Program

    first off, congrats on getting in to McGill! I'm dying to go there, but won't hear back from them for another month or so cause I applied from the U.S. =( Also, the Arts and Sciences at McGill is really well known. What's great is that you have a huge variety of classes you can take to fulfill your requirements, so you'll for sure be taking classes you're interested in. The city is great, especially because it's all centralized around the university. McGill is also known around the world as one of the best, so that alone will open a lot of doors for you when you apply to grad school (my sister is applying now, and she, along with everyone else, tells me that grad schools DO consider the undergrad school you apply from). As for the snow, it's really not that big of a deal. I lived in Canada for a while, and even when I visit from California (that doesn't understand the meaning of cold), it's easy to adjust to. Just buy a proper winter coat, some gloves, and DEFINITELY a scarf.
  5. mj526

    English A1 EE - Need second novel!

    [quote name='AlexHelena' post='37863' date='Feb 23 2009, 01:58 AM']Hello everyone! I'm in IB1, and our EE proposals are due this week! So far my main topic idea is "Themes of magic and dreams in Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’", and I need a novel to compare this with, but nothing is coming to mind. Does anyone have any ideas? And is it too much to focus on dreams [i]and[/i] magic? Should I just focus on one of the two, or is it alright? I appreciate any input!!! [/quote] I would definitely stick to either dreams OR magic, not both. I've looked a lot at the requirements for essays and the do's and don'ts. One of the major things that they will dock you down for is being too general or broad. It's preferred that you be as precise as possible and give a really detailed analysis.
  6. I'm doing my extended essay on how feminism has affected women's fashion in the workplace. I'm focusing on the 1960's-1980's, but i haven't been able to find any proper websites or books that could help me with it. Could anyone refer me to a website or suggest a few books? Also, any ideas, suggestions, or comments on the topic itself would be great.
  7. mj526

    Internal Assessment

    I'm comparing the Thirteen Days movie with the book, and seeing which one is more realistic and factual. I'll also be looking how they each, separately, compare to the actual event. However, I'm still unsure on how I should go about it, and possible sources I should use. Any help on this would be great!
  8. mj526

    Help with TOK presentation

    [quote name='mizyou' post='29225' date='Nov 29 2008, 10:26 AM']My partner and I are doing a tok presentation on "to what extent do emotions affect the reliability of eyewitness testimonies" We are going to start out with a stranger running into the classroom to steal my friends laptop and then tell the audience that its part of the presentation. we then will ask them the height of the stranger and what the stranger wore. This will show how unreliable eyewitness testimonies are.we will continue with introduction to the issue. We give two theories on emotion and memory from the psychological point of view which contradicts each other. Were thinking that this is not really tok, and its more like psychology so anyone have any ideas how to make it tok? Please help!! Thank you.[/quote] wow that's so weird cause me and my partner are doing something similar, except we're not just using emotions. Good Luck!!
  9. mj526


    [quote name='Hyperbole' post='29667' date='Dec 4 2008, 07:53 PM']...and telling people to go find illegal materials is okay since when? As for my advice about French... um, read a lot, and practise writing exam type essays. The essay seems really important, so it's very useful to be confident that you can write a good essay in an hour and a half. Also, I'm sure your school has plenty of past papers you could practise on - it's something I definitely think you should do, because there are certain types of questions you need to know how to answer, and you need to be aware of the way to write a good réponse écrite. If you ask the French teacher or IB coordinator I'm sure they can help you. Good luck![/quote] Oh wow I didn't realize that the essay was so important. I'll for sure ask my ib coordinator for sample essays and questions. Thank you!
  10. mj526


    [quote name='ivy12003' post='29598' date='Dec 3 2008, 10:23 PM']If I were you, I would focus more on familarizing yourself with the writing tasks and past papers. There are sites that offer past papers, but also don't forget to review past grammar, as this can make a huge difference in your mark. (Don't forget orals as well!)[/quote] ya that's a good idea. Do you know of any sites that offer past papers?
  11. mj526


    I'm dropping french next semester so that I can study it on my own to get a better grade. Does anyone know of any books I should or sites that have sample tests or anything that would be useful? I'm fluent in french, so I don't need any of the basic stuff. Thank you!
  12. How would you incorporate the ways of knowing in your essay?
  13. mj526

    Chemistry SL group 4 project

    Our group is doing our project on how much energy is saved by recycling at school for one month. We were wondering what the best approach to this would be. Our plan is to look at it cost-wise, but we'd appreciate any sites, ideas, or comments on how to present this or what we should be looking for on the internet. Thanks!
  14. mj526

    Group 4 project topics

    Our group's focus question is "How much energy could be saved if we recycled for one month?" Can anyone help us with figuring out how to figure this out, or even give us links that could lead us to the right direction? We're beyond confused...
  15. Our group's focus question is "How much energy could be saved if we recycled for one month?" Can anyone help us with figuring out how to figure this out, or even give us links that could lead us to the right direction? We're beyond confused...

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