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  1. Cutetare

    Historical Investigation - Stalin

    Isabelle, I've started reading Moshe Lewin's Soviet Century and it seemed to go a bit in that direction, also very interesting... i think it's worth having a look!
  2. I have done it, but we can only help you if we know WHERE you need help. So.. how far are you?
  3. Cutetare

    German B SL Exam (nov08)

    I also did German B SL, but I'm guessing that TZ0 had other texts 'cause I didn't have anything to do with models/hiking.... But paper2 perhaps was the same, I had to write a letter to a friend in Austria, think it was topic 1. I didn't find it all that hard, it was doable at least.... But the worst is yet to come...math HL and History.. Monday... OMG!
  4. Cutetare

    Possible Topics for Nov 2008 Paper 1?

    [quote name='Scade' post='26771' date='Oct 14 2008, 08:52 PM']To be honest it seems that you have slept over a lot more than only Russian Revolution if you think Stalin's foreign policy has anything to do with it (well, it does, but in a very indirect way). Anyway, as you should know, at least one of the topics in paper 1 has something to do with Stalin. Foreign Policy, well might be, but if I remember correctly it has never before been there. I don't really think they would do that. It's a lot easier and more convienent to do it on something internal with Stalin, since it allows for different kinds of sources. With foreign policy the sources, imo, would either be too simplistic for IB or too complicated.[/quote] Sorry to let you down, but Stalin's foreign policy HAS been on paper 1 already, there was one specifically about the relationship with Germany (which is where I'm guessing the creator of this topic got the idea from - which I absolutly agree it is a possibility). The sources for that paper were the Nazi-Soviet pact, a speech by stalin, and then some historians, and also an image which took me the longest time ever to analyze. Anyway, I was really glad to read this topic. I had thought about this before and had come to EXACTLY the same possibility. The fact that it is one of the few topics that have only been in IB once is, for me, a great indication that it might appear again - I was glad to see that I wasn't the only one getting to this conclusion! ^^
  5. Cutetare

    How many people in your Maths class?

    5 in Math HL, 20 in Math SL... that's the diffrence betwee the effort you've got to put into math HL and SL
  6. Cutetare

    World Lit Assignment 1- English

    Ok, the only one of these books that I've actually read is metamorphosis.. butt.. it's a good start... Ok, basically, there are two world literatures assignments. One of them can be creative, the other has to be analytical.. I don' t know which you need help with, but perhaps the easiest way to start is with the analytical one because that's the one thats the most similar to all other tousand IB works... First thing you've gotta do is find something common between any two of the books.. (I guess you could do with more, but perhaps two is better..) ... then you'll need a RQ.. and from there it's somewhat simple, just compare/contrast them, try to get an answer to your question, don't forget to explain everything in the introduction, same as all other IB papers... For the creative one (which, as I've said, is optional, cause you could do two analytical ones..), same thing.. you need to choose two (I THINK you can do it with only one, not sure though) DIFFRENT works from the first one, and basically you get to mix up the stories go crazy on it.. For example if you wanted to put Gregor in some other of the novels that would be an option, or you could write an extra chapter where he comes back from being a bug, something in that direction.... and, that's about it I guess. Of course, in this case you'll need an introduction explaining what you're going to do with the stories and so on.. ^^
  7. Cutetare

    HL portfolio: radiometric dating

    Ok, I also did this portfolio, perhaps a good way to start is by repeating the dice experiment, it's really not hard and you actually have some fun... sooo, then you'll have many diffrente data, which you can compare and earn points on =D... afterwards, sketch the graph for all of these points and the curve you'll get already gives you a clear idea of what the model might be... It's actually somewhat obvious, but I tested other types just to earn points... After having the model (btw, model = formula..) for the dice, the carbon part is easy, it's practically the same thing, only thing that's diffrent is that you can test it with other elements too.... Soo... I guess that's it.. this really isn't a hard porfolio, I thought it was MUCH easier than the Snowflake, problem is that everything is too obvious and you really can't add all that much extra stufff...
  8. Cutetare

    Maths Portfolio

    Except on Studies, you don't necessarily NEED an intro, but it'll never take point away to write one, even if it is rather short...
  9. Cutetare

    Good Graphing Program?

    Yeah, I've used Graphs (really good!!!), normal Excel, and also, if you're comfortable using the TI, you can always print-screen the graphs from there... (this can be done by the CD that comes with them, it sounds complicated, but really, if you have the CD, it's quite simples (in my case the hardest was actually FINDING the CD...))... Also, if you use the Haesse & Harris Publications textbook, look up the CD that comes along, there's a graphing program there too (I think it's called Graphing Package, not sure though...).. that CD was also useful in my Radiometric Dating portfolio 'cause of the dice simulator... Ok, those are all the ones I know, but honestly, it's all about the same.. it's just a matter of what you're most comfortable using..
  10. Cutetare

    Helpful links

    Soo... after some time in the IB I guess most of us have already gathered some usuful sites for the IB, which really are life-savers (such as this forum ;P) Here are the ones I've got... if you have any other ones, post them here to help others. Thanks! IB Notes on each subject: http://ibnotes.digik.net/ General information: http://www.ibastudent.com/ IB Biology Textbook summary: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/IB_Biology (yeah, I know, IB wouldn't approve of it being a wiki, but still, it is useful! - Just don't mention it as a source in any reports..) If I was to send this list to a friend I would definitly include this forum as well, but I find it sort of useless adding itself here =P Hope I helped!
  11. Cutetare

    History extended essay

    Ok, so by now it's clear that it's too vague, but perhaps you should remember two important things: 1 - You need to define a time period, so only in that you can narrow it down a bit (although perhaps not enough..).. Focusing on the period 1900-2000 perhaps is better if you're doing Histroy SL, since that's the period that is generally focused. 2 - It is recommended that you do your EE on a syllabus subject... so if you're doing Latin America perhaps Castro or something in that way.. Good luck!!
  12. Cutetare


    I use the GCSE modern world history second edition, it's really cool cause it states many diffrent sources throughout the enitre text.
  13. Heyy, I did my EE on almost exactly the same topic.. (my focus was the the coherency of the Red Guards youth with what the Cultural Revolution was meant for...) One book that REALLY helped me is one names Ten Years of Madness that basically has many personal stories about youngsters who lived during the CR. Really worth reading. Hoped that helped.
  14. Cutetare

    Historical Investigation - Stalin

    Honestly, I think the answer for that RQ could be a bit too obvious for an investigation, perhaps is you focused on the political aspect of the purges... since when he was planning it, why he changed his mind about the loyalty of some party members, I almost did that one, but ended up changing it a bit cause I didnt have the time to look for good sources, but its very interesting! Hoped I helped.
  15. Cutetare

    Was Stalin truly a communist?

    I believe none of the single party states that ever existed even intended to be communist. If it's a single party state, it has a leader, if it has a leader it is socialist, not communist. There's a big diffrence. Even in paper the soviet union wasn't communist. Union of the Soviet SOCIALIST Republics (USSR). I think all of these leaders were obsessed with power, and went crazy when they didn't know exactly how to manage it. Perhaps if socialist had more than a single person in power it could have better chances of moving on to communism, however, this has not been tested in History yet, so we can't be sure. I think Stalin was much more of a personal propaganda genious than a communist (or even socialist). His measures were always to be 100% sure that all the ones (who lived) loved and worshiped him, just like Mao. I believe that the one who was most concerned about social equality was Lenin, who was much more worried about with the reputation of russia than his own.

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