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  1. chrypton

    SL Physics IA Level 7

  2. No it doesn't really make sense. Math has probably the most strict markschemes in IB which means that only in extreme circumstances will they have screwed up your mark. Unless you're off by 1 mark, I wouldn't bother. Besides, a 6 in Math HL is pretty damn good. I also got a 6 when I was expecting a 7, but that's long forgotten
  3. chrypton

    Anybody from Scandinavia/Finland?

    Visit Trondheim in Norway! But seriously I think there should definitely be some relatively cheap options to do a Norway/Sweden/Finland trip. Travelling by train is probably the best option, especially if you get a pass with which you can take any train in Europe. Renting a car will be way too expensive for sure.
  4. chrypton

    Math, physics or engineering

    I'm a math student and I'm currently working(summer job) at a software company specializing in petroleum technology. Math is really really broad and you can practically get a job in any type of field given your specialization, because math is fundamentally used in every industry.
  5. chrypton

    Average IB score for St. Andrews?

    I remember when I was applying for universities that I got an offer from St. Andrews for 35 points.
  6. chrypton

    Question about Canadian Universities

    Yes, I believe so. My understanding is that in general Canadian universities will only require you to do well in your main subjects. I got a 3 in chemistry SL because I hate chemistry but that didn't pose any problems for me.
  7. chrypton

    University of Waterloo Engineering

    It is recommended, but you don't need it.
  8. chrypton

    Waterloo - Weight given to contest scores?

    As long as your grades are what they need to be, you will get in. They look at contest scores largely because of scholarships and advanced classes.
  9. chrypton

    Is IB just as hard as university?

    University is harder
  10. chrypton

    sick during exams

    Totally used to happen to me too, not anymore though. Hopefully it's temporary and will leave you alone
  11. chrypton

    November 11 Results

    Cheer up dude. Here, listen to this song

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