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  1. hellogoodbye

    Which IA do you hate the most?

    i think math ias are the most pointless thing ever. why do you have to type math stuff in to the computer and explain every little step. if i know how to do it thats all that matters!
  2. hellogoodbye

    Should I Take IB, yay or nay?

    if you can take on two years of crazy work, then i suggest you do it. you have to have good grades right now, but its good because it presents a challenge and i heard that college becomes easier when you do the IB diploma. plus, CAS may seem annoying, but ive done a lot of things i wouldn't have if ib didn't push me.
  3. hellogoodbye

    Rewriting notes onto a computer!

    i make study guides from my notes for every test that i have. that way, when its final time, i can just copy and paste from my study guides so im all prepared. plus, it helps when you don't understand something when you read your notes, you can go in and ask from help.
  4. hellogoodbye

    Should i Join?

    i think you should take it, especially if you are an A+ student. its hard, but its challenging and many colleges don't look at you if you don't take any IB courses. plus, i've heard that college is a lot easier when you take IB courses since they prepare you for college. something to think about.
  5. hellogoodbye

    Which subject shoud I choose?

    i agree, those four are the hardest HLs. i wouldn't take physics in general because i heard that SL is so hard, and im sure that HL is like so much harder. youre still taking physics, just at a lower leverl so i think you should be fine.
  6. hellogoodbye

    Anyone with IB stress?

    i get the same thing! i'll just start to cry for no reason (well, because im very stressed) and my parents are so worried about me. i also get colds a lot from the stress and the allnighters i have all the time. just last week i had about a total of 6 hours of sleep between monday and friday. it was the worst week ever.
  7. hellogoodbye

    Most exciting IB class

    i agree...math is definitely the most exciting ib class. besides writing the portfolio paper, it doesn't really require that much writing (if your in sl). HL is different story math SL is good because its has calculus in it, but its understandable.
  8. hellogoodbye

    The positive outcome of IB?

    all my friends who have graduated that did the ib diploma said it was so worth it since in college, you'll be the one having an easy time while everyone else struggles. so i guess hard work pays off.
  9. hellogoodbye

    AP vs IB

    ive heard that ib is definitely harder than ap, despite ap requiring you to learn the details while ib wants just the whole picture. my friend told me that ib is about 'how and why' and ap is just about 'who and what'
  10. hellogoodbye

    TOK, class or no?

    hm thats strange. i go to school in the states and we have the option of taking tok either during the school day or at night during the week. i've heard its pointless though so maybe its a good thing you dont have it.
  11. hellogoodbye

    analysis vs commentary

    im very confused about the difference between an english analysis and a commentary. can anyone explain to me how they are different?
  12. hellogoodbye

    CAS completed?

    just a question, do your coordinators allow you to turn in all of your hours at once? because at my school we are only allowed to turn in like 30 hours for each activity per semester.
  13. hellogoodbye

    CAS reflection after every 10 hours?

    haha i feel your pain. at my school we have to write a reflection every 10 hours. its definitely just a school thing.
  14. hellogoodbye

    What qualifies for the C of CAS?

    anything that requires you to think. im in model united nations, student council and a book club, which all count towards my creativity hours. maybe you could join those too!
  15. hellogoodbye

    Service Hours

    i volunteer at the hospital once a week for about 1-3 hours. i get so many hours, and its actually really fun!

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