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  1. aye-landor

    Treaty of Versailles

    Which treaty of Versailles is this? There were eight you know. 1756, 1757, 1758, 1768, 1774, 1787, 1783, 1871 and the one after WWI
  2. aye-landor

    Which Chemistry Option?

    If you are taking Bio then Human Bio-chem is the way to go. I also heard that one on mind-altering drugs is related to psychology.
  3. aye-landor

    IA - WWII

    Why does everyone write on WWII or Hitler for their IAs? There is a bunch more that happened you know. I would say it would be more beneficial to your grades to write on something less written about. It might also make coming up with a question easier.
  4. aye-landor

    Good IB textbooks

    There are also some books called "Subject" for the IB diploma (e.g Biology for the IB diploma), which I find mighty helpful. They are published by Oxford, so they have to be of some quality.
  5. aye-landor

    Historical Investigation

    It has to be over 15 years ago I believe. Also my teacher recommended a question formula that tends to score higher with the IB: To what extent was "a" a result of "b". An example would be: To what extent was Lord Chelmsford's defeat at Isandlwala(sp?) as a result of lack of supplies? (This was based off an example that the IB sent out, don't actually do this question).
  6. aye-landor

    Historical Investigation Help

    We were given a guideline to do things before 1985. While this is 20+ years ago, we were warned that many events continued longer than the key factors we are analysing. This means that our event may terminate within the limit. That would be bad.
  7. aye-landor


    What I have been told is not so much to focus on the names as the perspectives. Understand them properly before talkig about them too, if one perspective is too complicated choose another one and work it into your essay instead. Just make sure that it is not to similar to the first. Also do not simply state WHAT happened without saying WHY. The different perspectives only come into play here. There is no debate that WWI started, but was it Germany's fault for offering the blank check? Did the French want revenge for Alsace-Lorraine that badly? Maybe Russia is to blame for offering support for the Serbs.
  8. aye-landor

    Predicted grades

    Are these 81%+ boundaries the boundaries for the final exams too? Because I usually get in the 80's or 90's in bio tests, but I believe that that translates to a 5. (I have an avg of 88). It would suck not to get accepted at a university because my predicteds were too low, then go and ace the exams.
  9. Writing an EE on Mao is too general, and the examiner will probably be a pro on the topic. If you really really want to write on this topic I would say pick a specific topic, such as Mao's policy towards the Soviet union during the war in Korea, or something like that.
  10. aye-landor

    Should I Take IB, yay or nay?

    I would say to take it if you intend to pursue a good university, especially if it is one overseas especially for Europe. If you know exactly where you want to go then I would recommend contacting and asking if the IB holds any merit with them. I know in the States and Canada some universities offer credits for IB subjects such as TOK and English, this would make the transfer into university life easier as you could take more spares or subjects you have always been interested in but not had time for previously. It also gets you more prepared for the intensity of university.

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