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  1. saya

    Final Exam Preparation

    I hope you know of the existance of Crane site. If you don't then quickly go here http://cranepsych.com/Psych/ and click on the first link (you are doing the old curriculum, right?). Look around and you will see how amazing this site is. Students who have done psychology and studied from this site got a 7 I believe. There are tons of members of ibsurvival who used it and got the 7. So good luck with revision, even I'm using this site as well as my class notes to revise for my mocks and finals.
  2. saya

    EE about Psychology

    What I have learnt from doing my own extended essay is that there are two things which should be kept in mind. It's an argumentative research essay. So firstly you need to have an argument and you need to explore that. Secondly you need to have loads of research to back up your argument. I'm pretty sure there is tons of research on the topic you've chosen, other than Bandura's Bobo. When you start doing research for your extended essay you'll be surprised about the amount of research there is out there. So before you finalize your topic research a little bit and if you think you can write a strong argumentative research paper then finalize your title. Oh and chose a topic you are personally interested in. Even if it's really random. You will have to spend a lot of time doing your extended essay so if you want it to be good, make it enjoyable for you. Good luck!
  3. saya

    Psychology Mock Exams

    Start from there, that's a good idea. But to get a good level I strongly advise you to go through the Crane site. It's got a summary of each perspective along with the assumptions, framework, studies, psychologists and applications. Make sure you know how to discuss the debates (nature vs. nurture, determinism vs free will, etc) and make sure you can back up your arguments with studies. PS: The site has the new syllabus too. Don't get confused, it also has a whole section for us, those who are doing the old syllabus (I'm assuming you are?). It's really good.
  4. saya

    School Student Councils?

    Hi! Well, how to get in really depends on what role the student council plays in your school, and what the rules and regulation of your school are. In my school the student council is formed by 16 students (12 from ib1 and 4 vice captains from igcse1). We honestly play a major role in the school life of our student body and can take our roles to another level because our director and principal allow us that kind of freedom. Hence, our campaigning and elections that take place during one week in January are a huge huge thing. Posters and other sorts of things are put up everywhere, speeches are given, some people get sweets, pencils, etc I don't know if that´s the case in your school, but I´ll let you know what has been the most successful campaigning strategies: a)make sure people know you before the elections take place - get involved in school activities b) come up with unique ideas - two years back, someone got a massive banner that hung from the second floor and said ´vote for ....´and last year i made door hangers and hung them all over the school c) don't waste your time and money trying to bribe them ONLY through sweets and pencils, make sure they know what changes you are going to bring and WHY they should elect you d) your speech should be clear and concise, show you are confident but also that you are cool and caring (i think a combination of the last two qualities is what students look for) e) from each year group, make sure that a well known and popular student campaigns for you - but because he/she genuinely wants you to win, or else it doesn't really work.(if you get this point right, chances of you winning are sky high) f) make sure you don't do negative campaigning. Nobody wants to vote for losers. And that´s about it I think. No matter what happens, remember that being part of the student council means putting in a lot of hard work. If you get elected - be responsible and fulfill your duties! If you are not - oh lucky you, you are one step closer to passing the IB with better grades, because the student council consumes a lot of your time!
  5. saya

    Psychology Opinons

    Hi! I'm a May 2010 candidate therefore following the old syllabus. I believe 2011 candidates will be following the new syllabus which has been developed by an excellent psych teacher whose site all psych students keep using for studying (I'm sure even you do- and if you don't check it out a.s.a.p.) This ( http://www.ibo.org/diploma/assessment/subjectoutlines/documents/d_3_psych_gui-out_0902_1_e.pdf ) says first examinations are in 2011. You're a 2010 candidate, right? You are following the old syllabus then. :-)
  6. saya

    IA - Repeat or New Methodology?

    Hi. I can't read what the user before me answered so I'll answer. Sorry if I'm repeating what sweetnsimple has said. But basically SL students need to do an exact replication of the experiment chosen whereas HL students have the choice to make changes if they want to. That's one of the differences between HL and SL Psych IA. The other one is that you will need to have quantitative data whereas HL use both qualitative and quantitative. This is if you are not doing the new syllabus, which I don't know how it works. But since you are in IB2 I assume you are following the old one, like me. Good luck with your IA!
  7. saya

    New IB Psychology Textbook

    I'm sure whoever has been doing psychology and using the Crane site must have been really excited about the publishing of this book, right? After all, his website has been key in helpping us achieve those higher marks. But, hang on. This book has been made especially for the new syllabus. Put in my teachers words “It’s not a better textbook, it’s better for the new syllabus” I say, if you are not following the new syllabus, don’t use this book as your bible; use his site. However, there are some parts that are useful for all of us, like how to write your internal assessment and how to write an extended essay in psych.
  8. saya


  9. I am multilingual. I can speak Spanish, Catalan, Kashmiri, English, Urdu/Hindi and French. If your question is regarding the pros and cons of knowing more than one language, then I can tell you that knowing more than one language has tremendous positive effects. Not only does it enable you to learn more quickly other languages because you are more "open" to new rules and structures but I believe it has a positive effect in your cognition too. To a small extent, thought is influenced by language, and therefore, knowing more than one language helps you in understanding situations better as you usually have a more neutral approach to it because you don't think in only one language. It's a difficult concept to explain... But sometimes being multilingual is a tad disadvantageous, because at times you can't find the word to express what you mean in the language you are talking in, in that particular moment, and feel like saying the same word in a different language but obviously you can't because the other person won't understand. It has sometimes happened to me that I've unintentionally "borrowed" a word from another language during a conversation, and puzzled out my interlocutor in the process. My situation is odd. My mom is spanish, which makes me Spanish but i was born and brought up in Catalunya, which is a region within Spain that want to become independent and claim to be a nation. On the other hand my dad is Kashmiri, so I've also inherited the Kashmiri nationality and to top it the Indian one. And I personally feel that I am both Spanish and Indian, and also Catalan and Kashmiri.
  10. saya

    What was your IOP topic?

    I'm doing mine this monday. My topic is "The portrayal of Islam in The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini". Fingers crossed for it..
  11. saya

    Chem HL or Bio HL?

    I dropped Chem HL to SL because I found it really difficult. Although I must admit that I had not taken GCSEs and there was a knowledge gap due to a bad chemistry teacher the previous year. But if you already have a good knowledge then it doesn't really matter. Although I agree with the majority, Bio HL is much more easy and it actually does not require only memorizing. You have to understand it too. Although that's fairly easy as the content is really applicable to real life situations whereas all those atoms and substances we study in chemistry are less (have to admit, have done some experiments that kind of made me change my mind). Anyway, the best option would be to take both at HL and then drop one. But if you can't do that, see which one you are good at right now and go for it. Bio HL is the easiest for me, but every individual is different so go with what you think is best for you.
  12. saya

    How many posts to VIP..

    Okay... Well it took me ages to arrive to 60 posts because I did not want to keep spamming Thanks for the info anyways...
  13. Hey! Well I have been posting in this forum for quite a while even though I only posted whenever i felt it was needed. So it took me a while to reach the 50 post mark. But now that I am there...I am not a VIP? Has the post number to become a VIP raised or is it an error?
  14. saya


    I was thinking of applying to America, as I have heard that they give really good scholarships and I need one if I want to go there. So how many points in the IB Diplomma you think I need to get for a scholarship? And what SAT score is the best? And is there anything else which is needed?

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