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  1. [m a a r i.]

    Body Mass Index

    who's doing this math portfolio, i am?? anyone having difficulties??
  2. [m a a r i.]

    How depressing are your A1 texts?

    well. since doing a month of IB. we're still on our first text merchant of venice. but our teacher started telling us to read our second book which is Joy Luck Club i find it good and interesting and we're doing perfume. and other books but now find it okay..
  3. [m a a r i.]


    and you gotta remember some CHENG YU. thats what im struggling
  4. [m a a r i.]

    How do you handle all these ib stress?

  5. [m a a r i.]

    How do you study?

    omgosh.. thanks for all the tips everyone LOVE IT. im trying to aim high scores.. even though i revise for some reason i just dont get top scores.. and finally i have been quitting the music and then concentrate on my studies but still cant quit the habit of facebooking and msn. i hope my grades improve ><
  6. [m a a r i.]

    just a simple chemistry question

  7. [m a a r i.]

    just a simple chemistry question

    im just stuck in one of my past paper homework. well it must be pretty easy for the IB1 and IB2 who have learned stoichiometry for chemistry already. well i dont know how to do this question, i just cant figure it out Question : How many oxygen atoms are present in 0.0500mol carbon dioxide. please can you show me the working as i just dont know how to solve it, thanks
  8. [m a a r i.]


    im doing Mandarin B HL TOOO. right not using CHINESE MADE EASY TEXTBOOK 5. that textbook is like temporary since we find it kind of easy . for the IB Mandarin B HL exam, our teacher said the minimum is around 450 words. yup
  9. Chinese B - Chinese Made Easy Textbook 5 :P. that was good. helpful. but for me its a bit easy since i learnt chinese since preprimary. English A1 - The English Course Companion im using , and im doing all those eng lit books. Chemistry - Course Companion and IBID Maths - OXFORD Mathematics standard level for the IB Diploma, goooood book. recommend this , the one with the SHELL ON IT Business & Management - IBID, RECOMMENDED . VERY DETAILED AND THICK TOO. AND VERY USEFUL. [iTGS- CURRENTLY NEED A BOOK FOR THAT, i was planning to get COMPUTER CONFLUENCE. anybody have suggestions. I JUST WISHED SOMEONE WROTE A BOOK ABOUT ITGS. ]
  10. [m a a r i.]

    How do you study?

    well.. im first year of IB.. and i know doing IB is really busy.. got tons of work to complete... but when it comes to test how long do you revise per day? how do you revise? what is your way of getting top marks.
  11. [m a a r i.]

    How much time do you spend on your computer

    ARGGHHH I WISH I COULD BE LIKE YOUUU. im soo addicted to the computer. im trying to minimise it but im not doing it X.X i come back home after school around 4 pm and start using it until 11pm. thats 7 HOURS. but seriously i just facebook if i have the mood.. i dont really like the new one anyways and i chat. and i listen to music. and i research homework if i need to. i dont play games and stuff.. i have to save ELECTRICITY HAHAHAH. and do not destroy my eyes.. i dont think i can survive a week of NO COMPUTER. but maybe. i needa test myself on doing that
  12. [m a a r i.]

    ITGS book title needed

    im starting IB really soon and i need to buy a ITGS book any good books that i can buy cuz i really need the bookk for reference...
  13. [m a a r i.]

    Olympic Games

    GO CHINAAA!!!!! I LOVE WATCHING VOLLEYBALL -THE SAND ONE- THE CHINA TEAM ROCKSKKK today it was china vs china and my favourite team won WOOT. sadly its gonna end soon.. gonna wait for another 4 years in london.
  14. [m a a r i.]

    Official IB May 2008 Results Thread

    well done to everyone (:
  15. [m a a r i.]

    Best class moments

    this year i didnt really had many best class moments. but during year 9 and year 10. i had many

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