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  1. Well, I did mine on applying the Tadashi Suzuki method to one of his plays. I don't think I did very well, but my question was "How is the Suzuki Method of Actor Training particularly useful for performers in Tadashi Suzuki’s Clytemnestra?" Hope this helps
  2. I just dropped off my essay at Kinko's to have it bound. I'm looking at the essay now, just to savor the feeling of being done with it, when I noticed something concerning. I have page numbers alright, but due to a formatting problem, it's likely that the numbers listed in the table of contents will be different than the actual page numbers. Should I be freaking out?
  3. My current is as follows: The character idea s of Alice, from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Dorothy, from L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, are often compared due to their deceptively-similar stories and adventures--in fact, Alice is often though of as Baum's inspiration for Dorothy. To what extent are the heroines similar, and to what extent are they different? Is this "doable"?
  4. I'm forecasted for IB Diploma next year. What do you think are the hardest and easiest classes? Here is planned schedule for now: English A1 HL Biology HL History HL Math SL Theatre SL Spanish SL Extended essay topic would likely be on the cultural influence of the Wizard of Oz. CAS is easily taken care of (swim team, acting, zoo volunteering). Is this too unrealistic, in your opinion? What did you find to be the hardest and easiest classes?
  5. Is the IB diploma really worth everything it takes to get to it? I'm a 10th grader, and I've planned to do the IB program come next year, but I'm starting to have doubts. As it is, my plan is: English A1 HL (May 2013) Spanish SL (May 2013) Math SL (2012) Biology HL (2013) History HL (2013) Theatre SL (2012) TOK (2013) EE in zoology (study of my local zoo's contributions to the American elephant program) I'm an actor, swimmer, and I volunteer at said zoo, so that takes care of CAS. Well? Is it really worth everything it takes to get there? P.S. My post high school plans are to take a year off, then either go to college, or go into acting professionally.
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