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  1. Harmonicgirl

    IB survey for school

    1)yes 2) yes 3) now I'm ambivalent, I'm so stressed that I just want to finish IB, but overall I hope the answer will be "yes"
  2. Harmonicgirl

    Anyone with IB stress?

    Last time I'm so stressed. IB stress is killing me I try thinking that I don't want to be the best ( I don't really want it, just to be OK for myself), but all these dead-lines and too little time makes me crazy... I woke up feeling weird (like you ), a morning cup of coffee make me this illusion feeling of control over my life and I start working on a high-vibes... I came back home and have a break down. I try overcome it exercising a lot and doing outdoor sports - it makes me feel better
  3. Harmonicgirl

    Extended Essay

    Thank you:) I have some knowledge, maybe it's not impressive but I'm interested in it and read some books. I have to consider it, because anyway it will be hard... But I'm happy that it's possible, I wasn't sure because somebody told me that the syllabus has changed (but also the person wasn't exactly sure)
  4. Harmonicgirl


    In TOK attention is put on the problems of knowledge, ways of knowing etc. Generally, I think we can say that these are only"grains" from philosophy. During the two years all you do is based on these. However, on the subject 'philosophy ' despite you have history of philosophy and biographies things you can hear on tok are more widely said, you also study in details particular philosophic systems, compare them with each other. What's more as I know philosophy lessons vary with each other in different schools, e.g. I have philosophy of religion. We talk a lot about different ethical points of view and about current events. There are also some things about which you talk on tok and don't on philosophy. (e.g. ways of knowing). Sample TOK vs. Philosophy lesson: TOK: you have said what utilitarianism ( definition) is and then the TOK dilemmas starts ^^ why yes? is it good? why not? what if...? Philosophy: you have from the very beginning how it developed, genesis, what was philosophers attitude to it, what does it mean in real life, if it's possible (here it's similar to tok)... I think it's like that. What do you think?
  5. Harmonicgirl

    Interview the person below you

    0... I haven't started yet. P.s. Aboud, I would eat your chocolate What is your favourite moment of a day?
  6. Harmonicgirl

    Interview the person below you

    Obviously Yes. More then like... Would you like to take a gap year?
  7. Harmonicgirl

    Extended Essay

    Is it possible to write an EE on a topic that you aren't studying? I mean when e.g. I don't have psychology, can I write EE on this subject (of course Iif I find a supervisor)
  8. Harmonicgirl

    Rant of the day!

    yeah. I thought that philosophy will be a nice, easy subject (if nice subjects exist in IB), but the last weekend i spent on writing two essays when before i had assumed that it would take at least one evening. at first those essays seemed tragic, but later i found them interesting. so good luck
  9. Harmonicgirl

    Interview the person below you

    I don't watch tv shows, it was a film "about a boy" - I watched it an hour ago. are you a party person or a home lover?
  10. Harmonicgirl

    IB girls/women

    Generally I think that there is something wrong with people who decided to take IB ;p in my year there is 40 few students, there are some nerds but like everywhere;) in my class IB guys are great, cool people with who you can always talk about everything and nothing in the same time, just sometimes they could be more laid back
  11. Harmonicgirl

    Rant of the day!

    I had a break and tomorow I'm going back to school.... it's killing me
  12. I don't know if people complain about CAS I thought it's more like information exchange. It's easy to do 9 or more different things during two years, but during a week it would mean that after lessons and at weekends you are doing only cas, but it also depends on what are you in fact doing and how much time does one activity takes? if 1 h then I can imagine doing e.g. 3 different sports, but if one take 3 h then it could be difficult (but maybe just for me;p )
  13. Harmonicgirl

    Recommend Music

    I know the film, it's great Yeah sometimes it's possible to find a good music by accident. I like looking for new bands on myspace.
  14. Harmonicgirl

    Interview the person below you

    Maybe Italy. I like Europe and I like the weather. Hahah, but there is many countries which I like e.g. Sweden or Austria. Of course if I could live there with friends:) If you could chose one person to live with, who would it be?
  15. Harmonicgirl

    Interview 3: aiqbal (6/1/08 - 20/1/08)

    What did u do today? For what do u like IB survival, if you like? What was the best party you have ever been at?

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