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  1. Dennis Valentine

    Math Studies Abuse and Respect

    There is already a "discussion" going on already. Please read what people have been saying, if not done previously: http://www.ibsurvival.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=4282 But as a short answer to your question, the Mathematics HL and SL class at our school usually make jokes about them, because to our mind, it is ridiculously easy. But hey, they get 6 and 7s, and not everyone at our class will, so actually the jokes should be on us!
  2. Dennis Valentine

    about G4 project...

    [font="Palatino Linotype"]Our school's G4 project had milk and dairy products as their general outline. From there we could do heaps of things. We just sat down and jotted down our ideas. We came down to create different kinds of ice cream. We would then make four samples; changing the ingredients such as yoghurt instead of milk, artificial sweetener with sugar etc. The physicists would calculate the time it would take for to freeze. The chemists would look at the molecular formulas and analyse. I as a biologist/chemist would calculate the energy content (kJ) for each sample, and calculate how long it would to actual burn 25 grams of it. The aim of the experiment was basically then the change of structure, taste, energy content when we changed the ingredients to a more healthy alternative. Actually, it all came down that the healthiest ice cream would be the one with the best taste, who'd knew. Our project group won a prize, and hence a full mark for our IA. It was heaps of fun, and I got to eat healthy ice cream with few calories, so I was quite happy.[/font]
  3. Dennis Valentine

    I need help picking a topic

    [font="Palatino Linotype"]Don't start looking at the specific subject, you will just be frustrated at some time or the other. What you should do on the other hand is to look for something that intrigues you, in such a way that you can actually write 4000 words. This is how I did it. I want to become a doctor, and then specialise in cosmetic surgery. I wrote a couple of topics that would be suitable (one concerning Josef Mengele and the Nazi Doctors), and I would just simply submit it to the IB Coordinator. She suggested that since everyone were going for either history or biology (two subjects that are well suitable for medicine). I could instead write about the increase in Norway; and hence I ended up writing my paper in Norwegian B. So that is my advice to you, look into yourself before looking at the subjects; only then you will be able to find the perfect topic for your interest, not us! [b] Best of luck, mate.[/b][/font]
  4. Dennis Valentine

    Are I-B Students Elitist?

    Elitists? Pray to Dionysus you're not. I usually tend to look down on most IBers at our school. Mainly because they don't give life a try. I'm more of the play hard, work hard type of guy. But I probably have to thank my narcissistic/arrogant personality for that.
  5. Dennis Valentine

    Foods that reduce stress and boost focus

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned beer yet.
  6. Dennis Valentine

    How do you study?

    Beer and snus, what should I say, the perfect combination if you ever are going to do something. It makes the studying very much bearable. I also find music pleasant whilst reading or doing maths. However, that is the problem at school. I cannot listen to music nor drink beer during the courses (and there I just made it sound that I do it every break), thus a very unfortunate habit has been made. But I usually tend to sing, even if it distracts the other students. This is my life, and I want to succeed, so I don't really care if they get brassed off every now and then. I really don't study before a test. Basically because I have this principle that if I don't get it the first or the second time, then it wasn't meant for me to understand it either. So far so good, though.
  7. Dennis Valentine

    How are History IAs assigned at your school?

    Teacher: Good evening class. Today we shall begin our Internal Assessment in History. I would like everyone to stand up at my desk and tell me their topic of interest, and then you are allowed to go on one's way and start. Class: Quite brutal, really.
  8. Dennis Valentine

    The key to getting a 7 in History

    Instead of always just cramming the information, start thinking in a critical and freely manner. Here's the thing about history; every event and happening has been executed by some bloke, a cause or even both. By using common sense and imagining being at the same time and place you can actually know all the motives for a war. One perfect example is the Balkan Wars. Why would the Balkans wage war against the Ottoman Empire? Well, being ruled by another country does not sound all too pleasant. Hence nationalism is a key element. I received a 7 on the latest paper, without ever touching the two heavy books we were given at the start of IB. It's not too hard, really, it isn't. But that is probably just the advantage of holistic learning, I guess. Best of luck, though.
  9. Dennis Valentine

    Warsaw, Poland

    [font="Palatino Linotype"]I'll do that. Thank you very much indeed [/font]
  10. Dennis Valentine

    Warsaw, Poland

    [font="Palatino Linotype"][b]Kia ora.[/b] I have now carefully considered my next years, and it looks to me that I will be going to the Medical University of Warsaw. The reason for creating this new topic was to find out the approximate prices for flats in the centre of Warsaw. After googling for quite some time, I did not really find any sufficient data, and thus I wondered if there were anyone here knowing the price for a square metre. I know there are heaps of factors to the price (such as the location and standard), but a general outlook would be very appreciated. What I am mainly looking for is a flat for two people. Thank you in advance. PS. I am not quite sure if this is the appropriate section to post it.[/font]
  11. Dennis Valentine

    How does the world feel about the USA?

    In Norway, the view of USA is awful, almost a sense of repulse. However, after the elections, I am proud of being an American again.
  12. Dennis Valentine

    Individual Oral Presentation: English A1 HL

    [font="Palatino Linotype"]The key for a successful English A1 Oral presentation is not the number of quotation, but since that was your initial question I believe I will have to answer it somehow: How many quotations solely depends on the work, and more importantly, your topic. I did 'Sexuality in Brave New World' and I think I only used a few. The mark I was given was 7, and the presentation was made whilst the others were presenting (but I guess that is the beauty of holistic learning/thinking). Nevertheless, I was thinking of the new one coming up, and regarding your question I can easily illustrate why you should not use too many quotations (as it is somewhat inefficient): Take Disgrace for instance, this is a work you probably have heard of. But that is not the point, the point is that if you were to present its themes or whatever, you would probably only need the first sentence in the novel. The first sentence says everything about David Lurie, how he is as a person, what his situation is, his philosophies. It also serves as a hint for what is going to be encountered whilst reading the work. So really, less is more, and by doing this you will make your presentation more focused and not walk astray. In summary, instead of using heaps of quotations, you rather pick the most suitable ones. Subsequently you work on them, brings the essence, and use our beloved SCASI. Now I don't know what to say other than best of luck.[/font]
  13. Dennis Valentine

    Gaining Action hours for CAS

    You can always just sign into the local gym. Fortunately, we have the largest one stationed approximately 100 metres away from our school, so it is quite accessible. However, money can/will be the issue, seeing it costs a bloody amount of money to attend, but on the lovely side, the local gym is to be considered the largest dating arena there is (if you don't have any problem with sweat on the first date). If this is not an option, I would recommend swimming. It can be peaceful, enjoyable and beneficial for your physique.
  14. Dennis Valentine


    Lovely to see that others are doing the same topic as I did. Nevertheless, I would like to warn you for several reasons: To define an honourable death is quite hard. You will have to look at many angles. And as my TOK teacher put it: you will have to come up with some sort of "criteria" of whether euthanasia (active or passive) is wrong, and if not, how should we prune this criteria in order to not cause controversy. Because that is what it is, ultimately. Do bear heed that the majority of the world's population is religious, hence it is important to be careful what you state, just like my teacher, she was not fond of legalisation of euthanasia. due to her Christian belief. My presentation was to my mind almost perfect, yet my teacher did not give the group a full mark. Be cautious, create links and connexions, bring in the areas of knowledge, how the human nature copes with death in general. Show evidence from the Ancient Greeks, the samurais in Japan, and then conclude. Lovely example: What if a person wants to commit suicide or not willing to prolong his life for whatever reason, but instead of creating a devastating memory for his/her family by executing it in such a horrible way, he/she can rather make it a peaceful getaway. On the other side (a sentence you should be using extravagantly) however, we have the misuse of euthanasia, like Hitler's Nazi Germany and also the Netherlands as it is today. All together, it was a fun task, because it is such a controversial topic. Don't forget to include your classmates, let them speak their thoughts on the matter, this will make you appear reflective and the teacher always like that. And finally, don't forget to ask heaps of questions as you go, because there is always no certain answer. By doing so, you will make the audience think and ponder, and that is the beauty of the subject per se. Only then can you achieve a full mark and receive the applause gloriously. I can only bid you a best of luck for now, but don't hesitate to ask for more questions, as I will gladly respond to them as soon as possible.
  15. Dennis Valentine

    Extended Essay

    I was quite unfortunate with my EE topic, because the second I delivered the essay it was returned by the IB Coordinator saying it would get an E. The reason for this was that together with my inexperienced subject teacher, we would focus on the Western world rather than Norway (my subject is Norwegian B). The first topic and title was: Beauty Idols: From Marilyn Monroe To Kate Moss. How much have the beauty idols changed over a period of 50 years? Does the youth of today have to undergo cosmetic surgery in order to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence, and why has their been such a dramatic increase? By the look of it, it would be a hard angle to tackle, yet I was able to manage. The reason for choosing the topic is that I will end up as a cosmetic surgeon (poor me), because I enjoy beauty above all. But when it was given in return, and also a new deadline for a new EE spanning two weeks, I was devastated. I arranged a new meeting with the subject teacher, despite the furious state, and we would come up with a new investigation/research and hopefully an acceptable end product. We changed it into: "The increase of cosmetic surgery in Norway", and the final work was quite satisfactory, and everything executed in two bloody weeks. I would advise almost everyone to actually talk with their subject teacher thoroughly when they are in the process, in order to not get a mix up like I unfortunately did. Best of luck,

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