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  1. anuskina

    Dutch A1 Self taught

    im taking spanish self taught, but i havent heard a thing about alternative oral, what is it?
  2. im presenting it in 20 min im absolutely terrified well see how it goes thank u sadnwich for ur advice
  3. thank you very much sandwich do you think if i say that - bias is something that we cant get rid of due to our nature and that it should be considered when looking at scientific facts - probably, in this area of knowledge more than in any other, the sources where the information inf ounded is vital - the credibility of the gov should not be given for granted it could be considered too cliche and not tokish enough?
  4. anuskina

    I THINK that I have an idea for my EE

    eeemm i dont think theres enough content because it can be resumed in since nowadays we are more used to physical threats due to technology, fear is now more internal, such as saw. we dont care so much about mosters as we do to that feeling of threat and doubt maybe you could focus on why are horror films popular if the effect they cause in human mind is negative? or, this was my option b, if slavery was based logic (for religious, historical and economic reasons) why was it abolished? what changed? (mention darwinism, social paradigm...)
  5. hi! ive found a pretty interesting topic to do my presentation on. but -theres always a but- my teacher told me to change a bit the orientation of it, and that messed up my whole idea so, im basing my presnentation in a main example -tobacco companies, philip morris in particular- and how they manipulated scientific research in the 80s with the CIAR (The Tobacco Institute's Center for Indoor Air Research) and how they still misuse science. I was thinking in touching a couple of important points such as how scientific integrity is damaged through manipulation of funds, use of uncertainty, ad hominum fallacies basically showing how science can me manipulated/misuse with political or market-related reasons here it comes the tough part, what are the implications? besides cliche -we cant really know, its influenced by bias what else can i say?? any idea / suggestion ? Thank you
  6. anuskina

    Selfstudy an A1 Language

    i am an ib self taught spanish student, and from the bottom of my heart i tell u please. please do not do it you will procrastinate, and youll have to catch up with work the last two months of the ib getting help is really hard, and having a teacher helps a lot, in particular because u could redo ur oral in case it went really bad, at least at my school in case u decide to do it choose the books correctly, not like i did good luck
  7. Toth, could you please explain a bit how reasoning changes withing time and culture? I've been trying to find reasons why western society and filosophy is more rationalistic than eastern but the results ive found are not really what i am looking for. Thank you very much for ur post, it has given me the motivation to finish my essay
  8. mine is spanish literature i have 5400 words and i havent written the conclusion yet, but i really dont think i can cut down any more words cuz otherwise the topic wouldnt be explained well enough. its really painful to delete so many hours of work =(
  9. anuskina

    env. eng. or manag.

    i want to study either environmental engineering or env. management but i dont know which universities are the best in those field areas worldwide any idea?
  10. i study in a boarding school and i have pretty busy days so sometimes i have to stay awake during the night working on IAs but the next day i fall asleep while walking, in class and caffeine doesnt work at all. The worst thing is not that cuz if i just sleep a couple of hours i can control myself but when i dont sleep enough i get a terrible stomachache and i cant eat for 2 days at least and it doesnt feel nice either. am i the only one with this problem?
  11. anuskina

    Extended Essay and World Lit subjects

    I was about to panic when i saw your comment IBstuck, but ive talked to my ib coordinator and this is what he said : "you are not allowed to present the same work for two different assessments, but you can use the same piece of literature if you are using it in a different way"
  12. ok. i think im finally done with the research. ive read quite a lot and even though most of it was interesting, it hasnt really helped me what to a priori knowledge is. i first started reading about empiricism and rationalism and critiques on both of them. from all that ive found that 15% of it was relevant to my topic, so if u have time and ure willing to spend it infront of a computer go for it my outline basically contains how emotions and beliefs interfere, sense perceptions and how we are deceived in contrast with reason, experience vs mere reason there i talk about kant and descartes, a little bit about math, science and metaphysics, lots of examples.... the sad thing is that im not able to write the essay cuz i start typing and after a while i realize i lost the point and that what ive been writting has nothing to do with the topic
  13. anuskina

    Extended Essay and World Lit subjects

    my teacher told me i should write my ee on spanish literature on a book that i have to read in class, cuz it would be a waste of time to read another book more just for the ee so i guess ure fine
  14. could i do something like empiricism vs. rationalism focusing on the weaknesses of reason compared to perception or experience i get the fact that its something i cant entirely get on the internet, but im just not able to think all this stuff by myself. ive looked on the websites posted in... general info? but i only found a couple of good ones which clearly state the weaknesses and not just fallacies. just wanted to make sure im on the right track before i start writing the essay thanks =)
  15. anuskina

    ToK teachers

    Mine was a physics something. he wasnt a really good teacher cuz it wasnt his profession. he used to work in a lab or something and then decided to come to our school and teach biology and tok. i liked him cuz we didnt do much in class but now that i have to write the essay i realize he didnt help or teach us

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