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  1. msubr1

    EE Topic in Math - advice needed.

    haha i dont know if i should be happy or sad from what you said, i went to look at the new criteria and for maths, some of the example topics are not fully mathematical. some of them are like mine this is my understanding of what is expected write about a mathematical topic that is useful (mine is definitely useful in communications) the ee can be written on any mathematical topic and it need not be confined to the theory of mathematics itself the student needs to show that he has learnt new things outside the syllabus and that he understands what he writes the only criteria that i am afraid of is criteria F which asks the student to show analytical skills other than that, in my personal opinion, i think i am fine with my topic am i not?
  2. msubr1

    EE Topic in Math - advice needed.

    i can only cry now.... when you say i shouldnt expect a good grade... what should i be expecting? cause there are two criterias... the general one and the mathematical one the general one is worth 27 marks and the mathematical one 9 marks, i think if i do a really good essay with little mathematics then in theory shouldnt i get about 27 marks?
  3. msubr1

    EE Topic in Math - advice needed.

    thank you for your comments but i am UNABLE to do much mathematics on the above topic my essay becomes focused on the applications of mathematics to real world i will get really good marks in that criteria but the criteria that wants mathematical things in it, i dont think i will score that well.... does anyone have an idea on how my ee should be? should it be more focused on the applications of maths in real life or something with heaps of workings and proofs that dont really matter? is it ok if the mathematics that i do just explains the topic but doesnt contribute to the main essay? since the main essay deals with the applications of mathematics thanks heaps
  4. msubr1

    EE Topic in Math - advice needed.

    ah thank you so so much even my teacher suggested the same thing too here is my modified version of the topic A comparison between the advantages and disadvantages of asymmetric and symmetric ciphers in two cryptosystems, namely email encryption and smart cards for the maths essay, for this topic, i can only show the mathematics involved in only asymmetric ciphers. is it okay if my maths ee is more like a normal essay with a lot of words and a bit of equations? coz the guidebook said that i should be looking at how maths is applied in the real world and the beauty of maths they didnt say much about the amount of equations that we should have
  5. Hi guys i am thinking of doing a maths ee. here is my topic pls tell what you think of them and ways to improve it A comparison between the advantages and disadvantages and uses of two asymmetric and symmetric ciphers in two different cryptosystems
  6. New Topic - The extent to which Factors, Modular Arithmetic and primality tests from the number theory has contributed in asymmetric cryptography. Number Theory § Factors Ø Euclidean Algorithm Ø Greatest Common Divisor Ø Factorisation (RSA) § Modular Arithmetic Ø Chinese Remainder Theorem Ø Just a bit of mod § Computational Number Theory Ø Miller-Rabin primality test i am going to talk about all these... too general again?
  7. yeah i would seriously like to do it on something else. but i dont have any other areas of liking. and my teacher said that i am not supposed to change it anymore. and i need to concentrate on my other subjects. thx for the advice. but i would prefer if you could give me advice on my topic rather than my subject
  8. thanks again i feel hopeless now. would it be good if i changed the topic to -> the contribution of Number Theory to Asymmetric Cryptography. (is the topic too general again) i can talk about how prime numbers are generated using fermat's little theorem and show mathematical equations and heaps like that. but i wont be able to INVENT any new things. would that be ok or should i think of a new topic/subject. and how much words should i be aiming at?
  9. hi i am not sure if i can include enough mathematical material so i started looking for other options. could you pls comment on the following topic? the extent to which mathematics has contributed to cryptography.
  10. no actually. but thank you for looking here is a link that explains asymmetric and symmetric cryptography and includes 2 ciphers for each http://www.tech-faq.com/symmetric-asymmetric.shtml RSA is an algorithm. its part of the asymmetric cryptography. they say its an example of a cipher try googling RSA. you will get some mathematics i think
  11. i have a topic now but i aint sure if it is proper. To What Extent Are Asymmetric Ciphers More Safe and More Used Than Symmetric Ciphers pls tell me what you think about it. the only other person in my school that is doing maths ee is doing something on sundials. i guess she can actually show workings and equations on how to make a sundial. is that possible with the above topic? the following is my short outline... but i dont think in any point in time of this essay, i am actually going to show proper mathematical equations and workings. i can probably include them when talking about the ciphers for example for the RSA algorithm. 1) Asymmetric ciphers a) What are they b) Where and when are they used c) Two examples of them 2) Symmetric ciphers a) What are they b) Where and when are they used c) Two examples of them 3) Types of attacks a) Compare each of the ciphers with one another 4) How both ciphers are used 5) Examples when/how/where the ciphers are used 6) Bring about a product a) Say what cipher you would recommend them b) And why? c) Talk about money too
  12. msubr1

    About extended essay

    add the following to the start and end of the essay --> "......." turnitin sometimes skips those....
  13. msubr1

    Extended Essay Guidlines?

    do something on what you are interested it
  14. msubr1

    Mathematics EE -Cryptography

    hi i am thinking of doing my essay on maths as well i will be the only one if i did it though...

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