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  1. @ Ashika: Actually NO! I'm used to centimeters it goes like this: 181 cm = 71.3 inches<br /><br />71.3 inches / 12 inches per foot = 5 feet 11 1/3 inches :-)
  2. 5'12"
  3. Oh sorry about that *embarrassed* Even Saudi's sometimes have a hard time understaning each other (Southern and Najd (middle) so different!)..... but generally Jordanian, Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian are more familiar cuz most Arabic movies are in those dialects. But you would understand Saudi and Gulf dialects. I mean they are the same language. Fuc*= Jaw in Arabic Kiss= The opposite of Euro
  4. You got the names wrong Maha= an Arabian deer famous for it's large black eyes Nuha= ??? Hana= Peacefulness ( i think ) Muna= Wish Naama= Grace Stomach= ma'eda (ma3eda) Egg= Baydh (bay'9) Cold= Zakma, Zokam or rasheh (rashe7) Tap= sanboora (9anboora) Face= wajeh The Euro loool. it's also said Eery as in mine and Euro as in his
  5. I guess it's you, Vvi, and us we have extra math classes (we are moving at a very very slow rate) -OR- labs (HL only not me ) we are still in IB1, I wonder what's it gnna be like next year
  6. How is truth defined in art? how is it different from ethics and math? I'm a bit confused in arts Can someone elaborate on this?
  7. What about the presentations (IA). Are they moderated same as subject IA or differently since TOK is a core subject?
  8. So we can't start any commentary now if we begin IB2 in September.? i.e. begin writing in March? Our teacher told us to start looking for an article NOW
  9. http://www.ibsurvival.com/forum/index.php?...0SL%20Type%20II
  10. Take a break. Retake SATs. Work. I'm a M10 candidate thinking of applying for fall of the same year Should I take a gap year (apply in spring '11)? Would that look bad for uni? Explain!
  11. It's OK. anytime IMO take Italian even though you are Italian as forester said it will shows you're TRIlingual. I wish I was trilingual . I'm just taking math level 1, I can't take any sciences cuz I suck in them . And forget eng lit!!! Thanks all, *edit* Can I take both maths together? O.o
  12. I'm taking SAT II math: level 1 in June, and some unis recommend 3 subject tests, some for placement some for admission (Harvard, Georgetown, etc.) , so is it really worth taking 3 subject tests in addition to IB, or 1 + high grades (IB) will suffice? I'm confused! should I take 2 more with IB? IF I were take them which are the easiest to get 800 in? (forget eng lit or any other lang!) ThanQ,,
  13. what's are the specific differences between math SL and math studies SL (assessment and workload)? will it have any affect when applying to uni. fro economics/business? (I'm HLing in eco and b&m)
  14. Which do you prefer?
  15. couldn't they have made it effect from the May 2011 session, after I graduate <<<< me while reading this