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  1. These are great examples-- both the text and the rationale themselves Amazing grade as well, thanks
  2. My teacher has told me that writting a pastiche is difficult since you are asked to imitate the writing style of the original writer. I have decided to create a short story instead, with a clear relevence with a poem studied in class. So, I as wondering if you knew what the average score is for short stories? I'm not imitating anyone... but to know how "harshly" they grade a short story based on previous grades, that would really help me feel confident with what I'm doing Thanks.
  3. Yes, sorry for any confusion. I did mean Musical Investigation. Does anyone have the rubrics paper/ assessment paper?? My teacher won't give it to us
  4. Was there no one who did a music thread for the past exams? How was it for you guys? What were the questions like?
  5. From my understanding, you must set the boundaries in which you are working with within your essay.
  6. Does anyone have a copy of the rubrics score for the musical investigation that they could scan online, please? I can't find it anywhere and my teacher does not want to give it to us... I'm not even sure if she has it. Thank you so much in advance.
  7. I'm unsure.... could someone clear this up for us, please? I have the exact same question. I don't believe that my teacher is entirely sure of what we get on the day of our exam in May.
  8. So I thought that it might be a good idea to start a thread and dedicate it to Music and it's IA. What do you guys have so far?
  9. I like keeping in touch with friends Friends of all ages; from the little kids who have crazy parents to let them have FB at such a young age.... to wise people I call my grandparents, who have moved away. Every morning, this one man I know (who is like a grandpa to me) posts a new status. They are always these little quotes that make me smile I also love the new "Birthday" setting. I don't have to waste time clicking each person's name
  10. Whoa, sorry for my month late reply my friend. I haven't checked my notifications (I don't see them!!) Anyway, I find that my teacher isn't really "teaching" material. It's easy for her... she sees the connections so clearly. Us, on the other hand, we're just starting out. We're still LEARNING. But anyway.... we've listened to the piece a few times and we've marked the main themes. My teacher pulls stuff off of the internet a lot. It's also hard, sometimes, because there aren't very many french materials out there, and that's the language that we're being taught in. I don't know much of the music terminology in french, either. My teacher would also babble really quickly (because of the lack of time that we have) about some minute things. She would mention like "there's a cadence here at measure X", but she would not provide an explanation. We've asked her several times to stop and give us an explanation, or like phrase it in such a way that we could use it in our IB exam or something, for practice, but it's not really working out for us. Anything else you guys are doing, URA BOAT?
  11. Did you ever get your diploma? From what our IB-Co has told us on several occasions, the Coordinator just has to either mark the "CAS" box as "completed", or "not completed".
  12. Hmm... I strongly suggest that in the end, you can clearly tell that you focused on something VERY specific. And, could you please explain your essay topic a bit more? I'm not too sure what direction you're headed in.
  13. My best friend's PP is when the person you're talking to just adds "whatever" at the end of when they are trying to explain themselves
  14. Here is an example: "Sketch of the Orchestral Effects of Hector Berlioz" Make sure that your essay is focused. You don't want a topic too broad.... get those points in the rubric score!!
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