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  1. abcdrcill

    Recommend Music

    "Love and War" by Drowning Pool is amazing! classic rock!
  2. abcdrcill

    Procrastination !

    I don't procrastinate that much... though most of my work tends to be low-quality.
  3. abcdrcill


    I haven't been made insane, but some of my friends are. They have become separate definitions of ecintricity, all to relieve strees I think.
  4. abcdrcill

    How Much TV do you watch per day/ week

    Well, now that it's been \moved to my sister's room, I mostly just use the intenet. Maybe 2 hrs per week?
  5. abcdrcill


    I had one last night where I had eaten too much the night before and had to rush to the bathroom before math class, and while there the bell rang and omg i woke up.
  6. abcdrcill

    How did you find out about IBSurvival?

    i was looking for math ia samples
  7. abcdrcill

    Which IA do you hate the most?

    HIstory IA seems the most challenging to me, as it is the most foreign. Math is something that I can work through.
  8. abcdrcill

    Canadian Universities

    Does U of Toronto have an engineering program?
  9. abcdrcill

    blurt random lyrics out!

    Promise that you always will Keep candles lit on the windowsill You know I'll be comin' homeeeee
  10. abcdrcill

    HL History-- coping or not?

    For history, I'd say just try and think through things logically. Our teacher did a GREAT job of making us see how simultaneous events happening at the same time contributed to an effect. I cope by taking good, DETAILED notes, and going over them EVERY day.
  11. abcdrcill

    History - Football & Facism

    I'd say do some quick online research (wikipedia, etc) and use the online sources to come up with a research question. Then skim your books (SKIM) and take down a lot of notes on Microsoft Word with citations and everything. WRite down EVERYTHING that pertains to your specific topic/research question. Read your noes and come up with a format/outline for your EE (Using the rubric at this point is VERY helpful). Then just start writing and BSing your way throught. Make sure to consult the rubric often in order to hit the main points and get the most credit for your work. Good luck!
  12. abcdrcill

    Best class moments

    Out spanish teacher cursing out our history teacher in the hallway. LOL!
  13. abcdrcill

    How many people in your Maths class?

    HL Math: 17 ppl.
  14. abcdrcill

    CAS reflection after every 10 hours?

    You should plead the case with your CAS coordinator at your school. If they are asking for 600 words they are ASKING for BS.
  15. abcdrcill

    how important are school grades?

    I think it depends on if the University gives consideration to IB grades. I know that UF does. I'd say average grades, along with good SAT scores and IB scores, will benefit you well.

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