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  1. Hello everyone.... I am confused about what to write for my Cultural unit-media- I came up with this idea only, which is hows the western media talks about islamphobia? I want any advice about this. and if it is acceptable what would be type of text from mass communication Thank you in advance!!!
  2. Finally Well, an example would be for an indirect relation is an improvement in technology or research of an important product. For example improvement in oil recovery. Increase aggregate supply of oil.. And oil is a very important product that will have a lot of effects on other products and markets. You can talk about supply and demand about this. There is a bit of economics in it. You can evaluate in many areas. like reduce inflation in the Long term.
  3. come on ! I know the difference I was being sarcastic and I thought I said you don't have to then.. I can see aggregate supply issue... some sort of inflation may occur And I was thinking of including SRAS And my teacher is not BAD. Please don't judge anyone just like that... He is the best teacher in economics I've ever seen. and will ever be... and I said it doesn't have to be DIRECTLY related ... please read carefully
  4. My teacher said the articles doesn't have to be directly economically related.. I only want ideas on what areas I can evaluate. short term long term Teach me to distinguish You don't have to I do know
  5. Sorry, I posted it, but I don't know what happened, maybe I wrote over it However, this is it http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/08/31/us-storm-gulf-bp-idUSTRE77U7AR20110831
  6. I found an article that will make the short term aggregate supply shift backwards because of the weather in Mexico. Some oil rigs will be closed. I want some points to discuss in my commentary. What definitions beside SRAS should I define. Like what are my evaluations will be... short term, vs long term Stakeholders is easy but any points will be appreciated. And it will be closed for couple of weeks. So do I have to discuss LRAS How would you layout your commentary for something like this. Any help or advice will be appreciated.
  7. MR.AHM

    Physics EE: Newton's rings

    I know you will find some in google. However, won't the different metal affect it. I mean they will be doing different metals in Google and you can choose another metal... If you are stuck, I prefer you do it in your first language
  8. MR.AHM

    Physics EE: Newton's rings

    I don't think its too simple.. If you check most of the Extended Essays you see most of them are already done. Actually all of them, except some of them is a bit complicated. However, this one is not simple. They are not asking for something new. And only collage people who are doing this only. So I think there is no problem with it. Also check with your supervisor and you will get a better feedback about them. He might be interested. Remember simple ones are much likely to get you an A or a B
  9. MR.AHM

    Physics EE: Newton's rings

    Hello, I was pretty bored to read all of this. I almost thought your predicted grades are included in your EE However, I think this is a great idea. but why don't you make it a bit simpler than this. I heard a lot that the simpler the experiment the better. Well in your case it is not simple as we are not going to study in depth in theory or experimentally in the IB HL course. However, this means you can do it as an EE. I have some ideas about it, if you may consider, which I think they are simple and can be done: 1- To investigate the dependency of the Newton’s rings on the wavelength of the light ht by illuminating with monochromatic light from a metal spectrum. 2- determine the radius of curvature at given wavelengths or you can use a specific light from a metal spectrum for eg. yello form the sodium spectrum. I hope this is useful... But I guess you will have to the experiments again. However, there are not hard to. maybe one day experimenting and getting the result. Then you will have to write the theory in the EE and insert your results and explaining them.
  10. MR.AHM

    A mathematical question "Riddle"

    Assumptions: 1- equilateral triangle is the most rigid geometrical shape and you can fit six of them in one a regular hexagon. Therefore in the end it will all be strong. 2- If my idea in part one is correct. Then the shape no matter if it is rotated it will be the same. I wanted to insert the Center of Gravity concept. But you only said mathematically
  11. MR.AHM

    Math EE on Euler constant

    Desy is correct. It is more like a history EE rather than mathematics If you are interested in Euler constant. I prefer you do it under this topic The application of Euler constant in ....... I leave you with it, maybe in the distribution of prime numbers or you do a particular field in engineering and applied mathematics... Under this topic you may find a suitable Maths EE Also instead of saying Euler's Constant, use this "exponential function". I read something that might interest you and I quote: "The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function" Albert Bartlett 1998
  12. I would've decided to do either: 1) How can our ways of knowing be an advantage or an obstacle for artists and mathematicians? or 2) Is knowledge in Ethics different to other areas of knowledge? The first one, I can't really explain fully but for an artist truth is different for a mathematician. mathematical truth is supported with solid proofs. But art truth can change from one perception to another, emotion etc... Yet mathematics uses more reasoning. Like making axioms and then building facts on them. The second one would be because you will find a lot of articles about it. However, what I think you can include is that in Ethics you use justification to find truth. And those justification may be affected by culture and emotions etc... However in mathematics is similar to the first one. But Sciences uses experiments. Also another which one has the well-supported conclusions and truth. I hope this helped
  13. MR.AHM


    Sleeping at 3-4 am and wake up very late to school. The good thing is that I live in a dorm inside the school campus. But I still missed a lot of English classes and didn't know what the stories were about and went inside the exam hall and When I saw the exam I was like I am not doing A1 HL paper I was scr**ed up badly and got an overall grade 4 ... Thanks to my Essays in the classes that I didn't miss and Orals that pushed my grade up Also sitting next to a very annoying person in physics. A Very Very annoying person
  14. Wow! understanding the basics of the zeta function of Riemann is not hard. But when you start your way to the hypothesis, man you are doomed. I hope I can meet your friend. I am a big fan of Riemann Hypothesis What is your friend major in the university? Is it mathematics? He's now doing an Honour in Mathematics (+Physics classes because he can't live without them) at McGill University. He got rejected from CalTech, MIT, Harvard, Yale and Columbia... I was so sad to hear he could not make it! But he'll give it a shot for his master, no way he'll get rejected a second time. I wanted to do mathematics + physics, 4 years course, but my family told me to do mechanical, well me too. They said get a bachelor in engineering and then you can study mathematics afterwards. Thats my plan, getting a Bachelor in mechanical engineering and then studying higher mathematics.
  15. MR.AHM

    Mathematics HL/SL/Studies Help

    Is this Haese and Harris book? Yes the second edition HL. Hello Hexa, I just saw your reply, and started working on the question. first thing, you are wrong. You are not trying to turn it into (8(2-k))/((k+1)!) You are actually trying to turn it into 21-n/(n+1)! I think I don't have to go through the first step which is making sure that P1 is true. And it is. However, lets go to the point: If Pk is true then uk=22-k/k! and uk+1 = uk / 2(n+1) = 22-k / k! / (2(k+1) = 22-k / 2(k+1)k! from this you can see that 22-k * 2-1 = 22-k-1= 21-k And (k+1)* k! = (k+1)! So after all it is = 21-n/(n+1)! I hope this explained it

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