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  1. LeeHits

    Mark Breakdowns?

    I'm considering getting a remark for a 09 may exam but someone told me to check my grade breakdowns beforehand. What are those and how do I get them? They aren't in my results page.
  2. LeeHits

    Canadian Universities

    Usually McGill, UofT and UBC compete for the top spot in rankings. But compared to their actual Ivy counterparts, they are such obsecure schools. I doubt most Americans even know where BC is.
  3. Omg. I can't access the results website. I'm getting the stupid "page cannot be displayed" message. Is the IBO intentionally trying to give me a stroke?
  4. Math - The Australian press one History - A myriad of photo-copied documents English - Novels, duh French - En Direct series(1, 2 and 3) and supplementary reading materials Chemistry - IBID Chemistry(YUCK) and first-year University text(was pretty good, forgot publisher and author), IB Chemistry Course Companion Physics - IBID Physics(ICK), IB Physics Course Companion, Physics by Giancoli(very good) Biology - IBID Biology, IB Bio Course Companion, Inquiry Into Life
  5. LeeHits

    IB newbie, questions

    I'm not really sure where the first part of your post fits in with your question, but here goes. You apply to universities the same time as everyone else does. Before applying, all your IB teachers will give you a "predicted" IB score for their respective subjects. You use this score to apply to universities. The score is based on past in-school tests and Internal Assessments that you've done and is reflective of how well teachers think you will do on your final IB exams. Aside from using predicted scores instead of GPAs, the rest of the process is not much different. You fill out forms, write personal statements and get letters of references from people. You get your acceptance before summer ends and usually they are conditional acceptances meaning that they will take you in if you get a certain score on your exams. After you do your exams and get your results, your school will send the results to your prospective university for confirmation of acceptance. But seeing how you are still years away from IB, you shouldn't worry about that. Especially considering the unpredictable nature of IB. Who knows, maybe during your IB years, the IBO will change its policies entirely and a whole new process will be introduced. Keep your grades up and obtain a good working habit. That is essential for IB. The material itself isn't hard imo but it's the amount of work and time needed that gets to most people.
  6. There's an IB Chinese? Anyways, Chinese it the encompassing language of China. Mandarin is a dialect of Chinese, not its own language. The other main dialect is Cantonese. For the most part, the grammatical system is the same. Cantonese speakers as well as Taiwanese Mandarin speakers use traditional Chinese characters whereas Mainlanders use simplified. For a seasoned Chinese reader, the difference between the two writing systems is minimal as simplified is just the simpler derivative of traditional. But I wonder what the difference between IB Chinese and IB Mandarin is...It doesn't make much sense to me. Is IB Chinese all writing/reading?
  7. My Coordinator says it's because our school was one of the first IB schools and they didn't have a set quota for CAS at that time so each school was to set their own. Afterwards, the quota cannot be changed. I call total BS. 360 is too much by any standards. That's NINE longterm activities I have to do from Sept '07 to March '09, basically less than 1.5 years.
  8. For those of us who aren't planning on going to Cambridge or Harvard...do you think that you would have an equal or if not better chance of going to the university of your choice if you were in the regular curriculum? Like a lot of people, my marks have dropped dramatically since I entered IB. My predicted are not meeting the standards of acceptance for the universities I want to go to. I still have a year to go but I fear for the worst. I can't help but think that I would be better off in the provincial curriculum and getting straight A's. The mark scheme my school uses to convert IB scores into Provinical percentage is very skewed. A predicted score of 6 would translate to about a percentage of 90 to 95 and vice versa. That's incredibly hard, especially for my HL classes. I realize that for the more how should I say...intellectually endowed, IB presents opportunities that the normal diploma programmes will never offer. But for us regular IB folks, I don't see much advantage, if any in taking IB since we'll probably end up in the same universities that everyone else will go to. I'm seriously doubting my chances of success next year...
  9. This Summer is hell. I've got to do a bunch of catching up on Physics as well as revision courses, at least 120 CAS hours, finish off my EE and third Tok Essay Draft. Not to mention the piles of books I have to read for English...
  10. LeeHits

    Psych, History and Bio

    Biology SL isn't hard at all by any means. Biology itself is what I consider to be an easy subject compared to the other two Group 4 subjects, but that's just me. From a content basis, Bio SL will not pose much of a problem. I'm not too sure about Psychology. I think the biggest challenge would be History HL for sure. I take SL and I think it requires not just a good amount of cramming but also a much higher thought process. The History exam expects you to memorize everything in the syllabus but isn't based on memorization of dates and people.
  11. Well, if you have a conditional offer, it's probably critically that you have your final IB marks reported in asap. But I'm only in Year I and just took the Math exam, so what do I know?
  12. LeeHits

    Math EE, how challenging is it?

    I did my EE in math and I really won't recommend it unless you have a proper and COMPETENT sponsor. The IB Math teacher at our school suddenly decided to take a break over the winter and spring and I was basically left on my own device with only miminal support from the substitute teacher. You're suppose to form a proper research question like any other EE but also go through rigourous mathematical analysis, which I did not know how to do on my own. My topic was on the application of Fibonacci numbers in cryptology.
  13. LeeHits

    Extended Essay

    It's the same for all EEs, 3000 min and 4000 max.
  14. I personally think that the May 08 results for us are more decisive than for the Year IIs because they've already pretty much been set on an university. However, this mark could decide our future in IB.
  15. LeeHits

    How many people in your classes?

    We have about 60 Diploma students and 20 certificates. English SL: 14 French SL: 16-18 History SL: 19 Chem HL: 16 Physics HL: 8...a true testiment to how much people fear this subject Math HL: 10 ToK: 30, we don't have a class for ToK but weekly lectures instead.

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